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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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08/Oct/15 12:01 AM
Hello all in sudukoland!
08/Oct/15 12:19 AM
Hello HalT!
08/Oct/15 12:20 AM
Daylight saving has started in Australia. I know you are very good at time zones HalT.
08/Oct/15 12:21 AM
The EST (aust) is 2hours ahead of WST Perth WA.
The clocks have changed and now EST is three hours ahead of WST Perth WA.
08/Oct/15 12:24 AM
Now when I come to sudukoland, instead of being at the end of the day's posts I am now at the beginning.!!
08/Oct/15 12:25 AM
I hate the fact that we don't have daylight saving here in WA because I love it, and it puts out of synch with the rest of Australia. However.........
Being first on the day's posts is a BONUS!
08/Oct/15 12:27 AM
Maybe I will beat you to first post of the day! Boy! That will be a first for us both. Enjoy the rest of your day HalT. I am off to zzzzzz
08/Oct/15 12:29 AM
2:17 Good night one and all!

I've been to Avebury and seen the stones. Not far from where my late Auntie lived.
08/Oct/15 12:30 AM
Good night Rhona & Anne, Good morning Hal and anyone following; have a grand day.
08/Oct/15 12:47 AM
That seems complicated, Rhona. But, then, I'm easily confused.
08/Oct/15 12:48 AM
I'm not familiar with the stones in Avebury. Are they a sort of mini-Stonehenge?
08/Oct/15 12:52 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. stop 2. cheese 3. foot 4. top 5. hand 6. slow 7. spot 8. flash 9. hard 10. kick
I haven't awarded the ''Original Bat Crown'' for quite some time. Here you go, Judy, Joyce, and Greg (9/10)
08/Oct/15 12:58 AM
And for today.....

What are the next two numbers in this sequence:

202 122 232 425 262 728 ==?== ==?==

Answers to my ''Do I see NUMBERS??'' inbox, please.
08/Oct/15 1:04 AM
Okay, I've done my bit for Keith this morning. See ya later
08/Oct/15 1:09 AM
BUT! Before I go.....

''Similar to Stonehenge and many other megalithic monuments in the British Isles, Avebury is a composite construction that was added to and altered during several periods. As the site currently exists, the great circle consists of a grass-covered, chalk-stone bank More...
08/Oct/15 1:16 AM
good morning fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
08/Oct/15 2:01 AM
I appreciate all your effort, Kathy.
08/Oct/15 2:49 AM
How could I not take advantage.
08/Oct/15 2:50 AM
& the site needs the help.
08/Oct/15 2:50 AM
08/Oct/15 2:51 AM
08/Oct/15 2:51 AM
08/Oct/15 3:02 AM
Good morning all/
08/Oct/15 3:15 AM
Thought I might have cured my insomnia while we were away.
08/Oct/15 3:16 AM
I would wake, look at the clock, sometimes go to the bathroom (TMI, I know) back to bed then off to sleep again.
08/Oct/15 3:17 AM
In a one bed hotel room there aren't many choices.
08/Oct/15 3:18 AM
But here, I am back to old habits. I can get up and make a drink, go to that place, and play on the computer!
08/Oct/15 3:22 AM
Think I will have to impose some self dicipline and pretend I am back sharing one room only with Mr P and doing my best not to disturb him.
08/Oct/15 3:25 AM
Happy Wednesday day off! Looks like a nice sunny day looking out my window (67deg F at 9:44am), so I shall try to get out to enjoy it before today's expected high of 83deg)
08/Oct/15 3:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sunny but still on the coldish side here in Ottawa. C'est la vie!
08/Oct/15 4:44 AM
Our ramp replacement work is almost completed and we should all have access to our underground parking garage by Sunday. A lot of my fellow neighbours are breathing a sigh of relief.
08/Oct/15 4:47 AM
The Toronto Blue Jays start their playoff run beginning tomorrow night. Go Jays Go!!
08/Oct/15 4:49 AM
Morning all, thank you Kathy for the history of today's photo.
08/Oct/15 5:50 AM
and to all
08/Oct/15 6:25 AM
Spent the morning at the doctors, just a normal check up.
08/Oct/15 6:36 AM
Then to the insurance to get it insured = more money.
08/Oct/15 6:37 AM
Then to the dentist for Harry, insurance won't pay for one of the crowns he needs, what's new doctors want more and insurance pays less.
08/Oct/15 6:39 AM
I have to keep talking so.....
08/Oct/15 6:48 AM
We can see a new page
08/Oct/15 6:49 AM
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