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Easy Sudoku for 10/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
10/Jun/10 12:00 AM
all - from a beautiful morning after a light rain and a big storm on the way.
10/Jun/10 12:00 AM
Good Morning John and Eve.
10/Jun/10 12:01 AM
Where is his motorcycle helmet?
10/Jun/10 12:06 AM
beautiful day in SC! Good Maen to all this fine day.
10/Jun/10 12:09 AM
He is from Indiana they don't wear helmets there.
10/Jun/10 12:10 AM
No problem, Nancy ... hamsters don't have a lot of brain matter to protect anyway!
10/Jun/10 12:10 AM
2:28 Good evening all. Gee, my son wouldn't like to see a Harley treated like that. I'm not even allowed to touch his special order Harley. Well, he won't take me for a ride on it, anyway.
10/Jun/10 12:20 AM
Judy, are you by any chance related to a hamster?
10/Jun/10 12:21 AM
Ooh, ooh ... it's early morning ... I just crawled out of bed ... and Queen Anne zings me! Where is the justice?

OOOOOO ... KKKKKKK ... Maybe your son won't let you ride on the back of his Harley because it's hard to steer with all that baggage back there ...
10/Jun/10 12:26 AM

How To Tell Where a Driver is From

* One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: Chicago
* One hand on wheel, one finger out window: New York
* One hand on wheel, one hand on newspaper, foot solidly on accelerator: Boston
* One hand on wheel, cradling cell phone, brick on More...
10/Jun/10 12:26 AM
Baggage, are you calling me baggage??
Actually, he took me for a ride on one of his bikes years ago and I leant the wrong way so he's never taken me again.
10/Jun/10 12:28 AM
Sorry, Miss Judy, but you left yourself wide open with that previous comment.
10/Jun/10 12:31 AM
* One hand on bike handles, other hand holding coffee mug: Georgia
10/Jun/10 12:33 AM
Well, I seem to have scattered everyone and scared them off so I think I'll go to bed.
10/Jun/10 12:35 AM
Daplap - loved it! I see you left Pennsylvania out. Here's one for Richmond/VA: One hand on steering wheel, other hand holding Ukrop's receipt checking for overcharges. (Of course, now that Ukrop's is no more, maybe people aren't overpaying for their groceries anymore!!!)
10/Jun/10 12:36 AM
Anne - Nighty-night. Sleep tight. Don't let Judy's zinger bite!
10/Jun/10 12:38 AM
s/b "zingers"
10/Jun/10 12:38 AM

Pennsylvania would probably be:

One hand on wheel, one hand on road rage gun.
10/Jun/10 12:45 AM
2:13 to you all from Portland, Oregon, where the sun shines on occasion but not right now.
10/Jun/10 12:47 AM
Hmm - did I drop in just in time?
10/Jun/10 12:49 AM
10/Jun/10 12:50 AM
Good morning!!! It is pouring this morning in east texas - I hope it clears up before we leave for our first 500-mile day tomorrow.
10/Jun/10 12:50 AM
You da man, Jamie!
10/Jun/10 12:51 AM
Hey, Judy - I am heading out into the rain to run errands.
10/Jun/10 12:54 AM
Where are you off to, Jamie?
10/Jun/10 12:54 AM
tomorrow, I mean...
10/Jun/10 12:54 AM
Daplap - loved it.
10/Jun/10 1:11 AM
My hometown, Detroit: gun in right hand, matches in left, feet on pavement ... car was stolen ...
10/Jun/10 1:28 AM
My hometown, Chicago: CTA token in right hand...anyone who drives in Chicago is outa their mind!
10/Jun/10 1:31 AM
One hand on the wheel of the VW bus, one hand out the window with a "peace" sign, flowers in the hair, strange smelling weed smoke billowing out the windows: SF (well, maybe SF 1968)
10/Jun/10 1:43 AM
What a fun morning on the first Easy page...glad I arrived late so I didn't miss the fun!
10/Jun/10 1:44 AM
[coo] that's one cool hamster!
10/Jun/10 1:46 AM
HI all! Here's my effort: knees steering the wheel, one hand holding a bit of cheese, the other holding a bottle of red wine and a Gauloise, and no-one in sight as they've all been scared away by the smell of yesterday's garlic. France.
10/Jun/10 1:53 AM
Riddle things now - not many got the official answer yesterday but there were plenty of printable alternatives. The answer I wanted was that Custer asked for a glass eye (so the Indians would get two), which was what Glenn and CynB came up with; but as I said there were lots of one-armed, one-legged, one-other-bit-missing Custers going around!
10/Jun/10 1:56 AM
Here's today's one; answers to the 'this is no laughing matter' inbox, please!
S , D

10/Jun/10 1:58 AM
Judy & Anne; Talking about leaving oneself wide open for comment...

Overheard on the hiking trail...
"Just unzip it and stick it in!"
After several eyebrows were raised; an explanation:
"Put the hiking map in the backpack!"
10/Jun/10 2:42 AM
A Late "Howdy, everyone!" today.
(Unfortunately, I was in the dentist's chair at 'turnover' time.)
10/Jun/10 2:47 AM
Looooove that Harley riding Hamster!!!
10/Jun/10 3:05 AM
From Texas!

All is good, if very hot! Scottish Festival was great, if you ducked into the shade every five minutes and drank a gallon of water to replace fluids! Fiona, my kids tried haggis. Nothing like the haggis I had in Scotland. More...
10/Jun/10 3:13 AM
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