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Easy Sudoku for 8/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Easter to those whom are already celebrating!

For those of you, whom like me, are still enjoying the day before Easter, I have decided to blog today's tough puzzle.

Link to this new blog page can be found where it always is: Upper right column, directly under the words: 'Check out the Sudoku Blog'.

07/Apr/07 11:27 PM
Good morning.
08/Apr/07 12:00 AM
Happy Easter everyone and may the bunny hop to all your commands..
08/Apr/07 12:00 AM
Good morning to you too Ian and Happy Easter to all and thanks for the Easter greetings on my page
08/Apr/07 12:02 AM
2:32 What a brilliant photo.

A very Happy Easter to everyone.

08/Apr/07 12:04 AM
Good Maen,
Happy Easter to those celebrating today. I love the picture - The sun is up in all it's glory this morning - but talk of snow ???? Have a good one - I still have time hide my Easter eggs.
08/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Gorgeous sky, wonder where.
08/Apr/07 12:10 AM
'Happy Eastern to All.'

Beautiful colour picture.
08/Apr/07 12:11 AM
Good morning to all! A great photo today. Easter greetings to all, although it is not until tomorrow for us on this side of the world.
08/Apr/07 12:13 AM
10:20AM EDT, 30F (-1C) snow flurries.
I agree Anne, a 'brilliant photo' indeed. Happy Easter to all.
08/Apr/07 12:17 AM
Oh, John, I just left a message for you on the hard jigsaw about the photo.
08/Apr/07 12:21 AM
Hallelujay.Christ has risen.
08/Apr/07 12:24 AM
Happy Easter to all - today for some, tomorrow for the rest of us. The sun is coming up and the birds are singing. Looks like it will be a lovely day.
08/Apr/07 12:25 AM
Happy Easter to everyone!
Interesting picture. Bright colors of sunset, and situation: Business as usual.
08/Apr/07 12:27 AM
Good morning all. Happy Easter. what a beautiful photo.
08/Apr/07 12:40 AM
Hi, all. I have been vising this site for months and enjoy reading your comments. You are a lovely group - and apparently many of you are fine photographers. I would love for you to give more information with your pictures, i.e. where is the lighthouse that appears today? What a great shot!
08/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Still Saturday 10:45am in NYC

Last rehearsal before my son and our high school orchestra perform at Carnegie Hall this afternoon!

Having fun as one of the parent chaperones, but as an LA kid, not used to walking everywhere...

More info about how we got here on the last page of yesterday's puzzle.
08/Apr/07 12:43 AM
Diane, the photos on easy, especially, were submitted a long time ago before it was possible to submit a comment with them and there was a big backlog of photos. That's why you will find comments on most of the other categories but not on this page.
08/Apr/07 12:45 AM
HAPPY EASTER! Do we have another cruise ship on a collision course???????????????
08/Apr/07 12:49 AM
to all. It's a beautiful sunny morning in FL but much cooler (61 degrees) than normal & LOW humidity, a real treat. I have posted on my page a photo of Cristo Blanco in Cusco, Peru for those of you who celebrate His resurrection on Easter. Hope the Easter bunny brings lots of yummy treats (especially chocolate ones!) to everyone.
08/Apr/07 12:51 AM
What beautiful colors in this picture.

Diane -

We have had snow now for the 4th day in a row. Our ground is white again.

Have a great day everyone.
08/Apr/07 12:51 AM
2:22 and a beautiful picture. If I hung art on my walls I'd hang that.
08/Apr/07 12:53 AM
good Maen to all. what a beautiful photo. wish i were right there. hey friends i just wanted how much that i am enjoying this site and getting to know all of you. i am going to try to join up and post some photos too, but i will need some help to do from my husband bruce this weekend.
have a wonderful day everyone. happy easter!!!
08/Apr/07 1:00 AM
Snowing again! Trampoline covered, car covered, ground and trees lightly dusted. Strange.
08/Apr/07 1:00 AM
08/Apr/07 1:13 AM
Rob/Utah - Thanks for your visit and kind words. Please come again.
08/Apr/07 1:13 AM
2:02 Hi to all. Beautiful photograph.

Thought for the Day:

'Well,' said Pooh, 'what I like best,' and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. ~A.A. Milne
08/Apr/07 1:26 AM
rob - you are a girl??!! This makes my second surprise in Sudokuland. First was when I found out mel from Perth had a baby & realized ''he'' was a she! Maybe rob is short for Roberta?? Anyway, I hope you'll become a SM soon so you can post some pictures of you & your family & your tattoo with the stars!
08/Apr/07 1:29 AM
Morning all. Happy Easter. At work enjoying a few quiet moments, and thinking of Billy and andré while i eat a couple of Cadbury's Turkish Delight Easter eggs.
08/Apr/07 1:36 AM
Can't get into chat to see if anyone is around. Maybe I am still in the naughty corner. Been there 2 nights now, the wine and chocolate supplies are getting low.
08/Apr/07 1:41 AM
Tricia: Message on your page!
08/Apr/07 1:44 AM
kathy from florida rob is short for robin and yes, i am a girl..a woman really.
08/Apr/07 1:44 AM
Rob (Utah): Is that Robin, Robyn, Roberta??? You disguished yourself well!
08/Apr/07 1:45 AM
You answered before I asked ROB!
08/Apr/07 1:47 AM
CP - You are eating a couple of eggs!!!! I have been so good as well.. sigh!!
08/Apr/07 1:54 AM
rob, I'm so glad you've joined our crowd. Even though I am 60 now I still call my female friends ''girlfriends''! Will you get to be with any of your grandchildren for Easter? I will miss seeing mine this year, but we will see the Orlando gang (two girls, two boys) on April 20 & the NC gang More...
08/Apr/07 1:59 AM
André, It's been close to 30 years now, but your thought for the day took me back to a time spent between bath and bed with Pooh and Tigger and Kanga and even Uncle Wiggly. They are on a bookshelf now patiently waiting for their original playmates to bring home someone new to meet. In the meantime, they sometimes entertain children who await their turn for a piano lesson.
08/Apr/07 2:00 AM
kathy from florida, you we get to see our 11 month old grandaughter, audrey and our youngest son will on easter. looking very much forward to it. they grow so fast and there is never enough time. going to get off now so husband bruce can help me join up so i can post some pictures.
08/Apr/07 2:09 AM
(note posted on the cross.)

'Gone to see DAD , we're building a place for you. Be back soon to pick you up.' J.C.

Happy Easter Everyone.
08/Apr/07 2:12 AM
jeb, I have been reading them to my nephew while he patiently waits for sleep to overtake him, wonderful stuff. He calls me Auntie Arnderaay which seems to have stuck with all the other not so little ones!! A sweet little fella x
08/Apr/07 2:17 AM
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