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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
09/Jul/19 12:00 AM
09/Jul/19 12:00 AM
guys & all who visit later.
Hope your day is a sunny summer day, too!
- at least on the top side!
09/Jul/19 12:03 AM
No sunny day here, Shiela. Rain, rain, and more rain. I just got a flash flood alert on my phone.
09/Jul/19 12:38 AM
2:39. A verrry slow Good Morning to you all from the deck of Celebrity Eclipse (on our way to Alaska).
09/Jul/19 1:05 AM
09/Jul/19 1:09 AM
09/Jul/19 1:37 AM
Morning ... for shosho.
09/Jul/19 1:49 AM
09/Jul/19 2:02 AM
Thaml ups, Keith!! Here's flying your way!!
09/Jul/19 2:03 AM

Thami ups? Ack! I meant Thank you!! I have got to focus this morning!!!
09/Jul/19 2:05 AM
How wonderful, Tom! Safe travels. Alaska is absolutely beautiful. Have fun!
09/Jul/19 3:24 AM
Thanks, Kathy. We will!
09/Jul/19 3:26 AM
2.00 Have a great cruise Tom.
09/Jul/19 4:25 AM
Lovely place to relax in Bali!
09/Jul/19 4:56 AM
Have a great trip Tom
09/Jul/19 5:32 AM
Record-setting rain today. Canal Road turned into a...canal? Amazing photo at
https://wtop.com/weather-news/2019/07/flash-flood-risk-continues-for-dc-region-on-monday-morning/s lide/1/
09/Jul/19 6:57 AM
to see the photo - Delete the space that was created between s and l in the word slide.
09/Jul/19 7:01 AM
Morning all, enjoy your cruise,Tom.
Clear skies and a sunny day ahead.
09/Jul/19 7:12 AM
Here I am.
09/Jul/19 12:10 PM
09/Jul/19 12:10 PM
Er ... gallump.
09/Jul/19 12:12 PM
I’m at the hospital with Lynne. Posting comments on my phone is challenging. Heart issues, but it looks like they’re going to decide she’s OK and send her home. Fingers crossed.
09/Jul/19 12:18 PM
Good maeN
And off I go to bed
Nite nite
09/Jul/19 12:49 PM
Sending good thoughts Lynne's way....
09/Jul/19 12:56 PM
Oh wow Keith! My prayers are with you & Lynne! ❤️💕❤️
09/Jul/19 1:20 PM
Keith, I hope that Lynne's visit to hospital was a false alarm and that you are safely together at home. Smilies isn't working so I can give you a non-verbal impression of how I feel.
09/Jul/19 3:35 PM
Enjoy your cruise Tom. You should not have to rug up too much at this time of the year, but given how much it has changed, can one be sure.
09/Jul/19 3:39 PM

Well folks that was a tough one made tougher by the couple of errors I made, HON instead of HONI in Column F, and D-I in Columns A & C. It surprised me how many solved the puzzle despite those omissions and the intrinsic difficulty of the task.
In fact 9 More...
09/Jul/19 3:59 PM
I'm back home, but Lynne is staying overnight in the hospital. She's in A Fib, and they are monitoring and adjusting medication until the numbers are right and stable. She did not have an ''event,'' just symptoms, so we got her into treatment before anything bad happened. The numbers were looking better before I left to come home for the night. Thanks for your concern.
09/Jul/19 4:37 PM
1:56. Good evening everyone.
09/Jul/19 7:56 PM
Hope Lynn is feeling better by morning
09/Jul/19 9:01 PM
would love to do an Alaska cruise, Tom. enjoy it on my behalf.
09/Jul/19 9:01 PM
Keith, hope Lynne is feeling better today.
09/Jul/19 10:09 PM
Hoping for the best best outcome Keith
Goodnight all!
09/Jul/19 11:41 PM
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