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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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That cyclone looks amazing. So with the way things have been going down under, I'm thinking locusts are next? What have you guys been doing that has brought God's wrath upon you
01/Feb/11 3:19 PM
And get on top.
01/Feb/11 3:19 PM
Are you male too?
Did you not see my lead up.
01/Feb/11 3:20 PM
Oops, . should be ?
01/Feb/11 3:20 PM
ooops sorry...I may be a son of a ....but definitely not male
01/Feb/11 3:21 PM
Just teasing.
It was such an ordeal to not be able to talk for several hours.
I may not have had anything to say, but I wanted that choice.
01/Feb/11 3:23 PM
Can I give you a few of my bruises? Somehow I missed a step the other day and went airborne the rest of the way down. I laid there wondering how I was going to get help since there is no phone in the basement and I was sure I had broken things. Bit I'm a weeble and after about 15 minutes I was able to start slowly moving again.
01/Feb/11 3:26 PM
Oh, that was scary.
I have a fear, that something like that is going to happen out hear and I am home alone with Thing II. She is good at getting an item that I ask for, like the phone, but has a tendency to get sidetrack. Don't understand how come an 18 month that cannot focus on one task.
01/Feb/11 3:30 PM
Well there is much evidence here that a 40-something male can't focus on one task, I could never expect it of a toddler. Maybe we should just get those "life-alert" things. Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!
01/Feb/11 3:34 PM
Oh, I suggested getting one of those things for MIL, who's birthday is comeing up. She is having a big problem with her knees, which in the past two weeks, she has had two bad falls and one of those falls happened this weekend when she had my girls. She is scheduled for surgry, soon. Anyway, her More...
01/Feb/11 3:42 PM
Ladies, Pay Attention..

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
01/Feb/11 3:44 PM
Thought about getting one for my mother too.
But my siblings also said no. See if I ever give a suggestion.
My mother definitly does not need another chicken.
01/Feb/11 3:44 PM
I thought Life Alert was a very practical gift.
01/Feb/11 3:45 PM
Jerry, dear, are you trying to tell us something.
01/Feb/11 3:45 PM
It was really not nice of the hall monitor to not let me talk.
I explode, when I get out of the naughty corner.
01/Feb/11 3:47 PM
01/Feb/11 3:51 PM
Just seemed right to be the "token male" on the page.
01/Feb/11 3:54 PM
And I thought Karen had a lot to say. Silly me...
01/Feb/11 3:56 PM
No, no not yet, Jerry.
I believe I named the men that have bugged me today.
01/Feb/11 3:59 PM
Well, if you're going to be the token male make yourself useful...what are you pouring tonight?
01/Feb/11 4:00 PM
The one good thing about freezing temps - the neighborhood dogs are obviously doing their business and going right back in, rather than barking up a storm at the other critters lurking around in the night
01/Feb/11 4:09 PM
To give the site a rest. I am going to attempt beauty sleep again. I still have hope that one day it will work.
01/Feb/11 4:13 PM
Good night people of the world.

(did not dare do that backwards).
01/Feb/11 4:14 PM
nighty night...
01/Feb/11 4:23 PM
Shannon, seeing as how you said margaritas are out, may I suggest
Hot Buttered, of course


Maybe a little in your
01/Feb/11 4:55 PM
Humph, some butler I am... Too slow!
01/Feb/11 5:12 PM
I'm not a coffee achiever and surprisingly even when it's cold I still usually want a cold drink...although I wouldn't say no to a spiked hot apple cider. I think there might be an open bottle of Nocello downstairs....can you believe this Irish lassie really just prefers her Baileys in cheesecake form?
01/Feb/11 5:12 PM
well, I didn't want to say anything but yes, I prefer my men to be a little more quick on the uptake...
01/Feb/11 5:13 PM
OK, seems my best, just wasn't good enough. (No pleasing some women.) I resign...
01/Feb/11 5:31 PM
Nite, all Y'all
01/Feb/11 5:31 PM
so you've been comparing notes with my honey? It's hard to measure up next to Cabana Boy....
-5*, wind chill -21* time for some serious undercover burrowing...g'night
01/Feb/11 5:46 PM
Good evening.
01/Feb/11 7:24 PM
No longer playing boss, I'm back to being a pleb.
01/Feb/11 7:24 PM
A pleb on night shift tonight.
01/Feb/11 7:25 PM
Will get ready and go shortly.
01/Feb/11 7:25 PM
The way nights have been shaping up lately, I won't be popping in to join the EEGs.
01/Feb/11 7:26 PM
Evening cp.
01/Feb/11 7:51 PM
Lets see who is left in the sandpit.
01/Feb/11 7:51 PM
Yes Phantom I read your summaries.
01/Feb/11 7:51 PM
Looks like I am all alone here?
01/Feb/11 7:52 PM
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