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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Blackbirds seem to have adapted to Australian conditions very well. We usually have a pair grace us with their presence, but not this year. I should acknowledge that this is top of page two and it hasn't reached 10 am here. And most important of all it is great to see the Phantom has returned.
08/Oct/19 9:58 AM
08/Oct/19 12:36 PM
08/Oct/19 12:49 PM
1:37. Good afternoon everyone.
08/Oct/19 1:05 PM

Summary for Monday 7th October.

Wombat – Kicks off the day by buying into Sarah’s pitch. Likes to know what’s going down!
Arachnid – Him too. Thinks the site is friendly. Well, we’ll just see about that!
Sarah – Gets her oar in too and has More...
08/Oct/19 1:13 PM
Didn't take s Sudoku break for 2 days & I missed all the fun - now I'm paying the price by retracing my midnight steps...
08/Oct/19 2:32 PM
Happy Birthday, Sarah!

08/Oct/19 2:33 PM
….and the Phantom has returned - so much excitement I'll need to extend my bedtime, just to keep up with the banter - Welcome back!
08/Oct/19 2:35 PM

Happy birthday Sarah- May you have many more. Just a word to the Phantom, it is a long while since I was correcting exam papers, about 25 years
08/Oct/19 2:38 PM
It is past three o'clock and all twelve of our regular respondents have posted their answers (with excellent accuracy I should say) so here are the answers we intended to evoke and the names of those involved. The team that puts together the puzzles and those who solve them, Sarah, Tyranids, More...
08/Oct/19 3:46 PM
Back ! The Phantom

You've been missed.
08/Oct/19 4:18 PM
The Phantom has succinctly encapsulated (that 2 x $2 in the big word jar) the goings on in Sudokuland.
08/Oct/19 10:34 PM
They've gone the little darlings. Peace returns to Chateau Arachnid. I've met with Mr Beam who has given me some soothing advice Seriously I really miss them already
08/Oct/19 10:36 PM

Missed by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much.
08/Oct/19 11:41 PM
End of day!
08/Oct/19 11:57 PM
Yep sure is but not in the civilised state of QLD.
08/Oct/19 11:59 PM
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