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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Mother vampire to son:

Hurry up and eat your breakfast before it clots.
01/Nov/14 1:57 AM
Good morning to all! Super photo!
01/Nov/14 1:59 AM
I too forgot to send Serena my answers. Duh!!
01/Nov/14 2:00 AM
I don't have time to decode today Serena. Sorry in advance.
01/Nov/14 2:06 AM
Congratulations on your pumpkin success, Serena.
01/Nov/14 2:07 AM
I was gonna say, 'Goblin's back!'
01/Nov/14 2:08 AM
Grrrrrr, Kathy! I'll get you, you old Bat! Actually, some days I'd be glad to look that good!
01/Nov/14 2:11 AM
OK, I have held off for as long as I can stand it! Deal with it! LOL!

From my childhood, a thousand years ago ...

Why don't ghosts have babies?

They have Halloweenies ... (groan!)
01/Nov/14 2:13 AM
Looked like it was going to be another slow day ... but I missed it anyway, then Goblin showed up.
01/Nov/14 2:13 AM
... & a Goblin wannabe.
01/Nov/14 2:15 AM
Happy Friday Halloween from SF!
We are here for a nephew's wedding (tomorrow) and trying to figure out if we can see the Giants' victory parade down Market St from our hotel room before it starts at noon.
01/Nov/14 2:19 AM
What do you get when you cross a goblin with Santa?

A jolly old ghoul from the frozen north!
01/Nov/14 3:06 AM
I also forgot to send answers. I hadn't finished, but I had at least the first five. Oh well. At least I am getting here from time to time.
I totally agree with silverguy and keith - get the GOOD stuff! Silvergal really seems to agree if somewhat reluctantly.
01/Nov/14 3:09 AM
I have to go get some papers graded!
01/Nov/14 3:09 AM
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!
01/Nov/14 5:18 AM
01/Nov/14 5:23 AM
I'm dressed as Uhura from Star Trek already! Really it's a red soft t-shirt with a gold Enterprise logo over the right side like a com button but I have an Enterprise com button brooch to put there. I have a black pair of pants with tall high heel sneakers (hopefully it'll look like the boots she More...
01/Nov/14 5:27 AM
01/Nov/14 6:06 AM
although I'm not feeling it today. I guess I'll go get some candy to hand out.
01/Nov/14 6:10 AM
Morning all,that sure is a nice view.
01/Nov/14 6:37 AM
We had lots of cute little devils at the door last night a few other costumes but mostly devils.
So many that we ran out of treats.
01/Nov/14 6:42 AM
to all topsiders today.
01/Nov/14 6:45 AM
1.42 Beautiful view.
01/Nov/14 7:06 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
01/Nov/14 7:24 AM
Someone sent me this.


While not sentimental, it's worth a watch...
01/Nov/14 8:04 AM
I should have added +

This McDonald's commercial has to be one of the best ever.
The commercial was produced in Brazil 2014 celebrating the World Cup. Enjoy this You Tube presentation - it is really fun.
01/Nov/14 8:11 AM
everyone from wet So Oregon
AND .... to all
01/Nov/14 8:50 AM
Our trip to the SW has been put off. The Dr.s found some early stage cancer sells in a biopsy last week in wife Linda. Next week we go up to Eugene for a historectomy. Please keep your thoughts on a full recovery for her.
01/Nov/14 8:58 AM
! Slow Halloween, considering it's a Friday. Shopping center nearby has a Trunk or Treat going on. I'm reading some of Goblin's jokes to Siverteen, causing her immense groaning.
01/Nov/14 10:24 AM
With Judy's childhood joke, I'm recalling a song we loved from my elementary years. Guess Sophia's occupation! (3 verses)

I'm bewitched by a girl named Sophia
With a nose like a full blown balloon.
Her barbarous teeth are a jagged saw
That glint by the light of the moon.

What can I do? What can I do?
Enchanting Sophia I'm mad about you!
01/Nov/14 10:27 AM
All day long and at night she sits watching
On her balcony over the lane.
Like a harpy she lurks there and waits for me -
I tell you she drives me insane.

What can I do? What can I do?
Enchanting Sophia I'm mad about you!
01/Nov/14 10:28 AM
Oh, her head is as round as a pumpkin
And she doesn't have one bit of hair!
So she wears an old mop and she calls it a wig,
There's none that my love can compare.

What can I do? What can I do?
Enchanting Sophia I'm mad about you!
01/Nov/14 10:29 AM
Dave, we wish your wife well. Good luck to you both.
01/Nov/14 11:09 AM
Sending positive thoughts for a good outcome with you and Linda to Eugene, Dave.
01/Nov/14 11:42 AM
Wishing your wife well, Dave.
01/Nov/14 11:55 AM
I had treats ready for young visitors last night.
01/Nov/14 11:56 AM
But we didn't get any.
01/Nov/14 11:56 AM
Oh well. I'm sure the choclate frogs won't be wasted.
01/Nov/14 11:57 AM

Hope all goes well next week for your wife Dave, sending you heaps of get well wishes.
01/Nov/14 11:58 AM
I can take any chocolate to work and it disappears within half an hour.
01/Nov/14 11:59 AM
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