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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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No fires thank god, but heaps of smoke, today will be a good day to stay inside as it is really smokey outside.
Just thought I would post a list of people whose dates they picked have passed on the competition:-

Louise From Vancouver Island
December 1st
8 lbs, 3 oz

Chris From Massachusetts, USA
December 4th, 8 lbs 15 oz, a big More...
These are the people who have picked today as the date of arrival:-

Cyndi From sc/usa Supporting Member Check out my page
My guess: December 9; and 6lbs 9oz.
(and I'll bet she'll be back in her 'old' jeans by Feb)
Nicole: I wish that you have a short, uneventful labor and More...
Rose.....I haven't seen the news yesterday or today.....how are the fires going?
Nelson, You have my condolence on the death of your mum. The loss is so fresh that your feelings are understandable. Perhaps in time you will value the joy your mum had gotten from the puzzles, and come back to share that kind of joy. I pray that you will learn that your mum's memory will last More...
2:15 ... and for our edification and enjoyment - today my partner and I are clearing out our filing system and belatedly getting around to our taxes. Yipee.
Rosemary how are the fires today better i hope.
Solving help! Okay....when I try the tough ones I'm always left with 2 possibilities for every square.......what am I missing....do you ever just have to guess?
not much change from last reports.
the smoke is acrid and choking, hurts the eyes and throat. it is as thick as a pea soup fog.
the fire danger for all those southeast... WE ARE NORTH WEST ... of the current fire front is still in place and the weather predictions for the next More...
congratulations on your sons graduation.
happy 17th birthday to your son
and condolences for the loss of you father or father-in-law
sincere condolences for the loss of your mum and I am sure sudoku will bring back lovely memeories of your mum in time.
CP~ You're welcome, it is a great message.

Nelson~ I'll pray for you. Peace to you and yours
Nelson,sorry to hear about your mother but as others have said if you do come back in time you will get to enjoy the puzzles just like your mum did.my thoughts are with you.
Hi Rosemary,

My parents live up near Beechworth - so I'm hoping the temps ease up, too.

My mother said rain was predicted for Monday, so hopefully that happens.

we had humidity of just 7% yesterday which is unbelievably dry. they say a chance of showers on monday. given all the last predictions of rain have not eventuated it is not a good sign. but lets hope they are right on the rain and wrong on the rest of the predictions of the heat and winds.
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to announce the start of the SUDOKU BLOG!

Impressive, eh? .

The blog will talk all about sudoku & how solve'em. It is going to be written by none other than Steve from Ohio, who has proved himself to be quite the guru (though he is too modest More...
GLEEN: You have a beautiful picture on the Hard Sudoku today!
great christmas card ... love the reindeers. think taylah will get a big kick out of seeing that one.
nice sentiment in that video.
Apologies GLENN: It's on the Tough Sudoku.
Hey all! Mamacita has loaded a sexy picture on her personal page. Shows lots of skin. Check it out!
Nelson: I have not lived through anything worse than Mum's death, so am praying for you and yours. One day, the pain WILL lift, but the gap will never fill.
Mamacita: Super photos, which show what a happy, caring, carefree family you are. God bless you.
Nice picture. Whose son is this? It makes me miss my violin....
Good Morning everyone.
About to leave, to go to Breakfast with the Perth Sudokuians.
morning all, just getting ready to go for breakfast with everyone here in perth from sudoku, i am posting my mobile number in my room for those who wish to call.
Hey Judy and Mamacita. Now that you both have my email address, feel free to chat via emails.
Hope you both have a great evening. Gotta go to brecky. Bye
NELSON: I'm very sorry about your mum ... I miss mine every day. Some of the comments above directed at you sent me scurrying to an inlaid, Swiss music box that we gave her 30 years ago. She treasured it (it played her favorite tune, Greensleeves), and we reclaimed it when she died. Only More...
music is wonderful hi all
rosemary - thoughts and prayers with you and all those amazing people who are out there fighting those fires. we can't win at the moment with fires and drought. we are only getting a little of your smoke, but gives me the chills evey time i walk outside. i'm so proud to be australian at these More...
on a lighter note - did the cat sneak in on the strings????
judy from san diego
how special to have that note from your mum - she will be remembered for a long time i'm sure!
the australian spirit is amazing ... was chatting to the firies this morning as they recovered from a 19 hour day and prepared to go back out to fight the fires again regarding this same thing ... they are happy to help a mate out in need even if they could be in trouble themselves and More...
the north winds have started ... not raging but enough to have cleared the smoke from ground level.
unfortunately it also means that the fires will start running.
Good evening everyone. My son is not here, so I can get on in the evening for once. He's gone to his first dance! My prayers are with you in Australia with the drought and fires. I don't know you Nelson, but my heart goes out to you.
Angie/ Wisconsin, We need to make contack so that I can respond to you as I'd like. Can you send a request to Ed,Keith,Judy or Kathy and get my email address if you don't have it. Thanks. Okay CG, are you trying to start a riot or something..? Fat naked lady running free?
Anew. I also went and looked at the video. Weeellll, you can immagine what I thought of it, now can't you.

I think I will go have a beer, and try to forget I ever saw it!
mmmmmmmmm just heard some disturbing news
the wallet thief struck at the sudoku breakfast in perth this morning ........
col have you been visiting???? .....
lucky Mel didnt have to drive far to retrieve her wallet.
ooooooooooooo by the way they found More...
Ah, BAZ, you can't fool us! There are plenty of comments above indicating what sort of video Anew presented, but you looked anyway! Touched your heart, didn't it, Sweet Thing?! LOL
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