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Easy Sudoku for 7/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Sep/16 12:09 AM
1:36 Good night HalT and all!
07/Sep/16 12:11 AM
Good morning... wonder who 'Monk' is - even enlarging it made recognition no easier! Quite a serene place to be with friends... or even alone
07/Sep/16 12:14 AM
07/Sep/16 12:18 AM
07/Sep/16 12:54 AM
Woohoo! Broke my two minute barrier! 1:36
Thought it was my record but no, did better before.
07/Sep/16 12:56 AM
AND I'm close to my fav number post!!!
07/Sep/16 12:56 AM
07/Sep/16 12:56 AM
Yay! Did well and got my fav post and a CP!!!
07/Sep/16 12:57 AM
Now to finish up my for the week. Then off to farmers market and then lunch with my friends!
07/Sep/16 12:58 AM
Happy Tuesday!
07/Sep/16 1:24 AM
Good morning.
07/Sep/16 2:58 AM
Not many people here this morning, so far, anyway.
07/Sep/16 2:59 AM
HalT, Joyce, Keith, Anne, shosho, Aileen and moi.
07/Sep/16 3:01 AM
Went out to lunch yesterday. Arrived on time, sat at reserved table I had organised, waited nearly an hour for friends to arrive, then phoned one of them. Lunch date is next week!!! I had a nice lunch before I went home.
07/Sep/16 3:05 AM
Talk about feeling foolish!
07/Sep/16 3:06 AM

I'd laugh at your mistake, CP....but, I've done the same thing. I know how you felt. Glad you had a nice lunch, despite the circumstances.
07/Sep/16 3:31 AM
Lovely place to relax. Monk is lucky whoever she{he] is.
07/Sep/16 3:42 AM
Maybe a Buddhist monk in red robes under that umbrella? Hard to tell.
07/Sep/16 3:43 AM
Back again.
07/Sep/16 3:48 AM
Nearly ready to go back to bed, but first ....
07/Sep/16 3:49 AM
07/Sep/16 3:50 AM
Couldn't wait for Keith.
07/Sep/16 3:50 AM
Good night/morning/whenever!
07/Sep/16 3:52 AM
Thanks to Amelia for setting us straight about yesterday's photo. Quite ingenious is the Hills Hoist clothesline. An Australian invention as I understand. We tend to have T type and umbrella in the U.S. There is still nothing better than sheets dried outside!
07/Sep/16 3:59 AM
Morning all, lovely spot to take your friends.
Kathy, I wish I had my Hills Hoist here, these lines that are attached to the side of the house that fold down when not in use drive me crazy.
07/Sep/16 5:25 AM
A nice fast 1-9 this morning - 1:10.
07/Sep/16 7:54 AM
Coming in the end of my day - as I need to be off my device by 7 for my good sleep program - busy day today - dr appt and PT session and then to the pool - return to my pool class tomorrow! And when focus on strengthening program
07/Sep/16 9:51 AM
1:20 I've been at work all day and just got home and there's been nobody on the site since I left this morning.
I also tried the puzzle again and got my quickest time ever - 1:20.
07/Sep/16 6:22 PM
Don't think we'll finish this page. I am off to bed - goodnight!
07/Sep/16 9:34 PM
How embarrassing. I totally forgot to post a poozle yesterday. Sorry about that!
I will wait for change-over to post one, then post another the following day.
Serena will get an extra day off, anyway.
07/Sep/16 10:53 PM
That's a ghost post.
all, from sunny S. Carolina.
We seem to have survived the recent storm.
07/Sep/16 11:58 PM
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