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Easy Sudoku for 10/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Oct/15 7:40 AM
I think it is only the main streets that get hit because, the people at the bus stop say they either just get family/friend tricksters, or none at all.
One of my girls is having a hard time deciding whether she wants to go down to the park, or stay home and hand out candy.
10/Oct/15 7:40 AM
10/Oct/15 7:41 AM
Canuk Greg!
I would have never guessed you would throw me over.
10/Oct/15 7:41 AM
For all you dog lovers out there, and for anyone else who might want to see something special:
10/Oct/15 7:42 AM
Take it in stride Karen. You've done it to so many others dear!
10/Oct/15 7:43 AM
This is a three day weekend and to celebrate Grandma is taking all her younger grandies. My girls are taking forever to pack their bags.
10/Oct/15 7:45 AM
10/Oct/15 8:21 AM
Going out for dinner, I don't want to cook.
10/Oct/15 8:22 AM
I use to live in a busy neighborhood around 500 pieces of candy. Now I have no kids come by, mostly older people here, only 2 families have children.
10/Oct/15 8:26 AM
10/Oct/15 9:08 AM
Good morning everyone!
10/Oct/15 9:41 AM
Serena, I've got a smiley waiting, too, not as long as yours, but ...
10/Oct/15 10:22 AM
I think I mentioned that I had an appointment with an allergist that was cancelled because of the flooding we had here. Well, this afternoon I had another allergic reaction.
Back to the Urgent Care office for urgent care.

BTW, I feel fine now.
10/Oct/15 11:05 AM
Good morning everybody.
Well done Greg pipping Karen at the post.
Wondering how long it will take my jaw to stop aching.. not feeling quite so bright today. Think I'd best get the script for analgesics filled
10/Oct/15 11:12 AM
Bean-Hal-take care of yourselves.
10/Oct/15 11:43 AM
10/Oct/15 2:27 PM
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