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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:48 Good evening one and all!
10/Jan/17 12:06 AM
How can Darwin explain blue feet?
10/Jan/17 12:08 AM
Well, my feet are blue because it's so cold here today.
10/Jan/17 12:12 AM
I confess - I ran the Garbage and recycling bins out to the curb this morning in bare feet - little warmer today - but I may have blue feet
10/Jan/17 12:17 AM
Can't get tough again today... maybe I need a secret sudoku code...
10/Jan/17 12:25 AM
We saw the blue footed boobies flying and diving when at the Galapagos Islands but did not get close enough to get a photo like this. Well done.
10/Jan/17 12:40 AM
That must be the prettiest bird ever.
10/Jan/17 1:05 AM
beautiful day here in OK
10/Jan/17 1:10 AM
24F feels like 18F but supposed to get to 50F
10/Jan/17 1:13 AM
Time to take Harry to PT, be back later I hope.
10/Jan/17 1:14 AM
10/Jan/17 1:18 AM
10/Jan/17 2:15 AM
Woohoo! Broke my two minute barrier!! 1:48!
10/Jan/17 2:16 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
10/Jan/17 2:17 AM
Not only was it FAST, but it was a non-stop 1->9
10/Jan/17 3:11 AM
Good morning all; have a fine day!
10/Jan/17 3:12 AM
A Blue Footed Booby? That's the sole reason I went to the Galapagos!
10/Jan/17 3:28 AM
There is a photo of Blue Footed Boobies on my page. I was in a rubber raft kind of thing hanging on for dear life, but, I was determined to get a photo when we got close enough to the rocks. Hubby was hanging on to me as I leaned out...I was fortunate I didn't drop my phone, but, I got it!
10/Jan/17 3:39 AM
And, it was a major reason for me, too, Shiela!
10/Jan/17 3:40 AM
Okay, Keith. Go for it.....
10/Jan/17 3:40 AM
OK, I will.
10/Jan/17 3:55 AM
& thx.
10/Jan/17 3:55 AM
10/Jan/17 3:57 AM
It's nice to have a day start out right ...
10/Jan/17 4:01 AM
I put a picture of one of my favorite t-shirts in my gallery.
10/Jan/17 4:11 AM
Worth checking it out, folks! ...and extremely appropo for today!
10/Jan/17 6:16 AM
10/Jan/17 6:18 AM
Morning all, knew this was Kathy's photo . Worth the risk of getting it you need one of Keith's shirts.
10/Jan/17 6:20 AM
One has to hope that Keith doesn't wear that shirt to church ...
10/Jan/17 6:57 AM
Really blue feet on that Boobie!
10/Jan/17 7:17 AM
Where's the TOUGH?
10/Jan/17 7:22 AM
10/Jan/17 8:07 AM
SIX HOURS WITHOUT A POST _ WHERE IS EVERYONE? THAT EMPHASIS IS DUE TO CAPS LOCK BEING DOWN. The caps lock doesn't have a light to indicate it is on. Rarely do you get a piece of electronic equipment that is an improvement, without it having some problems.
10/Jan/17 2:17 PM
Joyce - I hope you see this - answering a question from last night!
Yes, I used to get in early morning - back when I was teaching probably three classes. I am now teaching FIVE classes (some retirement, huh!) and have almost NO time for 'extras' or relaxation. I am determined to try and refresh my relationships on this site, so I pop in when possible, which is usually night Texas time.
10/Jan/17 2:19 PM
Oh oh, it wasn't caps lock, there was a tiny bit of grit jamming the shift key down. That's the first time that has ever happened to me.
10/Jan/17 2:20 PM
It is hot and humid here again today. The maximum temperatures are doing the full range of the thirties (C) this week with the minimums being in the teens. A bit hotter than normal for this time of year.
10/Jan/17 2:24 PM
Leaving it with you, Wombat - I am off to bed.
10/Jan/17 2:24 PM
It tends to take your appetite away, but the beautiful Canberra tap water is taking a bit of a beating.
10/Jan/17 2:26 PM
Sweet dreams jamie, and thank you for helping me get to the BOTP.
10/Jan/17 2:28 PM
Or at least I think it will be me.
10/Jan/17 2:29 PM
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