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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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who was the first person to decide to place their lips on another person's lips and call it a kiss?
07/Jul/07 10:55 PM
Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?
07/Jul/07 10:56 PM
Why do croutons come in airtight packages? Aren't they just stale bread to begin with?
07/Jul/07 10:56 PM
If you are driving at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens?
07/Jul/07 11:01 PM
you patent the car you're in Susan
07/Jul/07 11:02 PM
He he Col. bored too? I was talking about rosemary's broom anyway.
07/Jul/07 11:04 PM
Col do you know what a Double LUG is when you're talking about a house or its yard? I just can't find out what it is.
07/Jul/07 11:06 PM
Susan - think LUG might be lock up garage
07/Jul/07 11:10 PM
Double Lock Up Garage
07/Jul/07 11:12 PM
From me too Susan !

07/Jul/07 11:13 PM
Thanks emm and Angie!! Here's me wikipediaing and googling it. One came up with 'lesbia* until graduation' and I thought no, don't really want to buy a house which supplies that extra.
07/Jul/07 11:15 PM
HOWEVER, Susan ...........if you're not happy with that...........we can find some alternatives which may make you buy your next house on the Double LUG recommendation alone!

07/Jul/07 11:16 PM
LUG - look under ground
07/Jul/07 11:17 PM
Deviant Love Up Garage?

(I'll prob get a smack for that one) SIGH
07/Jul/07 11:18 PM
LUG - Large Universal Garden
07/Jul/07 11:18 PM
Fanks too Col. I was reading today about JAJAH, where you go to jajah.com, enter the landline phone numbers of your own and the person you want to call. Your phone rings a few minutes later, and a recording announces that you are being connected. Free call, then you have to register (also free) to talk to that person for free again. Most countries are in the free zones. Anyone tried it?
07/Jul/07 11:19 PM
Have a great day. Time to mow the lawn before we hit the 90's today and tomorrow.
07/Jul/07 11:20 PM
Double (sized) Ladies Undies Guaranteed
07/Jul/07 11:20 PM
LUG - Little underground Gnome?
07/Jul/07 11:20 PM
Good ones so far, but you have to make me REALLY want it. lol
07/Jul/07 11:20 PM
LUG - Large underground garden
07/Jul/07 11:20 PM
Col!!!! I'm size 10
07/Jul/07 11:21 PM
Latent Undesirables Gravitation (point)
07/Jul/07 11:22 PM
Emels if I Look Under Ground, might I find a cash stash?
07/Jul/07 11:23 PM
LUG - Lost Undwear Grave
07/Jul/07 11:23 PM
Is that where the lost socks go angie??
07/Jul/07 11:24 PM
Can I have a single love up garage, and underground garden too? That might be the only garden I can't kill, and with the time saved on watering, well, I suppose I could check out the garage????
07/Jul/07 11:26 PM

I just put LUG in to Wikipedia

Now - DO NOT report ME PLEASE........I am quoting from Widipedia

'LESBIAN UNTIL GRADUATION' ........I tell no lies
07/Jul/07 11:26 PM
this one is from my daughter

LUG = Long Under Garments
07/Jul/07 11:27 PM
oops - i quoted from WIKIPEDIA actually
07/Jul/07 11:28 PM
Latex UGies??
07/Jul/07 11:28 PM
Col, I told you that in a post further up the page. Did you click on the link?
07/Jul/07 11:30 PM
One From Rebecca
.League of Unhappy Grannies
07/Jul/07 11:33 PM
(hanging head) sorry susan - with the asterix - it didn't quite read like that while skimming the comments.

07/Jul/07 11:34 PM
I have amused myself enormously tonight (doesnt take much) - but now I must bid you all goodnight. Early start for junior footy tomorrow morning. In about 2 degrees C and rain and wind and even possible sleet.

You jealous yet?
07/Jul/07 11:38 PM
wasn't seeking an apology, but I have to say, there goes the neighbourhood! I'll have a yard full of underwear, unhappy grannies and gnomes. Better look for a different house. Col, I did click on the link, but it brought up another abbreviation LGBT, but I think I worked that one out.
07/Jul/07 11:39 PM
'night Col. Where's rosemary to take us to the new page. Hold on!!!!!!!!!
07/Jul/07 11:40 PM
Are we there yet? I have to go too. Thanks for the laughs!
07/Jul/07 11:41 PM
school holidays, can't even divide by 40 now
07/Jul/07 11:42 PM
one more push!
07/Jul/07 11:42 PM
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