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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Must confess that when I lived at Wentworth on the NSW/SA border it did put things into a different perspective. It takes the sun a while to get there in the mornings!
08/Oct/09 11:56 AM
I remember Romper Room - I had one of those big punching balls. ("Punch it to the side! Punch it in the air!") Coolest thing for a 4-yr-old! Loved Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans. Some kind of magic hand in a white glove that could draw pictures????
Hello to everyone, I haven't been on here lately. I feel so disconnected! Hope everyone is well!
08/Oct/09 12:19 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Mon!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

08/Oct/09 12:23 PM
mymare - you are a princess; milk it for everything it's worth and please heal quickly. My hand is improving, but it seems hand a foot injuries take quite a while to heal.
08/Oct/09 12:28 PM
I swear, Mon, that your name wasn't there 6 AM!!! Or I would have sung the song for you then!!!
08/Oct/09 12:32 PM
When I was little my dad bought the first rectangular screen television (not the first TV those had circular screens) so as little as I was, 4 at the time, I was a popular social belle even then!
08/Oct/09 12:34 PM
Castle reminds me of some I've seen in Japan.
08/Oct/09 12:40 PM
Is it a castle or a pagoda?
08/Oct/09 12:56 PM
I'd attempt to jump in to today's topics, but I might never catch up. It's good to see the chatter today.
08/Oct/09 1:18 PM
I'm gonna try. *deep breath*

Kitchen disaster = when I was about 10, my parents left my older brother in charge while they "went out". On the stove was a 40 quart kettle of homemade-squeeze-and-peel-your-own-tomatoes spaghetti sauce simmering. We were instructed to stir it, but More...
08/Oct/09 1:25 PM
Hey Cyn, what about Mr Squiggle and Miss Pat???
08/Oct/09 1:27 PM
I remember lots of the shows you all listed, but most I saw as re-runs. Plums list is the earliest memories I have of some of those shows. I, however, got to stay up late to watch M*A*S*H with my dad, a Vietnam War veteran. Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers were popular in our house. I mostly More...
08/Oct/09 1:30 PM
Jupiter Jim - Ginger. But I don't think you wanted my opinion
08/Oct/09 1:31 PM
What's with the TV. I remember crowding round the wireless (radio) listening to Superman, Roy Rogers and Biggles etc. Each ran for 15 minutes from 5pm to 6pm every night. Then the Saturday morning kids session at pictures (movies). Three Stooges and the like.
08/Oct/09 2:53 PM
Then there was the Sunday Night Playhouse on the ABC and Jack Davey and Bob and Dolly Dyer.
Hey by the sound of it, I spent as much time listening to the radio as my kids spent in front of the TV. To our Northern Hemisphere friends, TV started in Australia in 1956, just in time for us to see film of the Melbourne Olympic Games the day after it happened.
08/Oct/09 2:57 PM
Name:Dr Venkatraman (Venky) Ramakrishnan.
Place of birth:Chidhambaram, Tamilnadu, India.
Education: Under graduation from India,post graduation and Doctorate from US, research in UK.
Field of study: Structural Biologist.
Ok now you all know why I am here with all those More...
08/Oct/09 3:08 PM
Thanks to everyone who has sent me wishes. It is a lovely surprise. While I often drop by and do the puzzle during my lunch break at work, and have a quick read, I don't like to post from there. It is lovely that so many of you still remember me. Thanks a heap. You've made my day.
08/Oct/09 3:50 PM
Hello everyone, Mon, who could forget such a lovely lady. My three all had a turn on Romper Room with Miss Kim. As for myself our family got a TV when the local station started I remember claiming I was sick to the boss so I could be home for the opening of the channel.
08/Oct/09 4:10 PM
We loved the english funnies The Benny Hill shows, On The Buses,The Two Ronnies as well as M.A.S.H.
08/Oct/09 4:14 PM
2.36 Wow, that is some castle.
08/Oct/09 5:31 PM
2:13, hi all.
08/Oct/09 8:30 PM
It looks like the main tower of Osaka Castle, Japan. If it is, then I have been there. It is a very fine building.
08/Oct/09 10:10 PM
There is a succession of big quakes going on out in the Pacific to the East of Queensland (in Santa Cruz region)
08/Oct/09 10:14 PM
It must be a very stressful time for the Pacific Islanders.
08/Oct/09 10:36 PM
Time for me to say good night.

G-O-O-D N-I-G-H-T! (Channelling Angela Marshall in Sound of Music which I watched again last Sunday!)
08/Oct/09 10:39 PM
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