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Easy Sudoku for 11/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh Karen, I'm pretty sure your rolls came out delicious!
11/Nov/13 1:14 PM
11/Nov/13 1:14 PM
Hello page 3.
11/Nov/13 1:15 PM
Ooops! WHEEEEE!!!
11/Nov/13 1:15 PM
Where did you come from, Shosho?
11/Nov/13 1:15 PM
And Shosho, pops in.
At least we did not get weeed on.
11/Nov/13 1:15 PM
I love it. That is so funny.
11/Nov/13 1:16 PM
Well, I did not get wee-ed on.
11/Nov/13 1:17 PM
Long ago, I thought I'd bake some gingerbread cookies for my students. I think I overbaked them because they came out like concrete! I bought some cookies from the grocery bakery and gave those to my students. For some odd reasons, I can't remember why, I brought those concrete cookies, too.
11/Nov/13 1:17 PM
Speak for yourself, Karen. I got wheed on.
11/Nov/13 1:18 PM
I told my students about those cookies and they insisted on eating those cookies as well. I did warn them that the cookies were hard with a capital H!
11/Nov/13 1:19 PM
Thanks, Shosho, for you confidence, in my lack of skill.
M was eating one, she finally gave up, and sucked all the glaze off, and ate the raisins, gave Shelby the rest, who has not touched it.
11/Nov/13 1:19 PM
I don't know why you insist on whee meaning getting wet! I mean it as the expression WHEEEE! But here, HalT,
11/Nov/13 1:20 PM
Hey but my students, bless those little buggers, spent the afternoon, gnawing on those cookies while doing their work! That was the quietest my students ever were! But it took iron will not to laugh!!!
11/Nov/13 1:22 PM
What??? Like I'm the first to ever need an umbrella?? But thanks anyway, shosho.
11/Nov/13 1:34 PM
Awww, Shosho, it is only because we care, that we tease.

And thanks for making me feel better, at least I did not feed a classroom full of children, that would go home and tell their parents, I just gave some to neighbors. You know, the ones that are on the oust with everyone on our block.
11/Nov/13 1:40 PM
Karen, don't feel bad about the cinnamon rolls, I can't make a pie crust. It comes out as hard as shoe leather, or so Harry says
11/Nov/13 1:47 PM
I also can't wear a watch, I would guess my body chemistry has something to with it.
11/Nov/13 2:04 PM
Time to read some, haven't had-made the time today.
11/Nov/13 2:08 PM
But first 100
11/Nov/13 2:08 PM
11/Nov/13 2:08 PM
Scones are my weapon of choice. Rock hard & lethal. I can bake many other things, but not scones. (I am not a fan of them, & it comes through in the finished product.) It works a treat at NOT being asked to bake for the school fete.
11/Nov/13 2:11 PM
Bed time. Night all.
11/Nov/13 2:29 PM
I'm sorry I wasn't on here in time to enjoy the exchange with everyone.

G-h - Like HalT, I also was at the throwing point for clay pigeons when in high school and college. And it was all manual - not a machine, Peter. We would go skeet shooting in the fall More...
11/Nov/13 2:58 PM
Karen - I keep trying to figure out what may have gone wrong with your rolls. You said they raised really nicely. You didn't punch them down too much before rolling them out, did you? And it sounded like you gave them a second rise before baking.

My guess would be you're right about the More...
11/Nov/13 3:01 PM
Karen - That second rise is after you've put them in the pans with the cinnamon, sugar, raisins (and nuts). If you didn't do that, they'd be harder.
11/Nov/13 3:04 PM
Punch? I do not punch. I would like to punch, but it is generally a person, not beautiful dough.
You sound like, you have made bread, once or twice, I should send you the recipe and then what I do, and while you are laid up in bed recuperating, analyze what I am doing and then tell me what I am supposed to be doing.
11/Nov/13 3:11 PM
I did that, Dottie, put the cinnamon, butter, sugar and raisins on, then rolled, cut and let rise again.
11/Nov/13 3:13 PM
Karen - I'd be more than happy to try to help. Yes, I've made lots and lots of breads and rolls. My mother taught me well! She was a home ec teacher back when all the girls took home ec and the boys took shop class. BTW, my brother Greg loves making bread also. But my Houston brother can't cook or bake at all!
11/Nov/13 3:15 PM
My youngest siblings, must have paid more attention in that room than I did. Of course, the eldest, knows all.
Baby brother, made the rolls this week, and posted a beautiful picture, with oldest brother's wife, putting in her rave reviews, on how good they were.
Then my sister, said she made More...
11/Nov/13 3:16 PM
Karen - I just sent you a PM.
11/Nov/13 3:19 PM
OK, Dottie, I sent you a reply.
11/Nov/13 3:26 PM
My Achilles heel in baking are cakes. My first cake I made was while I was in high school. I wanted to try something new and the bake sale was my first opportunity to show off. Well, it was awful. It taste good but I tried to make my class colors, burgundy and gold. Ghastly color for a cake.
11/Nov/13 3:33 PM
Even now my cakes are so so. So I rarely make cakes for deserts. Plus my hubby prefers pies.
11/Nov/13 3:35 PM
I am just totally amazed, if anything prepared in that room, comes out edible and we do not end up in the hospital.
Do you all remember the story, I told before, where, I nearly killed all my in-laws. It was in the beginning, when we all liked each other.
Well, I did not try to kill them, we all just had a major case of food poisoning.
11/Nov/13 3:37 PM
Did I mention, that I am preparing the big dinner in two weeks?
And that it is mainly the in-laws coming, only one of my family is coming.
11/Nov/13 3:39 PM
Shosho, I will prepare a box cake, but prepare my own frosting.

Now, cookies...I have one recipe, that I am ordered to prepare at every family gathering. If I do not prepare these cookies, those people will not let me come and join them.
11/Nov/13 3:41 PM
I should go turn off my girl's television. Since, there is no school tomorrow, I told them they could watch a movie, it ended 30 minutes ago, and I have not heard a sound from them. So, they are either asleep or watching something, I have not approved.
11/Nov/13 3:43 PM
Shosho, you still around?
11/Nov/13 3:44 PM
Bye bye page 3.
11/Nov/13 3:44 PM
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