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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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time to go over the page!
07/Jul/09 1:34 AM
07/Jul/09 1:36 AM
Where did everyone go??
07/Jul/09 1:36 AM
I can be annoying - on and on and on....
07/Jul/09 1:37 AM
at least one to finish the CP on this page!
07/Jul/09 1:38 AM
they're all pretending to do the medium, hard and tough puzzles, CP! I'll have a cup of tea with you.
07/Jul/09 1:38 AM
CP, what's the swine flu situation with you down under? We are getting very alarming/alarmist reports here on what to expect in October...not nice at all.
07/Jul/09 1:40 AM
CP - Robyn just returned from six weeks at Florence University of the Arts and will be a senior at the University of Florida this year. Leah has graduated from high school and will start as a Freshman at Louisiana State University in August. I am one very proud papa!
07/Jul/09 2:13 AM
Hmmmm - Interesting photo. It looks like the wind could be blowing. Foggy clouds maybe? I like it!
07/Jul/09 2:16 AM
Glenn - Good News! You have a good reason to be a proud papa!
07/Jul/09 2:17 AM
Fiona I would be very frightening if they ever turn up but they neither arrive nor answer their phones. I did phone the architect at five minutes t twelve. Response was - I will contact the maçon straight away and call you back.......and here we are at 18.20 and the phone hasn't rung. I think I will go and sharpen my castrating knife..........
07/Jul/09 2:21 AM
Mo, five minutes to 12 is NOOOOO good - they've already left for lunch by then!
07/Jul/09 2:24 AM
I spoke to him, the architect and he has had all afternoon to contact the maçon. He has a cell phone.
07/Jul/09 2:28 AM
...and the architect joined them, and they decided that since it was raining they might as well do nothing all afternoon! They've all gone home now - and this is when you should start hassling them on the phone! Keep at it til they reply, spoil their dinner, be a damn nuisance, call them tonight, More...
07/Jul/09 2:28 AM
Mo, do you have a guarantee date for the work to be finished by?
07/Jul/09 2:29 AM
Good afternoon ro all!
"In the misty morning, I don't see no sun,
I know you're out there somewhere, probably having fun." (Bob Marley)
07/Jul/09 2:54 AM
Glenn, nice of you to drop in. This is the second time in a month or so. Hope you continue to visit, and my best to you and yours!
07/Jul/09 2:56 AM
appy!!! hello!
07/Jul/09 2:58 AM
Mo, I feel for you. I agree with Fiona. Keep telephoning at all hours of the day and night (within reason) and insist on the work being started immediately.
07/Jul/09 2:59 AM
A young man was in love with two women and could not decide which one of them to marry. Finally, he went to a marriage counselor. When asked to describe his two loves, he noted that one was an incredible cook who made, among other things, delicious pancakes and the other was a great poet who wrote More...
07/Jul/09 3:00 AM
Hey, Glenn! Please ask us, as we did for Robin, to send postcards to Leah as she begins her freshman year at LSU! That will be fun for her ... and for us!
07/Jul/09 3:00 AM
Fiona.... You are GOOD!!!
Get that knife good and sharp, GMo.
07/Jul/09 3:16 AM
OK I have phoned the maçon direct - got his wife. Told her I didn't want to be a prisoner for another week in my own home would he ring me on his return with the time and day he plans to be here. If he hasn't called by 21.00 I shall call again.
07/Jul/09 3:20 AM
Whet stone and knife being prepared as we type.
07/Jul/09 3:21 AM

As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you.
He asks if you’re afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it’s the first time his More...
07/Jul/09 3:34 AM
1:41 Maen! Nice photo of... what?
07/Jul/09 3:46 AM
Geez, Greg ...

(and it wasn't that much fun ... )
07/Jul/09 3:48 AM
2 staff members off today, had swine flu swabs done yesterday, after we had our first confirmed patient case over the weekend.
07/Jul/09 4:07 AM
I haven't had that much fun at the prosthodontists lately, CG.
07/Jul/09 4:12 AM
Judy - great idea! We move Leah into her dorm on August 20th. As soon as I have an address for her I will provide it to those who wish to participate!

Robyn still talks about the cards and letters you all sent to her when she first went off to college. It is definitely a worthwhile tradition!
07/Jul/09 5:12 AM
Here is a joke I just got from one of my bowling pals....... adult humor ---

one sagging boop said to the another -- if we don't get any support soon, people will think we're nuts....
07/Jul/09 5:35 AM
okay, I'll go laugh in the corner --- you should see the angel she sent me too......
07/Jul/09 5:36 AM
Lovely photo. I wish it looked like that this morning but it is overcast and we are due to have showers today. I don't want to go to work. I want to stay at home in bed and read my book.
07/Jul/09 6:36 AM
Good Afternoon All....May the sun shine where desired, and rain gently fall where needed, and life be enjoyed as the gift that it is...Live and enjoy! Peace.
Mo, hope you get results from that sharpened knife soon...
07/Jul/09 6:36 AM
to you!

tp you!

dear Weezie!!!

to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of
07/Jul/09 6:53 AM
It should rained today and the lightning and thunder were scary!!!
07/Jul/09 6:54 AM
Tried to call again but the *#~*$ took the phone off the hook.
07/Jul/09 7:15 AM
1:56, hi everyone.
07/Jul/09 7:34 AM
do not give up Mo - this is silly boy tactics - he'll have the phone back on at 7am...BTW - latest Woody Allen was fun - some good laughs in there. There were very few laughs in Millennium!
07/Jul/09 8:04 AM
And don't sharpen that knife, Mo ... it will cause more pain if it is dull ...
07/Jul/09 8:06 AM
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