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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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hope you have all been good.
Have had to stay away from pooter today as my older two have exams starting tomorrow and have spent the day typing up notes etc., Amazing how much quieter the house has been today, have had to tip toe around the place.

11/Jun/07 6:55 PM
Andrewy and welcome back. I'm sorry I didn't realise you were on holidays, I've left a note on your page in regards to the Melbourne Bar Tour Night. Let me know if your still interested.
11/Jun/07 6:57 PM
Gail, whats the latest with you? Have you and H, decided on what you are going to do?
Oh and BTW love the new recipe page
11/Jun/07 6:59 PM
Just looked up the weather forcast for London. It seems sou'westers, mackintoshes, wellington boots and umbrellas would be the best items to pack for my week there. It may become the Great British Swim! More...
11/Jun/07 6:59 PM
....just letting you know
I ain't messing with ya today!
I am missing ya!
here have one of these with moi
11/Jun/07 7:01 PM
Todays Monday,
Tomorrows Tuesday,
Waiting for Wednesday,
Training on Thursday
Great British Bash FRIDAY Yipee

11/Jun/07 7:20 PM
I am a bright spark. I have forgotten my password for here and I cannot remember the password to my email address that I created for this site. I will have to begin again sometime.
11/Jun/07 7:52 PM
Andrewy, just email and he will give you your details.
11/Jun/07 7:54 PM
Hi Angie, getting H to make a decision is like pulling teeth, painful! Its snowballing my end, girlfriend has offered to take youngest and she insists I go for it. Just working out logistics now, cant drive home obviously.
11/Jun/07 7:54 PM
Will let you know tomorrow. Sorry about the late notice.
11/Jun/07 7:56 PM
Gail, not a problem, you have plenty of time, I don't need final figures till end of next week.
but till you say YES!
11/Jun/07 8:02 PM

I am very very late with this today - but


11/Jun/07 8:45 PM
Andrewy - I can't believe that you came to Albany and didn't try to make contact with me. Oh, shame on you as we always take sudokuists to Dylans on the Terrace for a coffee.
11/Jun/07 8:50 PM
I managed to buy my webcam and chatted with my daughter in NZ. My microphone wouldn't work, I've had it since connecting to skype about 12mths ago, but just need to check the connections and dumb me doesn't know how to do that, so used the one from the webcam and managed to chat as well. I prefer More...
11/Jun/07 8:57 PM
Silly me Angie, was getting my knickers in a twist. It's next week, not this week, silly duffer!
11/Jun/07 9:10 PM

Gail, try signing into chatroom, by updating your details, and changing your From; to another name
11/Jun/07 9:17 PM
I am sorry Anne but I only joined this site not long before I left. You live in a wonderful place and the pub on the waterfront is pretty nice as well. Do not remember the name but it had a lovely outlook over the water. Managed to go to a few pubs in Perth as well.
11/Jun/07 9:19 PM
Nah sorry Angie, just tried. Gath said he'd chat tomorrow (today being a holiday and all, I thought that was pretty fair enough) so we'll see what happens.Ffor now I'll stay as it now is at the mo. Catch you later. Thanks again, mate, you're a doll.
11/Jun/07 9:28 PM
Off to bed and it has been lovely chatting. Tomorrow I see my disabled kids and adults as they have missed me and I have missed them too. The only reason I am happy to go to work lol. I work with disabled people by the way.
11/Jun/07 9:35 PM
Rola, why can't the party be at your place? What's wrong with 300+ drunk uni students in your lounge room spilling out into the garden?
11/Jun/07 9:42 PM
Susan, Rola has caterer problems!
11/Jun/07 9:45 PM
Gee when you put it like that Susan !!!!
11/Jun/07 9:46 PM
Beautiful day here again. Enjoy your day.
11/Jun/07 9:47 PM
do they eat !!!
11/Jun/07 9:47 PM
Dave/Pretzel City... beautiful day here today, and tomorrow - daytime temp expected 24C
11/Jun/07 9:48 PM
and it is winter here
11/Jun/07 9:48 PM
I can assure you that you won't need a caterer. Despite the legendary teenage/young man appetites, food will be the last thing on their minds. Put out a packet of Saos and the Vegemite jar, and both will probably still be there in the morning (or squished into the curtains, carpet, stereo and socks More...
11/Jun/07 9:59 PM
Thanks Susan.. I feel reassured !!
11/Jun/07 10:01 PM
hmm maynot have to do the 21st then. he could celebrate 2 months early
11/Jun/07 10:02 PM
No way are you getting out of it that easy! Two celebrations, two parties.
11/Jun/07 10:08 PM
SSSHHHH Susan...
#2 - 18th has been reduced to just a family dinner with the 2 grandmas - his decision
#1 - 21st.. Deposit on a Hall has been made.
11/Jun/07 10:11 PM
No Party at our place Friday !!!!!!!!
he can go and celebrate the end of Semester 1 somewhere else..
11/Jun/07 10:12 PM
OK Rola, you win. Just realised you might seek revenge by putting on the internet an open invite to a uni party at my place that night! But at least make sure that #2's dad takes him to the pub for his first(?) legal drink on his birthday.
11/Jun/07 10:17 PM
Thanks - Party at your place Susan.. I tell him and his mate to go to your place okay
11/Jun/07 10:26 PM
Ummm I think we might move.
11/Jun/07 10:28 PM
no need Susan, just go out for the evening, stay a night in a Motel, the house will still be there when you get back!!!

Nice Chatting Susan, calling it a night here ..
11/Jun/07 10:31 PM
So this is where you've been Rola!
11/Jun/07 10:32 PM
me too, Rola, still have piles of folding to do, catch up with you again later.
11/Jun/07 10:40 PM
3:47 Getting better with practice. Happy Birthday Lyndee , Lynn, and Lynne (my betrothed) may all the years go backwards hereinafter. Damn shame separation only those who have been there know the feeling. My humble apologies to those not involved; a scare can be a scar evermore. G
11/Jun/07 10:54 PM
Hi All, Just logged on & want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes - Judy, Aileen, Col Rosemary, Mymare. Jamie, Nancy. Anne, K, & Deb. Thanks for rememberng, its been long time. Thanks G for your thoughts today.

Happy birthday to Lynne & LynneDee too
11/Jun/07 10:57 PM
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