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Easy Sudoku for 8/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
08/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Good morning.
08/Aug/16 12:00 AM
08/Aug/16 12:01 AM

Got to be quick to beat Hal!!!

Surprised Wolf isnt here already
08/Aug/16 12:02 AM
My cough woke me up so I thought I'd try for FPOTD.
08/Aug/16 12:02 AM
Ooh Lizzy, not long to go.
08/Aug/16 12:03 AM
Yeah, where is Wolf?
08/Aug/16 12:03 AM
I'm sleepy.
08/Aug/16 12:04 AM
Think I'll go and see of I can get back to sleep.
08/Aug/16 12:05 AM

Sorry CP, they schedule my breaks at the worst times!! Only 5.75 hours to go.....
08/Aug/16 12:16 AM
Happy Sunday!
08/Aug/16 12:29 AM
Celebration time, Lizzy!
08/Aug/16 12:37 AM

Retirement time not far away now Joyce.......a new life begins
08/Aug/16 12:43 AM
from beautiful OK
08/Aug/16 12:58 AM
Slept in this morning, went to bed very late last night. Alright it was this morning.
08/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Lazy day for me also - slower then usual - but the best on the puzzle - maybe cause I slowed down !
08/Aug/16 1:47 AM
Good morning to all! Travelled to Brussels about a dozen times for business. Never took the train. Always used taxis.
08/Aug/16 1:48 AM
Liz, is there e retirement dinner (or should I say breakfast) planned for you by co-workers?
08/Aug/16 1:49 AM

Alas Greg they would of been breakfasting without me...Granny duties to perform on my home from work on Mondays.

Im glad you thought of it
08/Aug/16 2:03 AM
08/Aug/16 2:09 AM
Oh come now, Lizzy, your buddies will have planned something! I know mine did! The speeches were embarrassing and long, luckily I could eat and hide my blushes looking down! I particularly loved the roast I got near the end! Laughed so hard I had to look up and wipe the tears away!
08/Aug/16 2:12 AM
Don't see Keith around . . . don't worry . . . I dedicate this post to Keith!!!
08/Aug/16 2:13 AM

They havent forgotten me Shosho....I have a lovely array of gifts here. Going out at 6am and partying is not on most peoples agenda. Besides even the coffee shop downstairs doesnt open til 6.30am

08/Aug/16 2:19 AM
A dollar short.
08/Aug/16 2:20 AM
hope I havent been driving everyone mad with my carrying on about my retiring...most people on here have survived it Im sure I will too.
08/Aug/16 2:20 AM
Liz, look at that! Retiring and already an agenda in place to keep you busy!
08/Aug/16 2:26 AM
Hey Lizzy, most (oops, not MOST, but MANY) of us have gone through the same thing. It's a normal thing for those about to enter a new, unknown, change in one's life.

I suspect that you will survive quite nicely.
08/Aug/16 3:03 AM
Brussels midi. Does this mean the train runs at noon?
08/Aug/16 3:26 AM
I had better say goodbye for now, work is starting to get busy.....I will be around, just at a more civilised hour.
08/Aug/16 5:32 AM
Morning all, thanks Sue/OK for sharing your travel photo.
Good luck Lizzy !
08/Aug/16 6:57 AM
1:59. Good morning everyone.
08/Aug/16 7:57 AM
Good morning all.
08/Aug/16 9:31 AM
Feeling virtuous - just completed my Census!
08/Aug/16 9:31 AM
I was inspired by one of Kathy's recent puzzles, the one where you have to add the same letter to the beginning and end of a group of letter to make an English word, for example add a t fore and aft to -oo- to make toot.
I tried to find one for each letter of the alphabet, but could only manage More...
08/Aug/16 11:24 AM
There are some errors in that list, this one I hope is correct.
08/Aug/16 11:39 AM
-ESTERDA- should not have a space in it. I saved it in notes, but it didn't transfer correctly. It doesn't work in Word either.
08/Aug/16 11:42 AM
Eric ESTERDA? Wasn't he a motorcycle cop on the old TV series CHIPS?
08/Aug/16 12:47 PM
Good maeN, good people. I love being warm. I love breathing outdoor air indoors. I love the nocturnal sound of frogs in the trees and wetlands. I love summer.
08/Aug/16 12:51 PM
Wow, Wombat. That's quite the undertaking putting together a poodle like that. It was fun to do. Thanks.
08/Aug/16 12:53 PM
Goodbye page 1.
08/Aug/16 12:53 PM
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