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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Feb/09 2:55 AM
Happy Saturday!

Missed Shosho's breakfast call. Maybe I'll look into the leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night's dinner...

Need to have a little something before heading to the local Red Cross to be relieved of a unit of blood!
01/Feb/09 3:03 AM
Jane, I had not seen that commercial before either. Very funny!!! Doubt it's a new one cuz they usually put them on TV first before releasing on the internet. I'm sure many of the new Super Bowl ones will appear as YouTubes or similar within days (or maybe even hours?) of the TV showings.
01/Feb/09 3:14 AM
Kathy - I realize that commercial is probably an old one. I just never get a chance to see them because Jaime is always muting them before I get a chance to tell him not to!!! And the funny thing is, I was an advertising copywriter for most of my career! I had to make a real effort to see what More...
01/Feb/09 3:24 AM
And now we're off for our sidewalk-window-shopping spree!
01/Feb/09 3:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! Those monkeys look like they're full of bananas!
01/Feb/09 4:39 AM
A couple young, entrepreneurial prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on the top of their car that read: “Two Prostitutes - $50.00.” A police officer, seeing the sign, pulled the ladies over and advised that they will have to remove the sign or go to jail.
Right about that time a More...
01/Feb/09 4:39 AM
Nice to see both Anew (sorry, Marylinn) and Mickey back on the site. Cheers to you both!
01/Feb/09 4:41 AM
Hiya CG- nice to be around.. enjoying the funnies as usual..
01/Feb/09 5:18 AM
Just a Quick peek, Maen, Y'all & a little "daily enlightenment"


It was necessary to keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon on old war ships. But how to prevent them from rolling about the deck was the problem. The best storage More...
01/Feb/09 5:32 AM

now, I will continue to hope that I might fill up on knowledge overload for the next 2 hours, to make the remainder of my workshift fly by..

keep em' coming!
01/Feb/09 5:42 AM
Dang, Jane, I got it but couldn't open it!
Oh well, c'est la vie ou (rather as I put it) la guerre en la vie!
01/Feb/09 6:17 AM
Oh Jerry, that tidbit of information goes into the file with the flat footed fruit flies!
01/Feb/09 6:19 AM
I wonder if the networks realize that they could get a second helping of income just by creating a program just of the commercials played on the super bowl? I'd watch that!
01/Feb/09 6:21 AM
Ooops! Hubby standing at doorway, tapping his foot. We're suppose to go grocery shopping! See you later!
01/Feb/09 6:22 AM
Out of curiousity, what do people here (I guess this applies mainly to folks in the U.S.) think about the switch from analog to digital broadcasting? Any opinions?
01/Feb/09 6:47 AM
Shosho there is a program on tonight called Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2009

A showcase of great Super Bowl advertisements includes a preview of the most highly anticipated commercials for this year's game and how they are made; Jim Nantz and Daisy Fuentes host.
It comes on at 7 PM here.
01/Feb/09 6:58 AM
Glinda there are some pros and cons with the switch.
A pro is that we have more channels. At one time we could not get cable or satilite out here, I think you can now, but we have not advanced that far yet. So the extra channels have been great.

The con is with the old TV, there was not More...
01/Feb/09 7:05 AM
It is a gorgeous day out today, I am going to enjoy it by taking my nap.
01/Feb/09 7:06 AM
yay! I have great news, for myself.. but I'll like to share it here... I got permission to leave work an hour early, so I'm done in 30 minutes, and it also means I get a ride from hubby, instead of train/bus/walk home..
This is wonderful news for, a tired, looney, exhausted worn out girl!!!
01/Feb/09 7:06 AM
One more to make it a beautiful 100.
Man brought plants home today to start the veggie garden. If him and the girl were not already snoring those plants could be in the ground by now. One of the plants were onions, they smell so good already, cannot wait for the big ones in a few months.
01/Feb/09 7:08 AM
Hi All, straight 1 to 9 on the puzzle.
Yey Marylinn! enjoyed your chat.
Thanks for the email Jane, hehe!
Will have to compare scars Rayray.
01/Feb/09 7:09 AM
Wonderful news Marylinn. Enjoy the restful ride home.
01/Feb/09 7:09 AM
Glinda, my opinion on Digital transition is this:

I'm okay with it being done, and think that in the day and age we live in, we can't help but be technicalized every which way possible.. we'll probably never again see the day where children live with out cell phones, and people are happy to More...
01/Feb/09 7:10 AM
Thanks Karen, have a nice nap..

You might see me a bit later today.. if not, take care everyone!
01/Feb/09 7:24 AM
oh Broni- I forgot.. thanks.. likewise, when I get to read any of your chat
01/Feb/09 7:25 AM
Morning all!
Love the jungle book monkeys, Celsians, brass monkeys...

Glinda, we're changing to digital here too. We are now on our 3rd attempt at getting a box. Grrrrr. This one does seem to be working though so our return trips to the stores might be over..
01/Feb/09 8:24 AM
Awwwwww! Cute! Banana any body?
01/Feb/09 8:25 AM
Marylinn, on cell phones...

I met a woman last night whose daughter was beaten up at school last year - and people videoed it with their phones. She got a copy. Now she carries it around with her while she decides what to do with it, constantly being reminded of the guy at the end who said 'that was f'n funny'.
01/Feb/09 8:27 AM
We have our "digital box", but we decided to "unhook" it until the major change over. We were able to received only two stations on it. We don't have cable, but we are located where we can get stations from 3 major cities. If the weather is bad, we aim our antenna one direction, but if it is good we aim in in another!
01/Feb/09 8:48 AM
Suzy - that is so sad!!!!
01/Feb/09 8:49 AM
Karen - I can't believe you are planting a garden! That must be nice. We don't even dare to plant until after Memorial Day!!!
01/Feb/09 8:51 AM
I added some more paintings of Shiela's yesterday, if anyone would like to take a look. She is a great artist!
01/Feb/09 8:53 AM
Hubby is thinking about taking a day off work tomorrow to watch the Superbowl. I wish we could get the US ads with it! And the half-time show. Maybe we'll get more since there is an Aussie playing....
01/Feb/09 8:53 AM
I added some more paintings of Shiela's yesterday, if anyone would like to take a look. She is a great artist!

Have a great day everyone!
01/Feb/09 8:53 AM
Wonderful paintings! Thank you for posting them Debby..
01/Feb/09 9:03 AM
and a to Jerry for that bit of knowlage. The next question is what is the "G" rated explanation to colder than a witches...?
01/Feb/09 9:17 AM
Debby after thinking for a bit I reminded hubby that generally have a freeze in February. He informed me that the tomatoe plants will be living in the house for a while--where I have no idea and they are going to plant the onions outside.
I would think in Michigan you ground is a little white at the moment.
01/Feb/09 9:24 AM
Glinda, this change over had been in the news for a few years and most of the television sets being sold were digital. So for those people with relatively new televisions it's no big deal.
01/Feb/09 9:27 AM
Broni, we could compare scars too. A caesarian and a hernia repair with a tummy tuck can leave a scar from one end of the hip bone to the other. As I said the last baby was rather on the large side.
01/Feb/09 9:29 AM
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