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Easy Sudoku for 1/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Let's take it to the top, maybe that will help.
01/Apr/11 2:14 AM
Oops! That should be 'your'.
01/Apr/11 2:15 AM
Someone must have pushed me.
01/Apr/11 2:15 AM
Number 8 seems to be really good too, Kathy.

Oh, you did such a good job in picking great care for Captain J.
A thought occurred, wouldn't he need round the clock care? That could be a lot of work for just one nurse. Especially if the Captain is grumpy.
01/Apr/11 2:18 AM
Number 7 is my vote Kathy! She looks like she could make a decent plate of soup. (Well, it's as good a reason as any!)
01/Apr/11 2:45 AM
I would have thought that Karen would be the best choice for Captain J's nurse.

Afer all, as she is now preggers, he cannot get her 'into trouble'. Karen's ministrations would certaintly help him to 'Get better quickly'.
01/Apr/11 2:57 AM
Good mNOONaen, good people. (Not Morning, not Afternoon.)
01/Apr/11 3:00 AM
Happy Thursday!

Lovely Lake Wombat photo; hope Keith sees it soon.

So many choices for Captain's nurse, but I have a fondness for the little doggy. She looks like she would stay by his side faithfully...
01/Apr/11 3:03 AM
How cool that Wombats have their own lake, and a beautiful one at that. It's not a statue, but I want my picture standing by it, anyway.
01/Apr/11 3:04 AM
Thanks for the vote, Neil, but I do not do sick people or one's laying around.
I am more of a dictator and no one lays around but me.
01/Apr/11 3:12 AM
I vote for Barky Ben Dover because if the Captain's choices are all dogs, why not go with the real one?
01/Apr/11 3:41 AM
Keith - just so you know, I've already staked out some picture ops for you on St. Simons... hehehe
01/Apr/11 3:42 AM
- just. I like Chris Anthemum. I think he is creepy enough to inspire the Capn to get well quickly.
01/Apr/11 4:23 AM
You silly people, thinking I will be able to remember your baby guesses this soon. Jill, you know that woman who will not join me this time around, actually thinks I am going to remember numbers.
Anyway, set up in Forums, under other topics, there is a forum for the baby guessing game. I love the baby guessing game, I want to play.
01/Apr/11 4:28 AM
Still not feeling tip top, but not sure of the reason. Another form of population explosion here. The first PG cat has started to have her kittens. Evidently she had one outside, then one upstairs. When she went back outside, that one had met its demise.
TM insisted I More...
01/Apr/11 4:28 AM
Hey Sarah, could it be, you want to join me this go around.
Having a prego buddy, makes things so much easier and fun.
01/Apr/11 4:31 AM
That wonderful view from New Zealand confirms my regrets at never having visited that picturesque and interesting country
01/Apr/11 4:32 AM
Best wishes to the Cap'n
[plus picture of a naval salute]
01/Apr/11 4:35 AM
Just can't get my fill of tennis. Am currently watching the Sharapova-Petkovic match. Sharapova's mental toughness is amazing!! She lost the first set 3-6, but since then has come back to win the next 10 games in a row & is now leading 4-0 in the third set. What an inspiration to all amateur players like me to NEVER GIVE UP!
01/Apr/11 6:03 AM
Karen, bite your tongue! I am old enough to be YOUR mother! That ship has sailed.
That round yellow thing has seen fit to visit us today. It is warmer.
Just because I don't feel well doesn't mean I get to sit around and eat bon bons. I am washing the sheets because No NO Bad Gus jumped in More...
01/Apr/11 6:09 AM
Big Mama cat is also expecting, I suspect in a couple of weeks. Yes, I know what causes this, and I will take steps to prevent further occurences. We will adopt if we need another cat from now on.
01/Apr/11 6:12 AM
Saylz: I hate to have to tell you this... I made a trip to WalMart this morning and found Fancy Feast Classic, 85g (3oz) can, for US$0.47. And the FF Elegant Medleys' are $0.76 each.

I was amazed at the number of different flavours , or flavors, available. Fancy Feast must have at least 50 varieties alone.

Totally AWESOME. He, he, he.
01/Apr/11 6:21 AM
Kathy, I






01/Apr/11 6:25 AM
As for the Cap'n's nurse, my vote goes to Bertha D. Blues. She has that steely resolve look that will keep him on the road to recovery.
And the best of luck to ye, Cap'n.
01/Apr/11 6:27 AM
Oh Dear,

Can this vote be construed as "political".

It isn't even a secret ballot.

01/Apr/11 6:27 AM
Be very, very careful, G-h, any political comment here can land you in "hot water" - You could be chastised, even.
01/Apr/11 6:30 AM
One of the eaglets at the Carolina Raptor Center has died. Cause unknown at this time. The remaining eaglet is apparently doing well.
01/Apr/11 6:41 AM
I'm sorry to hear that, Hal. I guess it's a matter of survival of the fittest. Nature can be cruel.

No need to vote, if you don't care to, DevilOrAngel. Some might find it fun, though. I can't see that it's at all political.
01/Apr/11 7:07 AM
Just had a call from our youngest daughter Kyley. She & her 3rd grade students had a very scary day in their classroom today. We had tornado warnings in our county all day, & apparently one came very close to their school. It turned black as night outside & then went black inside More...
01/Apr/11 7:08 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo today.
01/Apr/11 7:10 AM
Karen, cute avatar.
01/Apr/11 7:12 AM
I've been watching the Decorah, Iowa eagles and the first egg is due to hatch any time now. I hope that goes well, there are so many classrooms watching the video stream. The moderators have asked parents and teachers to discuss "the circle of life" and all that implies with the kids.
01/Apr/11 7:12 AM
Scary is right, Kathy! I'm glad they are safe. I hope all stays safe for you, too!
01/Apr/11 7:14 AM
Kathy, I have a write in candidate, the Captain's choice that was on his page, although his page seems to have changed recently. I'm sure he knows what's best for him!
01/Apr/11 7:16 AM
DevilorAngel, give it a rest. You're flogging a dead horse and it's getting boring.
01/Apr/11 7:17 AM
My vote is for #6... Barky Ben Dover. He'll get loyal attention and lots of licks.
01/Apr/11 7:18 AM
1:48. everyone.
01/Apr/11 7:28 AM
Amen, Greg.
01/Apr/11 7:35 AM
Where's Karen?
01/Apr/11 7:36 AM
She needs to turn the page.
01/Apr/11 7:36 AM
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