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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Okay - page 3 - back later.
08/Jul/09 11:18 AM
There's still room in Sue's condo, jamie.
08/Jul/09 11:22 AM
Heidi - what are the exact dates?
08/Jul/09 11:26 AM
Hi Jamie! Looks like Heidi has stepped away so I'll fill in for her. The dates are July 23-26. Sue from OK & her husband have rented a condo & there are five of us "girls" in a cottage that Jane rented. We'd love to have you come!!!
08/Jul/09 11:38 AM
If you have the slightest interest, you could send Sue a private message to check on splitting the cost of their condo. You could fly into either Jacksonville or Orlando (Orlando's probably got better deals).
08/Jul/09 11:41 AM
Thanks, Kathy - it is a slim chance right now, but I am looking at it.
I will send a note to Sue.
08/Jul/09 11:46 AM
What colour jersey was MJ wearing. I gather he and Elvis have teamed up and are being sighted everywhere. They may as well be in the Tour de France. Snow on Mt Wellington this morning. What is the thing? in the park?
5.8 degrees celsius at midday.
08/Jul/09 12:09 PM
Why is it that all the continents except Europe start and end with the letter A?
08/Jul/09 12:12 PM
Just so you know, 2+ hours with an upset baby is not fun. All is forgiven now, she is sleeping peacefully. So it is bed time for me.

Good night worldly people.
08/Jul/09 2:27 PM
You've missed the 1 hour Ian.
08/Jul/09 3:27 PM
Hello everyone, a very slow day never mind I got a good laugh out of a few comments. CG I agree I loved MJ's music but they have gone overboard as usual as if there isn't any other news to report. A lovely calm scene for todays puzzle.
08/Jul/09 4:40 PM
Hello. At work, not too busy, but staying for a double shift (I know, silly me!). Catch you later.
08/Jul/09 5:58 PM
GO Jamie!! Sharing the condo with Sue and her hubby would be the safer option - sharing the condo with the all girl bunch would be downright risky!! But it would be great to see you at the meeting - see what you can do - there are loads of hotels down there. And we're going to what looks like a very nice restaurant for lunch!
08/Jul/09 6:51 PM
No sign of Mo this morning in France...is she busy watching the builders actually do something constructive, or is she preparing a potion in that cauldron in the kitchen?!
08/Jul/09 6:52 PM
Yes and no
08/Jul/09 7:02 PM
as long as it's in that order Mo!
08/Jul/09 7:31 PM
Yesterday they knocked holes in walls. Making windows into doors and walls into windows. Today they are cementing around them ready for the windows. So things are quieter today. I am off out for lunch with a girlfriend.
08/Jul/09 7:34 PM
Got your catcher's mitt CP.
Hope you get through your shift trouble-free.
08/Jul/09 8:12 PM
Enjoy your lunch Mo.
Take the time out to NOT think about the workers (and I use that term loosely!).
08/Jul/09 8:13 PM
Loosely is the way to describe how I wish my outfit fitted me.
Just how can I stop the moisture in the air from shrinking my clothes while they hang in the closet?
I am also told that chocolate makes your clothes shrink so I no longer hide it in the closet.
08/Jul/09 8:27 PM
It's the clothes hangers Mo, they suck the size out of clothes!
08/Jul/09 9:35 PM


08/Jul/09 11:35 PM
08/Jul/09 11:59 PM

Good morning.

08/Jul/09 11:59 PM
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