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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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5:29 - a good time for me. What a beautiful baby.

di (ud) I love Celtic music. What do you play?
my bride always says
dont expect me to finish what somebody else started.
not that i would
you didn't get all the leaves lisa some arrived with the wind in eastern ont,
hope they keep going east.
I'd love to be a vampire to di. I love staying up at night, and would stay up all night and sleep all day (so peaceful here at night) but unfortuntely have to get kids off to school etc so that's it for me for tonight. I'm going to crawl into my 4 poster villa bed, with a bottle under the pillow in case I get thirsty during the night,hic.
just read my entry before shutting down, sorry di, i don't want to be a vampire TO you, I meant TOO
LP you're not from the Pioneer valley are you?Mackay is on the Pioneer River.I play fiddle in a bush band,but am a classical bunny from way back.We are available for weddings(eek!),parties,corporate functions etc.Love those gigs in the Whitsunday Islands!They don't come around so often,though.The More...
it's not really my thing.My students are playing the Messiah shortly,and we have busking and old folks' homes lined up for Christmas.No rest for the wicked!
3:24 My time at 11:30 EST 07Nov2005. Kid finally returned to school today after hurricane two weeks ago. I was able to find sheet metal screws. No stop signs at big intersections, all working on signals again. I only had to stop once for debris removing vehicles. Things are returning to normal- saw a man panhandling! There had been so much clean up work that even bums were working.
2:18 Not bad for a Monday morning!
ap from MT from yesterday-Hi there!What's your musical poison?Good luck with the Messiah-hope you raise lots of money.
fiona it's me on the drop bear cushion, now tanned - well, all over, really! di, fancy asking if any of the boys are 'up' - if Teddy sees that, he'll take it as an excuse to be naughty :))
Missed hen party but have enjoyed reports. Sounds like some chips will bust the diet and some might help with the exercise? Which ones went off in the hot air balloon? Or does it matter?
Hi Jim.Glad you found a screw(sorry-couldn't resist!)Sounds like a real challenge.Looking forward to your alligator pic.I don't have crocs IN my yard,but there is a sign in the park six housesdown that reads 'Estuarine Crocodiles inhabit this area.'And they do!I liveright on the ocean near the More...
5:38. Cute baby - I still want to see mine! She's even cuter!
HH,I'm sure he'll see it(eventually),and he obviously doesn't REQUIRE an excuse to be naughty.You can always give him a tweak to keep him in line,anyway(his bowtie,I mean,of course.....).Betsy,I often tell the parents of my students to look up vicarious in the dictionary when appropriate,but only More...
2.47 Jim, glad things are getting back to normal for you. Still time to get a piece of the action if you can make it to the wedding!
Trevene - why not happy today?
6:33 because i was having class at the same time and because forgot to stop time.
3:34 that was a fun one nice pic. cute baby
a boy that lives in my village aged 17 died on Saturday i spoke to him Saturday morning by 11:30 he was dead. He worked at the same place where my son did. It is very upsetting
Really sorry to hear it,Trevene.Hug your son tight.LOL Diane.
what a cutie!
3.09 at least the Pictures are of smaller Cute
Mammals, Next a Joey and then a Koala?
Dean,what is it with you and marsupials?
Oh Trevene so sorry please give your boy a hug from me. Thinking of you and all you know and love xxx
I just got done trying to encourage my daughter who is in the dumps. She was to be married in May but fiance' is in military and had to move up the date to New Years Eve. She is down because a lot of the attendants can't come now and it seems very depressing. Outdoor wedding is now in a church & best friend can't make it. She just found out they will be stationed in England, exciting but scary!
Trevene, so sorry - I'm with di & Yvette - big hugs to you both xx
Trevene, your son and you will be in my prayers. My sister just lost a customer of hers (She cleans houses for a living). He was 37, he killed his 4 year old son and then himself. She called this morning and said she went to both funerals and now is feeling a bit relieved because she had some closure.

Keep up posted on how you guys are doing regarding this situation.
di and susan, you wicked things - fancy panning me off with vitamin supplements - I'll stick to the champagne as I've been long enough in France to know that when you drink a good champers you can drink gallons of the stuff and you don't get a hangover!! But it has to be a good one! HH sorry for spraying you with the fake tan!
talking of Mckay - I remember the night I spent there - it was quite memorable as it was where I tasted kangaroo for the first time! And there was no bubbly - it was XXXX and that sort of thing at the time, as I was a poor student at the end of six weeks round Oz and very few pennies left.
Hello Donna (O) I didn't see it in the comments yet, How did the stripes turn out? and do you like them?
Judy(I), do the attendants live out of state? What part of the military is her fiance' in? My son is in the Navy (coming home in 9 days) and he too will be getting married. I hope they wait until after he finishes in 3 years. I am not sure if he will re-inlist or not.

Christine (O) I just finished painting the stripes on the one wall. I am not sure how long before I pull the tape off. The directions only say 'shortly after painting'. Does that mean an hour or what? As soon as I pull the tape off I will let you know. Thanks for asking.
susan, in answer to your question and I'll leave you overnight (here) to get the answer, I originally hail from the old country, way up north where monsters swim in lochs and it snows a lot and rains even more...will check the mails tomorrow for your answer - now it's time to cook some tea for the hungry mouths of mini gruff(4) and mini hormone(6) - spinach tonight, they'll hate it!!
1:47 today. cutie baby! looks just like my nephew. nice day here in sugar land!
Donna(O): My daughters friends are out of state. Her best friend is a guy and is getting married himself earlier in Dec. and has already scheduled off work for 2 weeks. His boss won't let him take off some more time for her. Her fiance' is in the Air Force, oldest brother is in Army Reserves and More...
Judy(I), I pray that everything will work out. Maybe not as originally planned, but a wedding is the most beautiful day of someone's life. My wedding was delayed because of a funeral. My sister was freaking out because she took the call. I was ok and told her that everyday someone passes away, More...

Pull the tape off right away-- if it dries, it can be a little too tuggy, and pull some of the finish off. Hope this advice doesn't come too late to help!

Del norte
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