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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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2:01 Good night one and all!

Not a bad photo.
07/Mar/14 12:10 AM
I really don't believe it!!! Ten past change over time and nobody has commented yet.
07/Mar/14 12:11 AM
Good morning all In the states we are going to spring forward on our clocks this Sunday morning
07/Mar/14 12:12 AM
DOUG! You'd better get back quick as everyone is waiting for you to post first.
07/Mar/14 12:12 AM
Doug's on strike ... refuses to think.
07/Mar/14 12:50 AM
07/Mar/14 1:10 AM
Sunny, but...
We all seem to have gone into hibernation!
07/Mar/14 1:28 AM
Hi Shosho! (Snagged your for you!)
07/Mar/14 1:29 AM
Mother Nature's tazer?
07/Mar/14 1:36 AM
Good night Anne and good morning Dave Halt Keith and Shiela. Great photos of the storm. How quiet for this time of the morning.
07/Mar/14 2:10 AM
Neat photo. I wonder where it is? Anyone have an idea?
07/Mar/14 2:29 AM
Yes, It's Shutka in Russia.
07/Mar/14 3:26 AM
Is that a joke Neil?
07/Mar/14 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another photo-shop picture.
07/Mar/14 4:05 AM
Hi everyone.
What makes you think it's photoshopped, Greg? I'm really naive with such things!
07/Mar/14 5:21 AM
I can't tell if it's photoshopped either.
07/Mar/14 5:34 AM

2) At
3) Ant
4) Gnat
5) Agent
6) Magnet
7) Garment
8) Argument

In the today we have Lonewoof, Kathy, Judy, DevilOrAngel, HalT, shosho , sacky, Judy, Canuk More...
07/Mar/14 5:37 AM
For today. Sorry it's so late.

Please add the middle word - this word should correspond with the words on each side of it.

Example - rain - coat - tail

1) Bleached _____________ Brownie
2) Snow ________________ Trooper
3) Bunk _________________ Frame
4) Couch More...
07/Mar/14 5:43 AM
Morning all,even if it is photoshopped ,I like it.
07/Mar/14 6:07 AM
It is a very sad household here at the moment.
My Uncle passed away on Tuesday evening and Bill's sister passed yesterday. Both are at peace and free of pain.
07/Mar/14 6:13 AM
Otter Attacking an Alligator

Just still pics but interesting outcome.

Don't miss the ten Best Wildlife Photos of 2013 at the bottom.


As usual, remove any spaces that appear in the link.
07/Mar/14 6:15 AM
07/Mar/14 6:15 AM
Amelia - Sorry to hear about your losses. But as you said, they are at peace and no longer in pain.
07/Mar/14 6:21 AM
My fastest easy, ever, but slow compared to many. Chris comes to mind.

Just for fun, I tried putting all 1's in row 1, 2's in row two, etc. Even when just trying to 'fill in the blanks', not trying to solve the puzzle, I couldn't match the fast times posted by some of the sites 'hot More...
07/Mar/14 6:28 AM
Amelia, My condolences on the loss of loved ones. May they rest in peace.
07/Mar/14 6:31 AM
Yes, condolences from me too, Amelia.
My Mum's only brother died two weeks ago, funeral was Monday last week. It was a beautiful wake!
07/Mar/14 6:41 AM
Hello everyone!
Today's photo was like Sydney looked a few days ago!!
07/Mar/14 6:43 AM
Great photos, DOA!!
07/Mar/14 6:47 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
07/Mar/14 6:59 AM
Hi Chris!
07/Mar/14 7:20 AM
Amelia I'm so sorry! It's horrible losing those we love, even if they have lived a full and wonderful life.
07/Mar/14 7:41 AM
My condolences to you and your family, Amelia. What a sad time for you all.
07/Mar/14 8:15 AM
And to you, too, Kate. I'm glad you found comfort in the wake.
07/Mar/14 8:18 AM
What a spectacular picture!!!
07/Mar/14 8:28 AM
((((( HUGS ))))) Amelia.
07/Mar/14 8:30 AM
everyone. Sorry I have not had time to make posts on both Sudoku & FB. I hope the other Kathy has been updating you now & then on our MANY activities. Jane & I have enjoyed our time in Melbourne & are packing now for our flight to Tassie at 1:15 PM. Peter, we will see you soon. We More...
07/Mar/14 9:01 AM
Amelia, sincere condolences from Jane & me.
07/Mar/14 9:02 AM
Good morning everyone. See you Sunday, K and J.
07/Mar/14 9:25 AM
Greg, I've just heard a report on our national broadcaster about a problem in Canada. 3 adult television stations are being fined for not having enough local content. I didn't realise you Canadians were so shy and retiring!
07/Mar/14 9:29 AM
Hello Sacky!!
07/Mar/14 9:45 AM
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