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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Jul/18 12:01 AM
just about time to go to work.
09/Jul/18 12:06 AM
HalT & Wow_Axel & all who follow!!
09/Jul/18 12:56 AM
Just barely making it in time to say good morning - have a marvelous day!
09/Jul/18 1:34 AM
So far 4 of the weakest of the 'Wild Boar' footballers (another animal name for a sports team, Wombat!) have been rescued - that's THEIR marvelous day!!
09/Jul/18 1:40 AM
… and the others are in process of being brought to safety too!

This event actually may deserve to be termed amazingly AWESOME!
09/Jul/18 1:41 AM
09/Jul/18 2:04 AM
09/Jul/18 2:10 AM
Pretty bride, and twin sister.
09/Jul/18 3:12 AM
Aileen - any of your limeade left for today?
09/Jul/18 3:16 AM
09/Jul/18 3:31 AM
Morning all, lovely photo of a bride and her sister.
09/Jul/18 6:18 AM
Cool 9C at the moment that is supposed to reach 17C later.
I hope they are right.
09/Jul/18 6:26 AM
Good maEn, good people. Sorry I've been AWOL. Came back to post answers to Wombat.
09/Jul/18 10:26 AM
Beautiful day today with RATN!!! Fred and I spent the weekend in Salida. Back to the grind!
09/Jul/18 11:05 AM
This weekend Skye went to a Viking Fest at Borrehaugene (Barrow Mound Cemetery Park) in Horten, Vestfold.


09/Jul/18 11:19 AM
There is a Midgard Museum there. Just up the road from Åsgårdsstrand the former home of Edward Munch.

Perhaps that explains the scream? 😱
09/Jul/18 11:27 AM
At intersections
09/Jul/18 11:33 AM
Look both ways.
09/Jul/18 11:33 AM
A harp sounds nice,
09/Jul/18 11:34 AM
but it's hard to play.
09/Jul/18 11:34 AM
Burma Shave.
09/Jul/18 11:34 AM
1:30. Good afternoon everyone.
09/Jul/18 12:55 PM
09/Jul/18 4:13 PM
The ever busy Arachnid's poozle.......

1.Who was the oldest world heavyweight boxing champion?
2.Roy Emerson is a former professional in which sport?
3.What month is named after the queen of the gods?
4.Isaac Newton divided the spectrum in to how many named colours?
5.What More...
09/Jul/18 5:34 PM
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