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Easy Sudoku for 7/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all, from the Toronto airport. Awaiting our flight to Charlotte.
07/Sep/17 12:11 AM
1:51 Good day Hal, good night all!
07/Sep/17 12:11 AM
to everyone who shows up today!
07/Sep/17 12:48 AM
How was your trip, HalT?
07/Sep/17 12:49 AM
My poor 6 year old granddaughter... She broke her arm (compound fracture) last Friday and had a total melt down when she was sure she'd have 'to sit at my desk and put my head down all during recess when everyone else was outside playing' - on the playground where she tried a back flip over the high bar!!!
07/Sep/17 12:57 AM
She's not even in a hard cast yet - due to the swelling.
07/Sep/17 12:58 AM
Funny!!! We've got a 'visiting' neighborhood cat who just bolted towards the door when she heard our bird clock chirp - to where our bird feeder is !!!
07/Sep/17 1:04 AM
(for Shosho)
07/Sep/17 1:05 AM
(We still don't know where the cat lives, but she must be starved for attention. She comes around regularly even though we've never fed her.)
07/Sep/17 1:06 AM
One day recently she spent 7 hours at our house! Since we don't have cats any more after our 3 cats passed because we wanted to be able to just pick up and travel, it seems the best of all worlds: We 'have' a cat and we can still travel whenever - except I hope she doesn't go across the busy road in front of our house.
07/Sep/17 1:12 AM
(Now that's a nice run-on sentence!)
07/Sep/17 1:14 AM
07/Sep/17 1:24 AM
Good morning Hal, Denny, Shiela, Keith & good sleeps, Anne.
07/Sep/17 1:51 AM
...and a good day to all who amble on by as the day progresses!
07/Sep/17 1:54 AM
woot woot - hmmm; in case you're wondering:
WOOT means 'Hurrah (Wow, Loot!)' or 'Want One Of Those'
07/Sep/17 2:00 AM
07/Sep/17 2:11 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
07/Sep/17 2:12 AM
Glad that Joyce explained WOOT.
07/Sep/17 3:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another mediocre weather day here in Ottawa.
07/Sep/17 3:46 AM
I scheduled for an angiogram on Friday. Hopefully this last (PLEASE) hospital visit will allow me to get on with normal life again.
07/Sep/17 3:48 AM
Do it, Greg!
07/Sep/17 4:23 AM
1.57. Hope all goes well Greg.
07/Sep/17 4:25 AM
I don't think I've ever seen woot in print before.
07/Sep/17 5:24 AM
Never thought of woot before as an acronym for ''Want one of those.''
07/Sep/17 5:41 AM
🙋🏼good mAen 🌻☁️🌝🏊🏻‍♀️
07/Sep/17 6:13 AM
Morning all, I remember this photo from years ago.
Any word on our friends in the path of Irma... Jim /Jupiter and Jane and Kathy were all prepared to evacuate if they had too.
07/Sep/17 6:20 AM
1:17. Good morning everyone.
07/Sep/17 7:08 AM
Howdy, Greg - you even 'sound' more chipper!
07/Sep/17 12:21 PM
Five ECCO warriors this week, Wombat, Sarah, Joyce, Judy and Amelia all did very well despite my mistakes.
07/Sep/17 1:26 PM
...just makes it more challenging, Peter - thanks for taking the time to create them!
07/Sep/17 2:38 PM
-time for someone's beer............?
07/Sep/17 2:39 PM
I've just been amused by some wren and white eyes in the backyard. Seeing Peter has posted the results of his ECCO puzzle, I thought I'd do one on birds that might keep you amused until Saturday's 1&4 poozle.
07/Sep/17 2:42 PM
But first I'd better have a beer. If I was in the North of England it sould be a Newcastle Dark. Each to his own.
07/Sep/17 2:45 PM
As with all ECCO poozles the end of one letter become the beginning of the next. I'll give you the number of letters, a clue to which bird it is, and the first letter of the first word and the last lefter of the last word. Some of the clues are descriptive, but most have a cryptic element.
5 More...
07/Sep/17 2:55 PM
got a busy day tomorrow meeting with a lady Im hoping to do some doggy/house sitting for next week.

Fingers crossed Greg, its been a long road for you.
07/Sep/17 11:22 PM
Hello to all haven't been here for a long time. We are enjoying our holiday in Scotland. But it is a bit wet atm so I had a bit of time to come here. Thanks Anne for my pm birthday wishes last week.
07/Sep/17 11:37 PM
Hello Margo, long time no see!
Glad you're enjoying your holiday but you can't do much about the weather, unfortunately.
My sister is in Scotland at the moment.
07/Sep/17 11:49 PM
Hope all goes well for you on FRI.Greg. Best of luck!
08/Sep/17 4:44 AM
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