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Easy Sudoku for 9/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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ho ho ho
ohhh rats!!!..LOL
Apologies everyone for posting the same everyday, it'll be over in a couple of days...
MEETING AT THE The MILL BAKEHOUSE on the cnr of Nolfolk St and Marine Terrace, Freo at 9.30am Saturday, Nov 11th - it's booked 'under' 'Billy'.
Hope you can make it...x
Double Dog dare! 3:55
Good MAEN all ....it's 7:10 here
2:17 Maen
Everyone needs a little help from our friends once in a while
Definitely need a caption on that one. Real or Photoshop? Fun either way
Ah ha! Now I know how my dogs to it when I'm not looking. Very funny photo!
2:27 MAEN I would _love_ to know how that shot was set up! :)
3:08 Good evening everyone.

Wow! What a pair! Now that is getting something done!
Election day is over. Hopefully all the campaign signs will come down, the phone will stop ringing and life will become somewhat normal again.
3:16 Is the chihauhau going to share those burgers with his stepping stool? I hope so, or he might be lunch. Also, he'd better watch out for the cat hiding in the sink.
2:38 Hi to all.
Of all the bars in all the world you gotta walk into this one!

Thought for the Day:

Gentle as you go....
I can't believe this site is so quiet tonight. Worse than a Friday night. Where is everyone.
I know where I'm about to go. Bed!
Good night everyone.
G'Maen. A grey and foggy morning here. The sun is slowly sweeping the fog away - kind of like my morning coffee is slowly sweeping away the grog.
Good Morning!!! It is November 9, November 9 is the 313th day of the year (314th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 52 days remaining. On this day in 1961 Neil Armstrong recorded a world record speed in a rocket plane, flying 6,587km/h in an X-15.
If you'd like to 'check in' whilst we're stuffing our faces on Sat 9.30am onwards, the café's phn number is: (08) 9336 3204
....by the way - we'll be in Perth, Western Australia...
It is 10:15 am Wednesday, November 8th, on the East Coast of the US, on Standard Time. According to Google, the present time in Perth is 11:15 PM, so figure 13 hours later. I think that makes the time to call Friday night from 8:30 PM and after.

I stand to be corrected, of course.
Awwwww now that was cute! If there is a booby prize given I sure should get it today! I hate it when you are waiting for the puzzle to show up and it doesn't! soooooooo you gotta go back and see what ya did wrong! Wow... I must need more coffee ( or maybe less) tee-hee. Have a great day everyone!
Now that's teamwork!
Next time , you wash...I dry.
Interesting photo.

Unseasonably warm here today we might even reach the mid 60's today!

Billy, is that the full number to be dialed? I am going to keep the time Ian gave us in mind, think it would be a hoot to call and talk to you!
That should be puzzle picture* GEEZ! :-)
4:02 funny doggie picture.
For those in the NE USA who are old enough and remember, it was on November 9, 1965 that the 'great' Northeast blackout occurred.
I like black and white, maybe because it isn't all that common any more.
Maen all. Funny pix. 'A friend in need...'
Good Wednesday Maen, all!

Temp's expected in the high 70's F today (was in the 90's the last few days...) Turned on the air conditioner in the house for a few hours yesterday.
Maen all. the long and short of it is, 'it's a dog's world'. hope you all have a fun time in Perth. It's a bit far for me.
This picture really brought a smile to me face!
2:33 Now that's a funny picture. Sunny here now after a morning rain. Hope you're enjoying your day/night.
2.32 Good picture,you can tell who the head honcho is in that duo.
Good afternoon to all! And everyone says cats are sly?

The site seems to have few visitors today.
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