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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Turn the page? Charge!
10/Mar/09 12:42 PM
Ok Shar, now you have me spooked! How did you know I was just looking at the photo? I solved the puzzle at 2:13 (not too badly for my poky self) then read your post! Yikees! Your premonitions are uncanny!
10/Mar/09 12:52 PM
Am I spooking you out Shosho????

whoo hooo hooo
10/Mar/09 12:54 PM
Today is hubby's b'day but he's still out bike riding. Hmmm! I told him that we were going to eat out for this special dinner. Got a note from this morning that since I spent some money for his two pairs of glasses and got him a blackberry birthday pie that we could save money by not eating out. I wrote back NO NO NO! A meal is special if I don't have to make it!!!
10/Mar/09 12:54 PM
Yes, woooooooo! Shar, I'm totally spooked!
10/Mar/09 12:55 PM
Yes ... you ladies are more than a little scary ...
10/Mar/09 12:58 PM
What? Adorable moi?
10/Mar/09 1:01 PM
Oooh got to go birthday boy is home!
10/Mar/09 1:02 PM
In answer to the question why does it always rain around 9am and 3pm - that's when kids are arriving at or leaving school. It's intended to cause maximum chaos outside schools.
10/Mar/09 1:05 PM
It sure does.
10/Mar/09 1:08 PM
Why do banks charge you a " non sufficient funds" fee on money they already know you don't have?
10/Mar/09 1:23 PM
Oh Shosho, has birthday hubby lost his mind in such an old age? Does he really going out to eat is for him? What in the world is he thinking or not thinking?
BTW, happy advancing in age Mr Shosho.
10/Mar/09 1:28 PM
Man has been preparing dinner for the last 45 minutes, while I sat comfortably on the couch with my legs up in the air. Then it happened, I made the horrible mistake of walking into that room, where food is prepared. Good grief, the after affects of a hurricane is cleaner.
10/Mar/09 1:32 PM
Karen, I totally understand. Sometimes on Sunday evenings my hubbie decides to cook. I really think "Wow, I am lucky" until I see the mess I have to clean up.
It seems every dish, pan, and cutlery has been used and dumped everywhere.
Takeaway is the way to go.
10/Mar/09 1:54 PM
Madby, Man prepares food out of survival. Now, there could be a possiblity that I am a great preparer of food, or not. I have worked hard for the last 18 years to not let him find out.
As he took the girl out, 30 minutes past her bed time, he did mumble something about he will fill the dishwasher when he returns. I am getting my camera ready.
10/Mar/09 2:01 PM
Sudokuland, the Karen and Madby show today???
10/Mar/09 2:11 PM
Here's 10 of the worst
1. Two antennae met on a roof, fell in love and got married.The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.
2. A set of jump leads walk into a bar.The bartender says, 'I'll serve you, but don't start anything.'
3. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was More...
10/Mar/09 3:13 PM
No chance of getting my 333 today!
10/Mar/09 3:19 PM
Are those shark fins or tiny people?
10/Mar/09 3:19 PM
Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all.

What am I???
10/Mar/09 3:59 PM
Good night worldly people.
10/Mar/09 4:16 PM
2.09 Good for body surfing.
10/Mar/09 5:39 PM
ello to whoever may be about
10/Mar/09 6:25 PM
Got home about 24 hours ago from my trip North to Seaside & the Convention. Thursday was beautiful drive up the coast. That night it got cold with winds coming up. Next day it was very cold and 40 mph winds & rain. Sunday, woke up with snow on the ground. Left after More...
10/Mar/09 6:33 PM
Why are toilet flush handles on the left side?
10/Mar/09 7:48 PM
OK.. So no-one wants to try my riddles... OK no more coming. Boo Hoo. I thought they would get the grey matter working.
10/Mar/09 7:49 PM
Full Moon tonight. Time for the loonies to play up again.

Our cyclone hasn't decided what to do. It is just hovering off the coastline not doing much of anything. It is not an immediate danger but it could easily do so again.
The surf is fabulous though - if your game. Most of the G.C. beaches are closed. Its nasty out there.
10/Mar/09 7:52 PM
What have you all been doing? This is the first morning for ages I have woken up and we are still well below 222, Am I going to have to forgo the thrill of housework, washing and ironing and possibly gardening, so as to stay here and post?
10/Mar/09 7:53 PM
too many CP's needed to get to 333 tonight... and I had a special avatar ready for the occasion.
Anyone lurking today...
10/Mar/09 7:53 PM
We only need another 32 posts
10/Mar/09 7:54 PM
Yes I am here
10/Mar/09 7:55 PM
Have woken to clear blue sky and sunshine even though the thermometer reads in single figures
10/Mar/09 7:55 PM
Think it will be making a new path today. The dust will wait.
10/Mar/09 7:56 PM
Why is an orange an orange but an apple not a red?
10/Mar/09 7:56 PM
Hi Gannie
10/Mar/09 7:57 PM
If you set to work with a knife that will cut through anything and Tupperware that's guaranteed not to break, what happens?
10/Mar/09 7:57 PM
Is atheism is a non-prophet organization?
10/Mar/09 7:58 PM
If anyone reads this .. do you know a cure for excrutiating cramp in the lower legs around 4 in the morning?
10/Mar/09 7:58 PM
Wonderful a laugh first thing, thank you
10/Mar/09 7:59 PM
Are we there yet?
10/Mar/09 7:59 PM
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