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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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11/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Wow! I can't believe it. The fist time ever, and I didn't even try. What a fluke.
11/Oct/08 12:01 AM
Good morning all! Looks like it is going to be a beautiful Fall weekend! Perfect for the holiday weekend! Hope everyone has a great day/weekend!
11/Oct/08 12:02 AM
2.26 Oh my goodness gracious me, she is adorable.
to all.
11/Oct/08 12:04 AM
Oh what a cutie!

Good Maen to everyone!
11/Oct/08 12:04 AM
2:17 Maen! What a cutie!
11/Oct/08 12:16 AM
Cold & wet here in S Oregon.

2:13. Still trying to break 2 minutes. Probably first time ever better than DanM.

Good day ALL!
11/Oct/08 12:26 AM
Gee, no dog or cat on her lap?
11/Oct/08 12:30 AM
Good morning all!!! Susan, Susan!!! I am so excited Gath approved of my little pet!! Here he is Isn't he adorable? Susan!!!
Well it's off to work for me. See you later!!
11/Oct/08 12:31 AM
I put about 40 new photos from this past summer (AKA 'winter' in Oz) onto my gallery page. Now well over 200 pics to view there. 30 different bird species, 20 reptiles, much artwork, WAshington DC pics, people photos, and of course 'other'
11/Oct/08 12:31 AM
looks like you have a real gallery there Jim
11/Oct/08 12:40 AM
2:42 from Beijing
11/Oct/08 12:42 AM
Ah, shosho, what can I say? Your new smilie is veritably "poultry in motion".
11/Oct/08 12:44 AM
Jim - Wonderful additions to your gallery. I especially like the "crabby" shot!
11/Oct/08 12:46 AM
11/Oct/08 1:01 AM
Wow - early for me - had to get a greeting in to the early folks. Now off to work a couple of puzzles.
It was SO gorgeous this morning in Texas - I was tempted to call in "sick".
11/Oct/08 1:11 AM
No rush to 22 this morning - maybe I should pull a major CP and try? Naw.
11/Oct/08 1:12 AM
Two hours plus and only 17 comments? Real slow world today.
11/Oct/08 1:23 AM
45 minutes since my last post? Amazing!
11/Oct/08 1:29 AM
Good morning Jamie! Wanta race?
11/Oct/08 1:30 AM
11/Oct/08 1:30 AM
11/Oct/08 1:30 AM
Ok, I can cross that off my "to do" list.
11/Oct/08 1:31 AM
Drat, Jane. I gave up waiting for somebody else and went to the Hard puzzle! Now it is time to try and figure out why a third of my first period didn't finish an easy test!!!!
11/Oct/08 1:33 AM
Did all the uproar that I missed a few days back shut the site down? I think I need to find an hour or two this weekend to look back at the start of the week.
11/Oct/08 2:06 AM
1:59 on another fabulous day here. Long weekend ahead, so Happy Thanksgiving to all my countryfolk!
11/Oct/08 2:08 AM
Good Maen all! Can't stay long, we're off on the second leg of our driving trip up into Wallowa County, Oregon.
Woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground! Glad we packed warm clothes...arrived here yesterday in shorts!
11/Oct/08 2:15 AM
The most interesting part of our travels yesterday occurred when we stopped for a late lunch in Alturas (most northeastern "city" in CA)
We had planned to eat at the Black Bear Diner (where we had lunched before)...but found it small local burger stand (Harold's Tasty Freeze) over the More...
11/Oct/08 2:16 AM
sorry, that was "...but we found it closed (out of business) and chose a small local burger stand...:
11/Oct/08 2:18 AM
Congrats, June!
Sheila - hope you arriving safely in Italy and enjoy your trip.
Will catch up with you all later.
11/Oct/08 2:19 AM
Hi everyone and nite all, time for some
11/Oct/08 3:04 AM
Hi everyone and good day to all.
to Fadwa .
11/Oct/08 3:05 AM
Just finished the puzzle. Happy girl. Late getting up again. Maybe I just am going to wake up after 9am from now on. Happy Birthday FAdwa.
11/Oct/08 3:42 AM
she is to cute.
11/Oct/08 3:59 AM
Where is everyone today?
11/Oct/08 4:38 AM

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my fellow Canadians, most notably to all our troops overseas.
11/Oct/08 5:06 AM
very quiet today.....
11/Oct/08 5:40 AM
my last post, i used the wrong "to", should have been "too"
11/Oct/08 5:42 AM
2:02. Wagdy's back! Hi Wagdy, how've you been?
11/Oct/08 5:59 AM
It's time to start page 2...
11/Oct/08 6:37 AM
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