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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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damn Maths... Knew I shoulda paid attention at school.
gosh darn it.
10/May/08 8:07 PM
A new day hath begun
10/May/08 8:07 PM
Counting is arithmetic not maths, Madby
10/May/08 8:08 PM
Rayray and Madby, hiding under the covers they will never find me.
Yep stupid overdid it today!
Rayray still bulletproof just not appendix proof!
Will catch you all tomorrow, hope to catch up on the posts.
Have a good evening my friends.
10/May/08 8:09 PM
They teach maths not arithmetic these days, and that is why youngsters can't count anymore (except sheep)
10/May/08 8:09 PM
goiod to hear your words Broni... cheers.hurray your back
10/May/08 8:11 PM
I must away, to start the day
I'll start maybes, by washing the babies
to hang on the line, as the weather is fine.
10/May/08 8:11 PM
I have learned maths for the past 20 years, i must be young hey... yes i am a youngester which cannot count
10/May/08 8:12 PM
RR... babies...
10/May/08 8:16 PM
10/May/08 8:16 PM
Good Evening all of Sudokuland.

I'm not normally a person to talk about things like this but I wanted to share what a wonderful but sad day I had today.

Today was the funeral of my father in law, I say father in law even though my husband and I have been divorced for years. He was More...
10/May/08 8:19 PM
It must be late over there RR.
Come and chat with me everyone. Dont leave me singing the abc's alone
10/May/08 8:19 PM
Mickey I do understand. Sometimes a passing is the best thing and most celebrated. It is a month of many rememberances. I am glad it was good not sombre. Noone would like their service to be sad and sombre.
I want colour, gayiety, tequila's, margaritas and a lotta fun for mine.
Living the life...
10/May/08 8:23 PM
sorru arrianne. come back i was between sites
10/May/08 8:23 PM
10/May/08 8:33 PM
boy i think i lost a few brain cells there
10/May/08 8:33 PM
time to send the kids to bed

10/May/08 8:34 PM
(that means got to go!)
10/May/08 8:34 PM
May it be an effortless, enjoyable, and relaxing day for us all. Cheers.
10/May/08 8:39 PM
Check out my page... rememberance to my mum
10/May/08 8:40 PM
hello to everyone my name is rebecca I am totally new to sudoku and I am struggling on how to play :( I cannot wrap my feeble brain around it :(
10/May/08 9:45 PM
How do you tell a parent that came to collect their children 1/2 hour earlier than the party finished...and are still here 1 hour after the party finishedx!!!

I'm pulling my hair out here!
10/May/08 10:09 PM

You say "YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN - Oh it's been a big day - glad the party finished an hour and half ago ................NO P OFF !!"
10/May/08 10:22 PM
oops- "NOW P OFF"
10/May/08 10:23 PM
ummmmmmm -how come you're posting about the parent in front of the parent?
10/May/08 10:23 PM
Bald Barbie - noice look
10/May/08 10:24 PM
OH what the hell - it's been months since I've CP'd
10/May/08 10:25 PM
Well dishes are done, the party mess all cleaned up and I'm sitting here typing while Poor Anvil is standing outside trying to say..good bye!

Honestly how thick are some people!!
10/May/08 10:25 PM
Col, give me a few more secs, I'm pouring myself a double scotch...brb.
10/May/08 10:26 PM
not as fick as sum
10/May/08 10:27 PM
fic is putting it noicly col! LOL
10/May/08 10:31 PM

she has finally left!

10/May/08 10:35 PM
your awaits you in the chatroom!
10/May/08 10:44 PM
18/May/13 5:33 AM
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