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Easy Sudoku for 1/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice to see a fellow Kansan! 3:52 today. Not too bad.
Roe (from Canada),
I will, thanks!
Have a nice weekend!
There are still rubik cubes around?
Fabulous for a Sudoku newbie!
2:40 kill time while eating lunch :-)
sudoku rulezz!!
Nice Job Zack. I was under 3 hours my first time :^)
18 minutes..better then yesterday which was my first day. Wait till tomorrow!
go John go! HB to Matt! 5:12 pitiful again-but like Michelle -I have a little 'helper'
i have actually completed my first sudoko puzzle and i am thrilled. yahoo!
i just can't do this -
2:57 Where's all the aussies? Morning all; or it will be when the sun appears.
ahh, it's good to do sudokus again...i had to make a pact with myself that i wouldn't do any until i finished my 3 midterms. this is so addictive.
2:23 This one was way to easy, even for an easy.
4:24 a little better today; love the picture
I've completed my first Sudoku game, YAY!!! And for my next trick, I'm gonna create a formula to do it for me...
2:48 Love the site and pics, but especially the comments! Have a great weekend everyone!
5:33 and that was an easy one
5.47 yuch, too much vino last night!
hello fellow sudokoites
4:59 -- getting slower...
always 4-7 minutes. Can't see how to jump to the 2-3 minute range. If I weren't a geezer meself, I could probably figure out the coefficient to 'normalize' performance ranges. Fun puzzles at any level of difficulty (none too hard to finish, I think, but more tedious as they get harder!
WOW awesome photo. No mountains here in Michigan. Have a great evening ya'll
Claire, Thanks for introducing me to sodoku! (now I'll never write my dissertation... still, thanks)
3:33...not too bad.
Hang in there Dan; you're among friends. Look at this way, it's a bigger challenge for us older folk so we get a bigger kick out of doing well. Geoff
4.00 today I think i'm going backwards. happy b'day Matt
jack daniels and sudoku. hard to beat.
First time to actually time myself. Not too bad! This sudoku is addicting.
about 6 minutes
didn't use the timer,
nice pic of the mountain
I've just been introduced to sudoku - interesting, to say the least
first time under 5 minutes. i like ann's excuse the best. happy b-day matt. did lisa have her baby & if so what did she have? happy weekend!
What a lovely scene when I completed my very first game. Thank you Denise and Cecila.
First time doing one of these puzzles. I'm getting addicted.
4:19 - stu, I'm with you (except it's 11:00 on a Saturday morning, so no JD!!!).
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