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Easy Sudoku for 12/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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To Rosemary from Wangaratta;Well said re the Tassie miners. And anyone who says they would not take the money in the miners position is only fooling themself!
Oh damn, they have been resussed. Thanks Deb and BP. I thought we had turned the corner onto more mundane topics.

Ed/Lithia fl. - I know you have followed the music posts closely. Were Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Animals/Eric Burdon, Barry McGuire or Big Bopper mentioned. Was just playing my MP3 DVD in the car coming home from hospital and only got to b's. Stereo was cranked to the max.
Funny ap.....lol.....and oh, so true
I was in my back yard yesterday trying to fly a
kite. I threw the kite up in the air,
the wind caught it for a few seconds, then it
came crashing back down to earth.

I tried this a few more times with no success.

All the while, my wife is watching me from the
kitchen More...
Well, what a surprise, thank you very much for my Birthday Greetings. I had a marvelous lunch and I feel very 'happy' (inebriated)so now I think I need to go and rest my eyes (pass out on bed)!!! Thanks again and I don't want to hear the word cheers again until at least tomorrow.
Todd From LA - you took the shot in Rockport? I used to live in Gloucester (21 years ago), my brother used to live in Rockport (until his divorce) and now he lives in Gloucester by himself! We were raised in Connecticut, so it was coincidence that we both lived on Cape Anne at different times.
3:27 >.<
Oh, I like this for a change. Me and the Normanton Nutter on different sides. The difference is Baz, would you be so glad to go and stay down there if you didn't know what the outcome was going to be. For 5 days, not knowing and even after that there was still no guarantee that they would come out More...
But Beehive - I would do just that. With the same conditions I would. I would NOT like to be in Larry's place, but the other two, under the same circumstances, not a problem. And even without selling their story, they probably wouldn't have to work again. I don't begrudge them anything. I just don't think they have earned the 'Hero' tag, or the cred they have got. Good luck to them, but not earded
earded? earned
muchas gracias por permitirme participar en el juego, espero hacerlo nuevamente...hasta la próxima.....amigos!!!
Rubbish Baz, not if there was a chance you wouldn't come out alive you wouldn't. Its only the idiot media that is putting the hero tag on them, and that is probably only for sensationalism and ratings etc, nobody else is, (not here anyway), not even themselves.
But they didn't die! So, given the same circumstances I would. They weren't injured and they would know immediately they would not be left for dead. And they were not.
who said they were heroes ? they certainly didn't call themselves that. It is all very well saying that you would do that Baz, that's with the benefit of knowing they got out. I don't believe anyone can comment on whether they could do it or not as it's purely hypothetical.
Who said they were heros? God, haven't you read a paper, watched tv, listened to the radio, or even read these posts. Every-one has been calling them heros. They were never going to be left there!
I have never said they called themselves heros. I said they don't deserve the hero tag. The people who dug em out are the heroes
Yes but they didn't call themselves heroes, they gave full credit to the skill and bravery of their rescuers. I think when you say you would do it that you are being 'wise after the event'!!! Oh LOL etc so we are not being NOT NICE to each other , a serious crime on this site !!!!!!! LOL
mary from oregon, never admit to any age. enjoy your kids amd their college adventures.
ENNY HOWWW The papers etc would make an adventure out of going to the supermarket if they thought it would sell more advertising. LOL ETC
That's it Katie. They did all of that.
Willem Hordijk From Bethlehem PA, USA:-'maen' is short for morning, afternoon, evening, night.'Good maen' is used as a universal greeting to wish Good morning,Good afternoon, Good evening and to bid Good night all at once since typically people using internet belong to different time zones and two dates.

has anyone stopped to think what it would be like stuck a mile underground, in the dark, lying either on top of or under Baz, for TWO WEEKS.
I'm sure he would survive but what about the other poor bartarde ??
If there was anyone to be stuck under ground for 2 weeks with, I would prefer it to be me. But those two miners only spent 5 days alone with each other, The other 9 dats they had evry support that they could have including, and especially psychological support. I still don't think it is that big of a deal
to Baz..no big deal at all baz. I can just see you in the same situation. you'd come up trumps wouldn't you baz boy?
Yep, probably would, because i don't think it was all that difficult
The big deal was the effort, mostly unsung, to get em out
Hey Baz, you are going out on a limb here, or is that digging a hole for yourself?
Nope, no limb and not digging, just saying what i think Beehive
4:19 im getting slower n slower...
3:27 slow AND steady
Happy Birthday and a big cheers to ya!!
Hi Rose
me first of saturday??or last in friday??
to tammy...you can't really tell from my last post, could have used any politicians from anywhere
Wow! I knew we would all eventually say what we really thought. Firstly, I said I would do the same as those two miners, take the money and run, only seems sensible.
Secondly, the media will try to milk this to its fullest. Especially Eddie, he didnt get to be CEO for no reason.
Thirdly, we More...
3:22 my best time yet and i'm proud!
19/Aug/07 11:48 AM
19/Aug/07 11:49 AM
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