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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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And over we go
11/Dec/10 7:59 PM
As haLt would say Boogity Boogity Boogity
11/Dec/10 8:00 PM
Aussie Aussie Aussie

oui oui oui

11/Dec/10 8:01 PM
Double cp.
11/Dec/10 8:02 PM
Grasshopper - not surprised about your son's trip south today. We were only on the M1 for 10km and traffic was stopped each way due to breakdowns and accidents!!
Vicki - glad you're OK.
Now we have to hear if Bjay and Broni are OK - lots of flooding everywhere!!
11/Dec/10 8:34 PM
CynB - He tried to go via Gympie Rd and there were accidents there as well.
11/Dec/10 9:15 PM
Running a bit late again this year but my Christmas pudding is just about ready to come off the stove. I love taking the covers off and inhaling deeply. The smell of Christmas pudding is lovely.
Also had a walk on the beach today and we actually managed some sunshine. WOW!
11/Dec/10 9:45 PM
I hope all the people in the flood areas are all safe and sound and no damage done to homes and property.
11/Dec/10 9:46 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – Sir Stamford in Sydney.

Glinda – Reminds me of when Ian was unbeatable as a day starter.

Grass-hopper/Shiela/GmaJackie/Vibrant Vici – Check in. Chat about the weather and so on and so More...
11/Dec/10 9:58 PM

Today in summary.........continued

Jerry – Late with the coffee but better late than never. Physical therapy day today so can’t stop. Did the mental therapy yesterday, not suer if it worked.

Judy – States what most of us already More...
11/Dec/10 9:59 PM

Today in summary......... continued

For the Queenslanders....
Said Hanrahan
PJ Hartigan © by John O'Brien
"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan in accents most forlorn,
Outside the church, ere Mass began one frosty Sunday More...
11/Dec/10 10:00 PM

Today in summary......... continued

"There'll be bush-fires for sure, me man, there will, without a doubt;
We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan, "Before the year is out."
11/Dec/10 10:01 PM
Yeah, it's like that, eh, Phantom!
11/Dec/10 10:14 PM
Have been thinking of all our poor farmers and how they're always "rooned".
11/Dec/10 10:15 PM
Not so many months ago we were praying for rain, to end the many years of drought.
11/Dec/10 10:16 PM
And we got good rain, and we were all happy, and the farmers managed to get their crops in and the crops were looking great, and then......
11/Dec/10 10:17 PM
That's the way it goes, Phantom!!
Not enough rain or too much rain - and we'll all be 'rooned'!! Either that or we are never happy!!
11/Dec/10 10:18 PM
Wow!! CP did 4 posts, while I was typing one!!
11/Dec/10 10:19 PM
.....we got so much rain that all the crops are "rooned".

Poor bloody farmers, they never seem to get a win.

11/Dec/10 10:20 PM
Got distracted by Mr P or I'd've got 5 done, Cyn!
11/Dec/10 10:21 PM
Hello Phantom - no, I don't put sixpences in the pudding but I should as I still have some of the old currency.
11/Dec/10 10:23 PM
Poor congregation - with only one head to scratch.
But - I must give Phantom's poem a more concentrated read. Quite an epic.
11/Dec/10 11:06 PM
From that poem we begin to realise the origin of the wingeing of Poms
11/Dec/10 11:10 PM

Whinging Poms originated in England, Rayray.
11/Dec/10 11:17 PM
Poms weren't whinging until they got to OZ - then they had something to whinge about.
11/Dec/10 11:34 PM
Boys! Boys! settle down a bit.
You talk about the cat fights on here now you're both at it.
11/Dec/10 11:37 PM
No claws from this part of the world.
11/Dec/10 11:42 PM
Except on very few occasions.
11/Dec/10 11:44 PM
We came to Australia from England when I was seven and lived on a farm in a very small town called Broomehill. We had no running water, not hot water system, a generator for power which didn't usually work so we used Tilley Lamps, no washing machine, wood stove, etc, etc. My Mum was more of a More...
11/Dec/10 11:45 PM
I bet it was very hard for your Mum.
11/Dec/10 11:47 PM
Amelia, Happy Birthday - I nearly missed it as I didn't notice the Birthday Notice posting.

Best regards, Neil
11/Dec/10 11:50 PM
I'm sure it was, Neil. She was isolated while Dad was at work as there were no neighbours close by and we were at school. My younger sister was at home so I guess that was some company.
11/Dec/10 11:50 PM
Jill, lovely to see you back and posting - hope your pooter problems are fixed!
11/Dec/10 11:50 PM
Kate, as I have said before, I have really enjoyed your photo tour of Sydney. You seem to have been a woman on a mission - was there any reason that you took such comprehensive range of photos, or are you just a shutterbug?
11/Dec/10 11:52 PM
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