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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Mar/12 12:24 PM
One tea towel has silhouettes of roosters all over it - with the title "vanuatu alarm clocks"!
10/Mar/12 12:26 PM
You might want to try this link for finding wildflower names in your area. The cool thing is you just have to load in data like state, month of bloom, color, height and it kicks out a bunch of pictures and you find your plant. It's just for U.S. & Canada - sorry

10/Mar/12 12:27 PM
Another has silhouette pictures of various things and what they are called in the local pidgin english, So, flip flops are sus, waves are wasa, and , my favourite, a bikini (top) is buket bilong titis.
10/Mar/12 12:30 PM
Time to go. Cya DorA.
10/Mar/12 12:31 PM
all from Port Saint Lucie... again.
Another long day - a maritime museum in the morning and a 7 hour drive. Hope to get home late tomorrow afternoon.
So, I'm going to bed shortly. G'night all.
10/Mar/12 12:36 PM
2:05 Good morning one and all!

Seems there are a few people enjoying holidays. Hope you're having a great time HalT and CP.
10/Mar/12 12:53 PM
I've just spent the better time of three hours up and down a ladder cleaning out the gutters on my garage, and a few scratches and cuts later, I come back here and there's been no-one around since my last post.
10/Mar/12 4:57 PM
Good night people of the world.
10/Mar/12 5:05 PM

So that's what happened to Hal...they put him in a museum.
10/Mar/12 5:57 PM

The little old lady will be along soon to claim her 'ton'.

You can let Mr P know that the Brumbies won the 'pluddy lugby' on the bell.....24 to 23.
10/Mar/12 5:59 PM
Hal is on Holiday. Should be back in a day or two.
10/Mar/12 6:19 PM
Hmmmm, Richmond did well, didn't they, Peter?
10/Mar/12 9:24 PM
Stretching this out aren't we?
10/Mar/12 9:56 PM
C'mon I'll make it easy for you.
10/Mar/12 9:56 PM
Are you watching?
10/Mar/12 9:57 PM
Just a couple more..
10/Mar/12 9:57 PM
This one makes 5
10/Mar/12 9:59 PM
10/Mar/12 10:00 PM
10/Mar/12 10:01 PM
Oh well, I can take a hint.
10/Mar/12 10:02 PM
All is quiet on here again....been an hour since Grass hopper was hopping about on the page.
10/Mar/12 11:09 PM
I won't be here for long,,,need to hit the sack soon
I didn't go walking this morning.. Hubby wanted to go shopping for camping things... so I thought I'd walk tomorrow morning instead. ALthough just at this very minute I feel like I won't feel like it in the morning Did you follow that?
10/Mar/12 11:13 PM
Did the Easy puzzle but it's not so easy when you keep nodding off
10/Mar/12 11:25 PM
oh what the heck...why not?
10/Mar/12 11:26 PM
CP for me !!
10/Mar/12 11:26 PM
k then... time for bed Night all
10/Mar/12 11:27 PM
it must be tomorrow soon
10/Mar/12 11:39 PM
not yet tomorrow ... Hi all i still find it confusing to go to bed and wake up on the same day... I'll try to hang around till tomorrow... doing the puzzle for now
10/Mar/12 11:43 PM
Very nice photo of a waratah (spelling right?)
11/Mar/12 12:00 AM
30/Mar/12 5:11 AM
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