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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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LPotD. And...

09/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen HalT and all!
09/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. I did Wombat's puzzle this morning with breakfast and I'm hungrier now than before I ate. I think he's given me a meal idea for the weekend. Wombat, I really have enjoyed your poozles. I also beg you to keep them coming!!!
09/Jun/19 12:08 AM
1:44. Neat photo, Kate. Good Morning, everyone.
09/Jun/19 12:09 AM
1:53 Good morning all. Good night from me.
09/Jun/19 12:15 AM
09/Jun/19 12:59 AM
09/Jun/19 1:01 AM
09/Jun/19 1:49 AM
09/Jun/19 1:50 AM

I also just finished Wombat's poozle. Let me add my thanks for his extraordinary efforts in posting them every week.
I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future!
for all the fun, Wombat!
09/Jun/19 3:48 AM
Such Beautiful bright red orchid
Thanks Kate lovely photo
09/Jun/19 5:47 AM
Morning all,beautiful orchid,Kate.
Thanks Plum and Kathy for reminding me of Wombat's poozle,had a hectic day yesterday and forgot to look for it.
09/Jun/19 5:53 AM
Good mAen
Home alone and yes that can be a good thing ! Can do my homework in peace and don’t need to use my headphones.
Would be nice to have some cake - may need to go for a walk to Portillo’s for a slice of their chocolate cake.
09/Jun/19 6:44 AM
09/Jun/19 9:01 AM
Sunny Sunday here in SEQ
09/Jun/19 9:03 AM
everybody! My lucky number. 14 since my slot car racing days age 14yo
09/Jun/19 9:09 AM
Got pushed, oh well what will be will be
09/Jun/19 9:10 AM
1:28 with a very fuzzy head, I don't think I ran far enough this morning! Good morning everyone.
09/Jun/19 10:28 AM
Well done Ash Barty, for winning the Women's Singles Tennis Finals in Paris. A great win!
09/Jun/19 11:12 AM
I used to watch tennis all the time. It's just one more thing I've drifted away from without meaning to. Nice to hear that an Australian woman won the French Open for the first time in many years.
09/Jun/19 11:27 AM
09/Jun/19 11:27 AM
09/Jun/19 11:27 AM
Appropriate since it is a picture of locker #22 in the Men's Dressing Room in Arthur Ashe stadium.
09/Jun/19 11:30 AM
& a CP for good measure.
09/Jun/19 11:31 AM
Is that it, Mr Cee??? You're gone for six months or more and all you can say is ''Sunny Sunday here in SEQ.''
09/Jun/19 11:31 AM
To those who have expressed concern, rest assured that Wombat takes very seriously his entirely voluntary obligation to entertain us with his clever puzzles, so much so that, before the new set of stumpers is ready for publication, he intends to send us some fill-in fun. He is quite absurdly devoted!
09/Jun/19 4:55 PM
Ahhh HalT my good fellow good evening, A good day was had at our local Biannual All Jap car show. Was a cracker of a sunny and warm winters day. The afternoon was shared around the fire imbibing some XXXX Gold where tall stories and tales of the past were shared. All in all a good More...
09/Jun/19 10:09 PM
To those already here and those to follow.
09/Jun/19 10:10 PM
Wonder where me old mate Pete from the deep south is.
Rumor has it also Imbibing and rowdy tales of times past living underwater.
09/Jun/19 10:13 PM
Getting late here and not getting any younger.
09/Jun/19 10:14 PM
So from me a and off to catch some after claiming a CP
09/Jun/19 10:15 PM
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