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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Keith and Hugh

Without getting into too many technicalities, SCUBA diving is a universal and generic term, (means Self Contained Underwater breathing Apparatus). Basically you carry your own air supply with you and you can breathe while underwater.

Skin diving on the other hand, More...
To Baz.
Like the joke! Sorry that there wasn't mulla (or sheikh) to convert that bear.
Good one, Baz (Bear joke!)
Bonjour Catherine hope life is finding you well. I have been a busy lady but try to quietly keep an eye on my sudoku pals. Baz your still tops (love you xx) not so grumpy now why?????
And you don’t really need any equipment to go skin diving??? If you want to see clearly, then a mask is required. For easier locomotion, fins, (or an underwater scooter), are a good thing and if you want to paddle along the surface without turning your head to breathe, then a snorkel will do the trick.
Sarah Beth From Littleton, Co
Thankyou for including me in your birthday list. Oh no 44 next March 13th!!!

Beehive’s birthday is NOT April 2.
It appears that I am, after all, a Libran!
Hey y'all! Sorry I didn't invite everyone for dinner, I didn't think it would be so great, since it was the FIRST time I EVER cooked turkey...I wasn't confident that it would be a global success! Next time you can ALL come (Baz too!).

Anne...Welcome to Canada! Pumpkin pie is THE best More...
I cannot take credit for the list..I cut and pasted the original. It has Susan from Inham at the top, so I assumed that it could have been she. Amma from Iceland is also a possible source. I know Baz's is the 12th, not the 2nd. I will add new names, make corrections, and repost tomorrow.
Suzanne, my husband's birthday is the 20th, but he has more Scorpio qualities than Libra. I could be because he is a left-handed red-headed Irish Catholic. Before anyone gets up in arms...I resemble 3/4 of that comment!
And I misread...so when IS Beehive's ? I may have to return to the April archives to check that out.
Lisa from northern Ontario - I'm just having a small slice right now with whipped cream. Just thought I would sit here and eat it in front of you all. Yum Yum tasty. A dob of cream just fell
Anne From Albany W Australia recipe please I make pumpkin soup after that I know nothing re pumpkins!!!!
2:04 - reasonably easy one today.
Yvette, I'll see what I can do but have got to get ready for work right now. I make a delicious batch of pumpkin scones. Yum.
Anne From Albany W Australia I await your recipe! yum yum!!!! 'See' you tomorow xx
g'day everyone How are all the October birthday bunnies today?
There's quite a few of you...maybe the outcome of new year celebrations???

Have a great day all

Sarah Beth
2 more for the list.

4th Oct - CathySA
5th Oct - Jaz

** and I know another one - but dont know if I'm allowed to post it!

(Am I allowed WSB's neighbour?)
Glenn, etc.: I'm old. I'll admit it. I heard Armstrong's remark live as I was watching the historic event on live TV. I did NOT hear the 'a' in the phrase, but always assumed he wanted it to be there.
Keith: Although the NAMES of the four games (sports)--football (soccer in US), football (as in NFL), Aussie rules (footy, and rugby--may be confusing, the sports are quite different. I've seen them all and they have different rules, different balls, and different types of uniforms. You'd definitely More...
Hugh, doberman; I sent that joke about Neil Armstrong to my husband. He emailed me back with a correction. It seems that the quote is correct, except for the 'type' of s e x. He had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Armstrong himself at an aerospace function. So, Hugh, onya! doberman, not everything that seems implausable is an urban myth.
Make that (footy).


Why did you think it was necessary to use the accent on the word ‘sex’ in your post about Neil Armstrong? Sex is allowed on site, in fact, there has been so much pµssy shown lately that the Proprietor of the site has received an X rated certificate from the Bureau of Australian More...
Glenn, We always knew you were a Libran. Sarah Beth..maybe your husband has Scorpio rising?? and guess what? I am left handed too, though not red haired nor Irish. I have heard that there is an overabundance of left handedness in the Libran community..all you Librans out there..care to weigh in? Col? are you a lefty too?
OH, and I am left wing too, though I don't think it is related to astrology.
I suggest a little more investigation and a little less gullibility.
Suzanne, my husband is definitely right wing. We joke about having a 'mixed marraige'. I went to KU, he went to KState. He works for the aerospace industry, I think some of the money should go to feeding the poor.
Suzanne, perhaps there's something to it... regarding wings, that is... 'weighing in as left wing, right handed Libran.
To anonymous, my husband fudges about many things, but this is not one of them. I could give you his email address to verify his presence at the same gathering as Neil Armstrong, but you still wouldn't believe it.
The right wing must be his 'Scorpio rising'.
Did I shut down the site?
i think you must have! haha
Is this the same husband you posted about on Page 2 on August 29? Just curious...
Andre, I hope you have the type of birthday celebration which continues for weeks (as I do)!! I'll have a glass of bubbly to your good health this evening. Thanks for all the good TFTD. Have fun
3:09 - better than yesterday's but still not great! Happy hump day - the weekend is drawing closer...
OK, I've got my copy of Outlander - now I'm just waiting for the right time. Actually I borrowed it from the library last night and won't be very far into it by the weekend. If it's good enough to invoke a sudoku gathering it must be worth reading.
Victoria, You will get some argument on your last statement, but it is a book that many have enjoyed reading. It may depend in part on how 'deep' and 'thought-provoking' you prefer your reading. I personally read most of the time for total pleasure - fairly quick reading, interesting characters, pretty good plot development. I get enough stimulation and depth working.
As in 'working' during the day at school.
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