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Easy Sudoku for 8/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
No daffynition again today.
So, here's today's factoid:
A Japanese designer/illustrator has created edible chocolate Legos that you can actually build with.
08/Sep/14 12:01 AM
all! A bit easier 9-1! Enjoy your day.
08/Sep/14 12:13 AM
Joyce, have a good one yourself and all those who follow.
08/Sep/14 12:18 AM
08/Sep/14 12:21 AM
Good morning to all! Super photo. A wonderful action shot!
08/Sep/14 12:23 AM
Re-posting the weekend puzzle. Five responses so far...

1. An overly excessive consumption of food –> this sweet red cherry is grown mostly in the US and Canadian north-west and Wisconsin
2. A decorative novelty that features coloured was lava that moves when heated –> she played More...
08/Sep/14 12:25 AM
Hope your day is a special one Sarah Beth doing what you enjoy most.
08/Sep/14 12:26 AM
Sara Beth
08/Sep/14 12:40 AM

I love this factoid, Kayo!

Again, I googled....

''Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. Chocolate is first poured into precisely designed More...
08/Sep/14 12:49 AM
To say nothing of the fact that stepping on them with bare feet wouldn't be quite so painful.
08/Sep/14 12:50 AM
& Kathy takes the whole chocolate Lego thing to a whole new level.

Sara Beth.
08/Sep/14 1:07 AM
Foggy start to the day. Guess fall is here.
08/Sep/14 1:14 AM
Sara Beth hasn't been around for a while. Anyone know how she's doing?

Anyway, Sara Beth.
08/Sep/14 1:14 AM
08/Sep/14 1:27 AM
Sara Beth!!!
08/Sep/14 1:28 AM
Sara posts on FB every day. She's doing quite well.
08/Sep/14 1:39 AM
Good to hear. Thanks, Keith.
08/Sep/14 1:45 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Sep/14 1:52 AM
Good morning, Karen.
08/Sep/14 1:55 AM
Now I'm nervous.
08/Sep/14 1:56 AM
Gotta be quick.
08/Sep/14 1:56 AM
08/Sep/14 1:56 AM
Today is a memory lane day for me, could be us. I am not sure, since Man is doing whatever Man does. We are celebrating our 25th today. Yep, we have made it to a mile stone anniversary. What is the saying? Time flies when you are having fun. Well, that is true. I had to get the calculator out to make sure how long it has been and I have kept him alive.
08/Sep/14 1:56 AM
08/Sep/14 1:57 AM
Why should little innocent ole me, make you nervous?
You got it darling.
08/Sep/14 1:58 AM
Congratulations, Karen. Way to go. & a special congratulations to Mr. Karen, who must be as much of a saint as Barbara.
08/Sep/14 1:59 AM
Celebrating is not what is on my mind today. We went out to eat last night, late. Eating late, after 6:30, is not something I do, because it hurts. We tried a different Tex/Mex place last night, which was really good, then. Not during the night or this morning.
08/Sep/14 2:01 AM
Karen and the Man!
08/Sep/14 2:03 AM
Snicker. :/
I do have to agree, Keith, somewhat. He did survive pregnancy, but that is only time he came close to sainthood.

08/Sep/14 2:05 AM
Great photo today. Taken at just the right moment. Takes a lot of patience.
08/Sep/14 2:20 AM
... or a huge amount of luck.
08/Sep/14 2:23 AM
Karen - Re: your comment about Man/pregnancy/sainthood. Barbara said, 'Bet that didn't include childbirth.'
08/Sep/14 2:52 AM
Ba Moui Ba.
08/Sep/14 2:52 AM
Karen and Man!

In the days before it was common for husbands to be in the labor and delivery room, a nurse went to the waiting room to ask hubby if he wanted to come back to be with me. She said she was sure I would want to see him. He More...
08/Sep/14 3:19 AM
Do you really think that sheep p** is good Hal?
08/Sep/14 3:20 AM
I never know if Hal is chugging one or commenting on the number of posts.
08/Sep/14 3:25 AM
Don't know, Greg. Never tried it. Is it???
08/Sep/14 3:32 AM
Number of posts, Kathy, number of posts!
08/Sep/14 3:34 AM
Congrats, Karen and Man! SilverGuy and I will be celebrating our 25th in less than 2 weeks as well.
08/Sep/14 3:38 AM
08/Sep/14 3:38 AM
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