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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good mEan Sudokuland. Thanx a lot to all who wished me and had kind words to say on my birthday day before.
08/Dec/08 12:00 AM
08/Dec/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen
08/Dec/08 12:00 AM
G'mornin' Jaspal
08/Dec/08 12:02 AM
John, back to cuddling. It is still the weekend, you know....
08/Dec/08 12:03 AM
Going to church this morning
08/Dec/08 12:09 AM
Good evening Jerry
08/Dec/08 12:11 AM
John, That's the best possible reason. (notice I didn't say excuse.)
08/Dec/08 12:15 AM
hope all is well in Sudokuland and that you all have an amazing day/night.
08/Dec/08 12:16 AM
Jaspal I stand (sit) corrected as to the time of day. Have a good evening...
08/Dec/08 12:16 AM
Hello, Angie
08/Dec/08 12:17 AM

Youtube for today is
Marina Prior
2007 Carols by Candlelight
Angels We Have Heard On High

08/Dec/08 12:18 AM
08/Dec/08 12:19 AM
And the J's have it, Jasper, jerry and Jhon.
08/Dec/08 12:20 AM
Sorry Angie, you popped in while I was typing. Good morning to you all.
08/Dec/08 12:20 AM
With all those typing mistakes I think it is time I went to bed.
08/Dec/08 12:25 AM
Lot of action so early on a Sunday morning - Sun is out and snow is on the ground -- going to be making my list and checking it twice today,, but these 2 little kitties remind me that I have another "warrior" series book to read -- More...
08/Dec/08 12:36 AM
Well, good thing I would up, just got called in to work -- but I'm busy today -- glad I wasn't asleep -- being busy at work is something we havn't seen at the hospital for quie a while
08/Dec/08 12:37 AM
Bently and Cisco...what big eyes you have!
Good Maen all!
08/Dec/08 12:43 AM
Mary - hope your day at the hospital (you are going in, right?...wasn't sure from your post) is good for you. Love your C horse!
08/Dec/08 12:45 AM
there you are Vici
08/Dec/08 12:57 AM
dropped in to say goodnight....
08/Dec/08 12:57 AM
08/Dec/08 12:58 AM
Beanie Baby...can't believe I missed you! Sleep well and congrats on grabbing 22 before leaving!
08/Dec/08 1:01 AM
Bently and Cisco look like two cute kitties. Jaspal, sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a great day.
08/Dec/08 1:31 AM
Do Not Fail To Remember Not To Forget... Today is "Pearl Harbor Day"...
08/Dec/08 1:49 AM
Jerry thanks for the remembrance.
08/Dec/08 2:18 AM
December 7, 1941... "a date which will live in infamy."
08/Dec/08 2:51 AM
& Bean pulls it off again.
08/Dec/08 2:52 AM
Here's a seasonal favorite - "Have a Doo Wop Holiday":


Apologies if someone else already has this posted on their YouTube.

(PS: the reason I don't set up a YouTube on my page is because for some unfathomable reason, More...
08/Dec/08 2:53 AM
& Jaspal is #1.
08/Dec/08 2:53 AM
Keith - you're gettin' slow........Maybe you need a hot toddy to get the juices flowing!
08/Dec/08 2:54 AM
, everybody! Grabbing this back for the J's! Thanks, Jerry, for the reminder. Let us each observe a moment of silent respect for those lost at Pearl Harbor. (I was only two years old but I fancy I remember.) And Darwin was attacked only two months later. Can there be peace on earth in our time?
08/Dec/08 2:57 AM
And hello, everyone! Jaime and I will be attending a community production of Handel's Messiah this afternoon. Several churches combine their choirs for this special production, and this year, they're holding it at Epworth by the Sea (a Methodist conference center) so that they can add more choirs More...
08/Dec/08 2:58 AM
Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial is on my "bucket list". I've never been to Hawaii so haven't visited Pearl Harbor yet. Someday....
08/Dec/08 3:01 AM
Jane (& Jamie) - enjoy the production tonight. I am going to our local high school's Chamber Choir's Madrigal dinner. Music and food - great combo!
Been to the Memorial in Pearl Harbor - it was an incredibly moving experience.
08/Dec/08 3:07 AM
All of Aileen's baking got me inspired to bake up some cookies, too!
08/Dec/08 3:08 AM
I echo Judy's question, "Can there be peace on earth in our time?" Please let it be not too much to hope for. When we were in Hawaii recently, I went to see the Arizona Memorial for the first time. Very moving.
I'm up for a hot toddy, Jane. It would really hit the spot.
08/Dec/08 3:09 AM

Cold and windy today. Just a dusting of snow on the ground.
Good day to stay in and wrap...
08/Dec/08 3:13 AM
I just checked the link to the animated Doo-Wop Christmas video that I posted, and it seems to be out of order! So here's another link to a Doo-Wop Christmas video. This one's not animated, but if you're longing to see some snowy landscapes, this is kind of cool.

And Keith, I think I'll have a hot toddy, too!
08/Dec/08 3:14 AM
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