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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Up the diva!! She just made me 300 buck!!
good for you sam
Hi! whats up! happy halloween....for 15 more minutes!
it took me to solve this 1 less time than makybe diva to win the cup.. what a champ.. the horse that is
halloween ended almost 15 hours ago here in Australia.
sorry, almost 17 hours ago
3:03.....yay...my best time
Finished but no new comments! All the fun is below the box! Nitey all!
Happy Diwali everyone!
Steelers won by 1 point over Ravens ( I'm a Steelers fan)Its a win I'll take it !
it was 1st attempt, i solve it in 20:50.
i can do it more faster.
there is an a in beat Brent. good on you for beating us all though.
Jim (Jupiter) - I seriously doubt the court will put me on a criminal jury since my stepson is a correctional officer in a county jail, he and his brother were victims of armed robbery, and I was stalked. I'll probably get stuck with a malpractice suit or some silly civil suit, but....ya never More...
good on you jh.
continued.. my small contribution to help ensure those who are eligible to vote can do so. (Sorry, I'm having trouble posting. My computer keeps locking up!)

No we don't really celebrate holloween here. We know it's 31st October but there doesn't seem to be a big emphasis on trick or treating here. ALthough some children do dress up and go from house to house and other adjustls do have parties.
I do like doing sudoku
1:50 . i use this as my wake up test. under 2 mins under i know i'm properly awake.
.30 today think I forgot to start the timer again but looked outstanding. love all the jokes. the comments and chat have taken ages to read still got 3 more puzzles to do. Makybe Diva was unbelievable in the Melbourne Cup three years in a row, amazing achievement; now she gets to retire to the paddock and make little divas.
my apoligies susan,i must have read it wrong.
Tip of the Day:MAKYBE dIVA TO win!!!
7 mins too long!
my time was 5:43 but im younger than 15 so no wonder.
Elizabeth from Austin, congrats on the job. You must feel very pleased.

Mon loved the DNA joke :o))

Welcome to Sudoku land Linda from Indiana
Cathy from SA, I agree with you about daylight saving - I don't like the way it messes with my body clock.
When my son was 4 he was in hospital for 1 & half months and daylight saving came in while he was there. We were trying to keep to as much of a daily pattern as we could so when we told him More...
yeah its messing with my body clock too, fell all out of whack.
MAKYBE dIVA yeah hat trick she won.
3:12 Better than yesterday. Curious pic; setters/retrievers I think. Notice the old hand on the left is looking behind the cameraman thinking 'hurry up, there's a couple of grouse about 50 yards behind you that don't know we're here'. The novice on the other hand, alert as ever, is thinking 'boy More...
Not more dogs!!!
did it////////////
Hi all short break for coffee drinking quickly.
G from D i did get it but too late! not bronze and all that!
Mon lol dna :) am nearly packed now waiting for Ted to pick us up!!
Susan ingham loved comment :)
must trot work to do and all that.
2:53 - Have a nice day.
HH, Billy if your'e there hi and k and kel of course and others of the 'database error' world x
Major body surgery going well nearly attached my ears to my knees trying for a decorative look but on second thoughts.... drat more plasters!!
Andre please.... French lovers and ears? Very subtle. G
not my intent. a
sorry. a
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