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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning.
Good Morning all.
3:17 Good evening everyone
Hope everyone has had/or having a lovely weekend.
No comment needed!!
Good Maen - it's 7:18 and the frost is on the lawn - just starting to watch season 5 of 24 and doing my daily AM mental exercises. Thanks for the reminder: Don't worry - Be happy.
Good morning to all! And that should read 'Be happy man and woman.'
3:23 good Maen too early for a good time good night
GrannieMo you need to post a worse before photo to give yourself more incentive to lose the grams Hehe.Like it says BE HAPPY EVERYONE.
2:14 - easy one tonight.
2:53 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

I can see clearly now, the brain is gone!
Oh dear Greg you certainly know how to occupy us on a sunday afternoon
André todays TFT couldn't be more appropriate after Gregs Puzzle
Hey Greg! You put them in three groups of four, and put two of the groups on the scales. If one group is heavier, continue with that. If not, use the group not on the scale to continue. Then put two and two on the scale, and after that compare one and one from the heavier group!

Nice Maen! Nina, Happy Birthday and our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.
Don't Worry.....Be happy!
Very east... my first under 2 min. wow
world...nothing like waking up to Sudoku and 12 balls.....
Het Nal! That's a pretty big grin you're showing on your personal page now!
Good Sunday Maen, all!
I have spent ages today downsizing some photos and sending them to go on tough. There seem to be only 10 in the box that keep circling round and round
Same thing here Mo, but I've not sent that many. I have submitted several for Medium and Hard but have not seen anything except repeats. I also submitted a picture of my great niece (one day old) for the Parents Page a few months ago but all that seem to get shown there are repeats. Very frustrating.
Good maEn to all
We calibrate today the 7th Jan
the christmas in our eastern contries
All our best wishes to all of you
Then Merry Christmas to you, WAGDY! Your kind and thoughtful words have been a wonderful addition to this site!
This is posted as incentive for all you lasses who have decided to do the weight reduction thing......

A husband and wife were lying in bed together one night. The wife rolled over and placed her hand lovingly on the chest of her husband.

'Honey,' the wife said, 'if I died would More...
I went home yesterday and what a homecoming I received. My two dogs just couldn't get enough of me. They were very excited and happy. The relief on my husband's face said it all. It makes me want to cry to see the pain in him for me. My mother who lives with us just celebrated her 84th birthday, (a day before mine). She was sick with worry and I am truly saddened that I am the cause of it.
How can you guys solve the easy version so quickly? In average, it takes me 10 minutes, which is too long I think.....
What's the secret? Just lots of practice?
Great rasta man -
Nice site! Thanks! But I have list of sites with full info:
Welcome home Nina and continued return to good health.
Nina, hope this is the beginning of a happy and very healthy year for you and your family.
Glad you've returned home Nina. Regarding your family and the excited dogs, you did bring about their joy with your homecoming. That's special!
Welcome home Nina! - The love of your family (human and canine) will help your recovery.

Canuk Greg: Did you see that? I was quite far (using my telephoto) but I had to tell two turists to move away from it! They were close to two feet from it (hence the menacing open mouth). Much to my More...
There I am!!
Great photo, nal.

I'm curious what people think the stick figure in the picture is holding in it's left hand.
I try to change the pic every so often...'Discovered' Biscayne National Park all over again and now I am spoiled!
Got my Mom all dressed up yesterday and took off early in the morning - just the two of us. I drove all the way to Eco Pond - So many animals...So little time... ... Stopped More...
Thanks Keith.

In re your question: Good ole ganja man!
...60's are showing again.
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