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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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09/Jan/15 4:23 AM
Woohoo! Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
09/Jan/15 4:24 AM
Now I've done my job I shall go to TOS!
09/Jan/15 4:24 AM
09/Jan/15 4:45 AM
Not a whole lot of visitors yet to already be on the second page! Particular thanks to Karen, Keith, and shosho!
09/Jan/15 4:46 AM
It's all Karen's fault.
09/Jan/15 4:52 AM
Risque (risky) business, that photo.
09/Jan/15 4:56 AM
Really, it's really not the correct size for him! I'd say he needs a bigger width but a smaller cup!
09/Jan/15 5:13 AM
Yea! My anthurium plant has two new pink blossoms. And my jasmine plant, the one that the blossoms are used for jasmine tea, has buds forming!!!
09/Jan/15 5:16 AM

They say most people get their size wrong and should order a smaller number and a larger letter.
09/Jan/15 5:39 AM

Perhaps a pretty beige would be more attractive on him.

We are switching home owner's insurance and have someone coming tomorrow to ''measure and take photos'' of the house and contents. Guess who spent the morning More...
09/Jan/15 5:53 AM

Yes, it's very cold here as well. It was 3F at noon with a windchill of -9F, both of which were much warmer than at 8 am. We won't be above freezing until Monday at the earliest, and then it's only predicted to be 33 F for the day. But I have heat, etc.
09/Jan/15 6:02 AM
My brother's pipes froze overnight. He's got the plumber there now to the tune of over $600 to thaw the pipes, run new heat treating and re-insulate the lines. I guess that's something to be expected in a mobile home since they're off the ground. I guess I'm surprised he hasn't had the problem before.
09/Jan/15 6:05 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
09/Jan/15 6:30 AM
Morning all, hmm try wearing it all day and see how funny it is.
09/Jan/15 6:34 AM
09/Jan/15 7:15 AM
If a woman had designed them instead of a man, how would they be different?
09/Jan/15 7:32 AM
Laura and I just fed the whole family of kookaburras. Three adults and three babies.

We are off to the reptile park today. I think it will be rather hot there. (over 30*c) but Laura will enjoy it.
09/Jan/15 7:39 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wrong colour guy. That will show through your white dress!
09/Jan/15 9:08 AM
I woke up to minus 32C with a wind chill of minus 39C. It has warmed up since then (thankfully) to minus 10C now with a wind chill of only minus 17C.
09/Jan/15 9:10 AM
Fiona, et al. Most Canadians are saying 'Je suis Charlie'. What a terrible event.
09/Jan/15 9:11 AM
June, I guess 'hot' is relative to where one lives. After translating your 30ºC to F, I realized I'd give just about anything to be in temps that low in the summer (which is why we head to the mountains a lot). In mid South Carolina, summer temps reach 36-38ºC regularly, and low 40º-ish temps several days in a row aren't unheard of.
09/Jan/15 10:18 AM
If a woman had designed boulder holders rather than a man, you ask, Keith, how would they be different? Uh, silly ... they wouldn't exist!
09/Jan/15 12:52 PM
What Judy, the boulders or the holders?
09/Jan/15 1:05 PM
Boulders? You shouldn't brag unless you can back it up.
09/Jan/15 1:08 PM
The holders didn't exist for a while, if you remember, Judy. As I recall, most of the boulders reverted to their original state, lava.
09/Jan/15 2:00 PM
All of the usual suspects heard from! Is anyone surprised?
09/Jan/15 2:15 PM

I got a joke for yas, you'll laugh yer t!ts off.........

Oh, I see, some of you have heard it!
09/Jan/15 4:04 PM
RIP Rod Taylor.
09/Jan/15 4:05 PM
Hal made me laugh out loud. I am still chuckling.
And tomorrow I will tell my mother what he wrote and laugh again.
09/Jan/15 4:13 PM
Thought I said Good Morning early on today, but it seems not. So I'll say Good Evening instead.
09/Jan/15 5:11 PM
Good evening one and all!

Just off to meet up with Rolanda and her hubby for dinner at their caravan. It's always an enjoyable evening as we usually only meet up once a year. Last year we had an extra meet up when Jane and Kathy were here and we also met up with Marg.
09/Jan/15 7:53 PM
home at last. 35 c at the reptile park. that was ok until we went back to the car and I tripped over a tree root. I thought I had sprained my wrist but after about 5 hours at our local hospital I have broken a bone just above the wrist. typing one handed as my left arm is in a cast.
09/Jan/15 9:58 PM
get well wishes coming your way June, not the best time of year for a plaster cast. :(
09/Jan/15 11:32 PM
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