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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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CHALKBOARD - Where in Florida do you now live?

Visit my page and click on the link for the world's greatest home Christmas lights display! Turn up your speakers!
2:49. I didn't find it that easy, at least regarding the ones and two's
We have a gentleman here in Wisconsin who does the same thing with his lights....even a bigger display than that. His is set to music from a local radio station and he has a donation box set up out front to benefit adults the same way the Make-A-Wish foundation serves children. I'll look into it some more to see if I can find the name of the organization.
greetings from London, where today we have had storms, a tornado, 1OO mile an hour winds and a hail storm. Today is my brothers birthday and the day after tomorrow is my sisters birthday. We are staying to help them celebrate on saturday evening then off to Southampton to catch a flight to Bergerac More...
He Said...She Said:
He said... Do you love me just because my father left me a fortune?
She said...Not at all honey, I would love you no matter who left you the money.
He said... Why do you women always try to impress us with your looks, not with your brains?
She said...Because there is More...
A young couple got married and left on their honeymoon.
When they got back, the bride immediately called her mother.
'Well, how was the honeymoon?' asked the mother.
'Oh mamma!' she exclaimed. 'The honeymoon was wonderful! So romantic!'
No sooner had she spoken the words than she burst More...
2.47 What a little sweetie,mum & dad must be really proud of her.It looks like she is ready to drop off(not off the horse).
Well that's another working week gone,i'm down to 104 days till retirement.I make it actually only 51 working days to go.Yippee.
Good ones, ap! Thanks for the goodies. I have a pretty adventurous palate for someone frome Kansas. I heard a joke the other day that sums it up: Where do you find Velveta in the stores in Kansas?.....On the gourmet shelf! (My inlaws use GENERIC Velveta!!!!????)
A lady went to see her priest one day and tells him,'Father,i have a problem.I have two female parrots,but they only know how to say one thing.'
'What do they say?'the priest enquired.
'They say,'Hi,we're hookers.Do you want to have some fun?'
'That's obscene!'the priest exclaimed,then he More...
A hug for the pony! Good Maen everyone. A nice cool morning 5:45am to be followed by another hot day. Ap we could do with your sayings where my hubby works, they are a bunch of twits out there.
Good morning to all in Sudoku land!
Ap: ROTFL I love the honeymoon joke the best - I had a simillar reality check - I went from sharing the housework with 4 others in a shared house to being responsible for it all myself!
Glenn: Loved the light display, but would not like to be the next door neighbour.
Ap & Darwen Jim thanks for the jokes, I should have read all comments before posting. Nothing like a hearty laugh to start the day. Keep them coming.
As far as the fires go. My father-in-law is captain of the local Volunteer fire brigade, and we have just sent a truck down to the Mansfield fire for the weekend. My husband was going to be on the truck, but they found enough crew. We live over 2 1/2 hours away from the fires, but the smoke was More...
Cute kid on the hobby horse.

Kathy, hope your move out and back into your house is uneventful and that you love the improvements.

All guesses for the weight and date of Nicole's baby were lost in the big crash!!!!

You will need to redo them if you wish to be a part of the competition
Only 9 more days to due date so hopefully wont have to post these competition details for too much longer....

Guess the weight and date of arrival of my Grandbaby. Click on 'competition' and be in the running for 6 months free membership that Gath has so graciously offered.
2:54. Cute little girl. Wait until she asks for a real one!
To all who wish to take part in the competition...

If you go to 'check out my page' after my name you will see a photo of Nicole at 37 weeks. This may help in your guess. Some of you may wish to revise your guess...lol....Maybe the 'BIG CRASH' was a good thing
To Glenn.....

Oh my God!!!!!!! That was fantastic..Loved it and I don't think I would care if I were one of the neighbours. Hope you don't mind but I am going to pass it on to my other addressees. Here in Aus we don't have anything quite that big!!! I may be corrected by others (there are some really nice displays) but nothing quite like this one I wouldn't think.
After reading previous post I would just like to let people know that I was referring to the Christmas Lights display....lol
Glenn, It was not meant for me to enjoy the music ...It wouldn't open the page for me, and referred me to the owner, and while I got the information page, I couldn't view anything. Perhaps later. I did see that Deb enjoyed it a lot.
Kathy, I'm so happy your birthday wishes worked out so well. Hope all goes well with the new ceiling and the clean up won't be to difficult. Chalkboard, Good luck and much enjoyment in your new home. Timing was very good. GannieMo, Happy birthday to your brother and sister! Ap, Jim and Sarah Beth, More...
Glenn, The light show is fabulous! What's it like from INSIDE the house???? I think I'd go nuts with all those lights flashing on & off!
To Kathy.....Not sure when you will get this as I see you will be away for a little while.

This was sent to me from Cathy from SA regarding your 60th Birthday.......'I have been in hospital with my youngest daughter for 3 days and she is still not a 100% so busy running around after her at More...
Really cute picture!!Have a great day everyone.
Sarah Beth, what's Velveta?
The nearer i get to my 65th birthday,the more this rings true.
A.A.A.D.D.--Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.This is how it manifests.
I decided to water my garden.As i turned on the hose in the driveway,i looked over at my car and decided it needs washing.
As i started towards the More...
Glenn,thoroughly enjoyed the lights and the music.Very emotive.
what a cute pic, Kathy glad you had a great 60th birthday.
Rosemary glad to hear your ok at the moment and hope it stays that way.
2:18 Either she absolutely loves that horse or is hanging on for grim death!

Rosemary - hope everything is going well. Still major news here in Sydney. Take care.
this is the kind of pix that just makes you feel good, doesn't it!

Good to be Friday... I feel a weekend sleep-in coming on!
Darwen Jim... you just described my life perfectly!

Liz/So.France~ Good to hear

Angie/wisconsin~ I am interested in the Christmas Lights display in your city. Let us know if there is a link to a local website, where we could view the display, or if they have a video that can be emailed...Thanks
Quote by: Ralph Waldo Emerson

''What lies behind us and what lies before us are but small matters, compared to what lies within us''

Later, all...
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