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Easy Sudoku for 10/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Nurn, no offense taken! My favorite Irish joke (that my relatives tend to resemble): How many Irishmen does it take to change a light bulb?
Three: one to hold the light bulb and two to drink till the room spins!
KU leads 14-7 at halftime! They have to get their wins early!
My Aggies won 51-7, but they weren't playing anybody. But, after some of our recent years, a win is a win.
My high school team just kicked a 47-yard field goal to win 17-14 (only after the other team MISSED a 47-yard field goal with no time left).
A good day for Jamie. Especially if Texas can pull out the loss.
SARAH OZ - I hope you aren't a fan of Colorado?
To all golfers: While researching 'curling’, I came across this interesting bit of history: Speaking of Scotts, '... But at all times, they did sports. The hooligans were probably a Scottish invention, because 1457, the Scottish parliament prohibited Soccer and Golf (!) because they aroused riots.
Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!

MAMACITA - How come you didn't give us reports on the Penn State game? Tee Hee! I'm sorry, that was mean - I just couldn't resist a little tease. Michigan's probably going to take a beating from Notre Dame next week, too.
Jamie, I am a transplant. I bleed red and blue...KU. Not a CU fan at all.
SARAH - I knew you had just recently moved to Colorado. I didn't know you had Kansas roots, though.
Jamie, I have actually lived here (in Colorado) for 22 years. Coloradans refer to that as a semi-native, since so many are transplants!
I come from the middle of Kansas...hence the Oz. Like Dorothy, I'm not in Kansas anymore!
Okay, I am all messed up - can't recall anything correctly. Off to bed, hoping Texas loses.
See all later.
my husband went to the other Kansas school, KState.
Thanks for the reports, MAMA! Looking good!

Let's think positively, KATHY! Maybe Michigan will surprise Notre Dame. Any Notre Dame fans here? You all tend to make yourselves known, especially when the team is having a good season! And quit picking on the Big Ten! LOL
SARAH: OK, now I get the 'OZ'! Do you have red slippers? We have watched KSU in the Holiday Bowl twice in recent years ... great fans!
Tailgate party over here! TD!! OSU 24/7-4th Qtr!

We've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down... There's a whole lot of rhythm going round! Oh, we want the win! Give up the win! Ooooh, we're #1! We gotta have that win! YEAH!
Texas looks as if it may score finally. A nice pass is dropped. These guys are starting to look likePenn State. A field goal is attempted and missed. 12minutes remain in the game. Texas Defense is doing a pretty good job though. OHIO seems to be moving into scoring position again with 7 1/2 minutes More...
I'm excited about OSU's lead, too, BERT ... but you need to take a chill pill!! LOL
Judy, if you remember from the books, the slippers were silver! I have a wonderful pair of glittery silver strappy sandals that I got to wear to Sean's wedding!
Sister pay no attention to Judy, it's near her bedtime.
Um ... SARAH ... did you click your heels together? Is THAT how you got transplanted to Colorado? :)
Shriekapova wins. She did play well.
ED: I can't sleep! I'm going to Bert's for a celebration party! What are you serving, Bert?
Judy, we're having Texas BBQ! Oh, Ed! It's mine too, but a party is a party! ... and unbridled chanting, singing and dancing are tough to hold when we chalk up a W!

FINAL SCORE 24/7 - Buckeyes! Whew! Whew!!
Kathy, As poorly as Penn State played today, anybody could have beaten them! I just give scores in good games. I don't mind the teasing, I'll do my share of braging if I get a chance! Hey Bert, what's cooking??? Good win! Showed why they are #1. See you guys later, time for some shut-eye. Night all!
It's only 8:30 were sleepy head is.
JUDY, My parents moved to Colorado when i was in college. Since I had a child, I wanted him to grow up close to his grandparent. Plus, PA's had better structure in Colorado at the time.
Set me a place at the table, BERT! Congrats! I can actually hear you wheezing as you dance around! I'll bring Ed, and he will being his lampshade!
Ed, be nice. Judy's a party animal! She's HERE! 'enjoying BBQ and doing the Macarana!
She's doing it in a .
Jayhawks win! 21-19
And I will always cheer for teams playing Texas or Nebraska!
Ed, you're such a bad boy. She IS not!

Judy's on her feet leading the crew in the latest breakdown of the Electric Slide! Oh... wait a minute.. or is that a waltz? WhatEVERRRRRrrrr. She's lookin' good out there... the girl's GOT soul!
good maeN everyone.It's a dog life for me(the pic) and always GO BUCKS!!!
Of course I've got soul ... I grew up in Motown!!
The only sole she got is on the bottom of those dancing feet. Waltz would be more like it. And not The Last Waltz.
Don't know how to waltz ... play me a little Marvin Gaye, if you please! 'I heard it through the grapevine ... nah, nah, nah, nah ..'
What are youl talking about, it is still night here. 11:45 PM. CST
I suppose I ought to say hello to you all, as you were just chatting about me yesterday...I'm Glenn's daughter from UF in Gainesville! So, hello. We won our football game, for those of you who wondered: 42-0. Very fun! Gainesville gets crazy around game time :)
Welcome Robyn! Sounds like you are enjoying your college experience. I'm glad your Gators won...it makes it all that much more fun!
What do you get if you cross a cat with a doctor?
A low golf handicap.
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