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Easy Sudoku for 10/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
10/Oct/18 12:00 AM
2:24. Wonderful, evocative photo. Good Morning!
10/Oct/18 12:07 AM
Wolf, Tom and all who stop by later. I'm full of turkey, ham and pumpkin pie and feeling quite lazy, but must make a start on my Christmas baking before our great trek south!
10/Oct/18 12:28 AM
Nice picture.
10/Oct/18 12:44 AM
1:50 Good night all!
10/Oct/18 1:11 AM
A lovely peaceful summer scene as I look out my window as our next 20cm of snow is being deposited by mother nature. SIGH!
10/Oct/18 1:53 AM
Beautiful sunshine today!
Happy day to you, too!
10/Oct/18 2:28 AM
(For Shosho!) and have fun!
10/Oct/18 2:28 AM
Bev - Yikes, did you say snow?
10/Oct/18 2:30 AM
10/Oct/18 2:32 AM
10/Oct/18 2:42 AM
Good Maen all - it is a sort of nice Friday in Texas - but it is always good to get to the end of the school week.
10/Oct/18 2:50 AM
Wow, a ghost post from last Friday!
to all from Texas. It actually almost feels like summer is over.
10/Oct/18 2:55 AM
Hello all - we're into another bonus October day which belonged in May earlier this year ….but we'll take it! It surely is far better than that 'white-stuff' Bev is watching collect!
10/Oct/18 3:06 AM
After yesterday's bonus day of bright sunshine & balmy temperatures, we experienced an afternoon 6-hour power outage here at our 'summer' place.
10/Oct/18 3:11 AM
Despite the inconvenience of the predicted return of power turning out to be 4 hours later, the best part of it all was to view the world from where we are on the hill overlooking the lake, many trees nearly barren ……. in TOTAL darkness!
10/Oct/18 3:15 AM
The vibrantly showcased night sky was amazing!
10/Oct/18 3:16 AM
10/Oct/18 3:23 AM
Just the thing for canoodlin'.
10/Oct/18 5:29 AM
Back just at the right time.
10/Oct/18 5:34 AM
10/Oct/18 5:34 AM
10/Oct/18 5:35 AM
1:32 Peaceful scene
10/Oct/18 5:54 AM
Morning all,great photo today.
We have the weather girl from channel nine Today show in Medowie this morning.
10/Oct/18 6:18 AM
You betcha, Jim!
10/Oct/18 10:08 AM
Please, please keep chugging along with those poozles, Wombat! I love trying to discover in what direction you’re headed with those quirky definitions... gives me some giggles along the way!
10/Oct/18 10:12 AM
...and what a serene photo as a reward today.......
10/Oct/18 10:14 AM
everybody. OMG that photo almost makes me want to buy a canoe and take up fishing. Or buy a canoe, fill an Esky with VB and...
No that would be dangerous to my health, so I guess I'll just look at the photo and dream
10/Oct/18 2:45 PM
Where in the Mallee would you float a boat Rage? I guess the Murray River would be a possibility. Is Lake Boga in the Mallee?
10/Oct/18 5:32 PM
1:21. Good evening everyone.
10/Oct/18 6:48 PM
Wombat. I LOVE your 3&4's. I would LOVE 2&3s. I would LOVE anything you post for us!
11/Oct/18 2:07 AM
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