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Easy Sudoku for 7/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/May/09 12:00 AM
good morning all
07/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
07/May/09 12:00 AM
from Oklahpma
07/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
07/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning Worldly People.
07/May/09 12:01 AM
Change over was 3 minutes late here
07/May/09 12:01 AM
2:08, good night everyone.
07/May/09 12:03 AM
Wow, 5 cities and 2 continents in the first minute.
07/May/09 12:03 AM
I'm not quite sure what I'm doing up this late, but as I am, I might as well see what the other insomniacs are up to.
07/May/09 12:04 AM
Looks like a keystroke went astray. Should have been Oklahpms??
07/May/09 12:04 AM
Morning fellow Sudokuists! Off for a hike in the woods - the rain has left and it should be gorgeous out there with the blooming dogwoods!
07/May/09 12:07 AM
everyone! Nice to "see" you all this morning!
07/May/09 12:07 AM
Good morning.
07/May/09 12:11 AM
Laurel hedge planted and watered in, also the sweet pea plants and some really deep purple petunias. They look so velvety.
07/May/09 12:17 AM
I think that I had better head to bed, the dog is trying (& succeeding) to guilt trip me into turning out the light so he can get some sleep. So Nighty- night for now & I'll see you in about 6 hours. (make that 7)
07/May/09 12:17 AM
I think a cuppa is called for, maybe that is where Jane is, making my tea! or would that be Judy or Kathy?
07/May/09 12:18 AM
All should be happy that Whoville has been saved, again.
I cannot express how happy this makes me, for at least the thousandth time.
07/May/09 12:21 AM
OK Jeb, so I can't spell. It's really Oklahoma,
07/May/09 12:22 AM
one more before I have to go
07/May/09 12:23 AM
Great idea Mo, tea sounds good. Glinda was having some trouble with German toast just before the changeover, but perhaps she could supply a different variety.
07/May/09 12:23 AM
07/May/09 12:24 AM
Why not two more Sue, then you can do the happy dance.
07/May/09 12:24 AM
Look at me Karen! Happy Dance!
07/May/09 12:24 AM
But then, Jill waddles in and has a thrill for the day.
07/May/09 12:25 AM

Here you go, Mo.
07/May/09 12:26 AM
Whaddya think I am, a duck? Never mind you know the truth, I am a severely pregnant woman.
07/May/09 12:28 AM
Actually, come to think of it, these feet do have some duck like properties. They are spread out wider than my shoe. I bet they would have excellent water displacement properties and provide great propulsion in the water. But yes they are akward on land.
07/May/09 12:31 AM
Wow! 8 posts in the time it took me to make Mo's tea!
07/May/09 12:31 AM
Good morning to all. Vici - what a gorgeous day for a hike. Have a wonderful time!
07/May/09 12:55 AM
to Jan .
to Terry .

Have a very nice day to all of you.
07/May/09 1:06 AM
07/May/09 1:25 AM
2:30 Maen! In love, but not really in focus :) (okay, that was a snotty remark... I'm sorry!)
07/May/09 1:29 AM
Here, Dan ... have a Kleenex!
07/May/09 2:28 AM
What the heck, have the whole box
07/May/09 2:31 AM
Beautiful day here, so I've been out walking. Then home to wash and wax the stairs before the runner is put down on Friday. That should be the last of the renovations for awhile (until we paint our third floor ...) I'll turn over the renovation sceptre to Kathy!
07/May/09 2:33 AM
Linda - it is lovely now that the sun has come out...did you get much rain down your way? We were in constant downpour for about 3 days - wonderful!
07/May/09 3:20 AM
Cathy - good for you for taking a breather from the renos. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kathy (Valrico) has a good and timely experience.
07/May/09 3:21 AM
Not so fast with the renovation sceptre ... our bathroom still isn't finished. We so hoped we'd get back from Australia and find it finished, but the worker (a friend of ours) was standing on our driveway when we pulled in, putting things in his truck to quit for the day.
07/May/09 4:13 AM
elnjoying the site
07/May/09 4:14 AM
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