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Easy Sudoku for 12/May/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Happy Mothers Day to those topsiders celebrating it today.
Here's today's daffynition:
factory — data bank
And here's today's factoid:
When Mum told you not to eat apple seeds, she had good reason. From peaches to cherries, many fruit seeds contain cyanogenenic More...
12/May/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
12/May/14 12:01 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Life is sexually transmitted.
12/May/14 12:01 AM
12/May/14 12:01 AM
Happy Mother's Day!
Being a mother was the best job I ever had ... until I became a grandmother! Woo hoo!
12/May/14 12:04 AM
Q: Why do grandparents and grandchildren form such a strong bond?

A: They have a common enemy!
12/May/14 12:07 AM
I never eat the pips or suck on the stones of members of the rose family.
I even sometimes worry about almonds.
They are seeds from within such stones, but of course cyanide smells and tastes (we are told) of almonds.
12/May/14 12:26 AM
Gath, have great dayy doing what you enjoy most. Thanks too for a wonderful site
12/May/14 12:28 AM
By the way it does not appear to be (technically) the SEEDS that contain the poison but the MESOCARP (= the 'shell' of the seed).
12/May/14 12:28 AM
Good day, Ray. Great to see ya here. Hope you are doing well!
12/May/14 12:29 AM
So, should you miss out on apricot stuffing for your Thanksgiving day dinner?
12/May/14 12:29 AM
So you can eat almonds (which are seeds), and You can eat the fleshy MESOCARP.
SORRY - at this point I have to correct an error in my previous post.
The 'shell' of the seed is the ENDOCARP not the MESOCARP. So it is the ENDOCARP that appears to contain the poison, which, along with the woody More...
12/May/14 12:33 AM
Apricots are safe - But I wonder if the seed within the stone is also edible?
The turks who died of apricot poisoning must have very tough teeth.
12/May/14 12:35 AM
Good-day D or A.
With a name like that you must be like an apricot
The Angel is delicious and nutritious and the devile deadly poisonous !
12/May/14 12:37 AM
Good morning to all, and Happy Mother's Day to all those lovely women celebrating today! This is a super picture to show up on a special day.
12/May/14 12:51 AM
A re-post of yesterday's puzzle for anyone still interested in trying it. Only four responses so far.

1. The UK Border Agency or harbour masters normally use this type of boat –> something that descends into absolute or this type of chaos
2. The Nicene, the Shema Yisrael and the More...
12/May/14 12:55 AM
Some say 'He's sweet' - Some think I have a 'sharp tongue'. Some think I'm 'politically incorrect', in both the common usage and in my views.
12/May/14 12:56 AM

Dont change DorA, I like you just the way you are
12/May/14 1:07 AM
Happy Mother's Day topside.

Happy Birthday, Gath.

Parent's Page picture in the wrong place today.
12/May/14 1:36 AM
I would, normally, have to agree with Keith, about the picture. But, Hey, It Is Mothers Day.
12/May/14 1:58 AM
Come on, Keith. You're up.
12/May/14 1:59 AM
Happy Birthday, Gath!
12/May/14 2:20 AM
Happy Birthday ,Gath! Thank you for your wonderful site. Much appreciated. and
12/May/14 2:54 AM
Thanks for leaving me the chance, DoA, and good point about the picture being appropriate because it's Mother's Day.
12/May/14 2:57 AM
Unfortunately I am too old to have a mother any more.
12/May/14 3:02 AM
Hopefully, Ray you have memories, similar to mine, of a loving, caring mother.
12/May/14 3:14 AM
Me too, Ray.
12/May/14 3:18 AM
Same situation for me Ray, but I remember her well.
12/May/14 3:31 AM
We gave my mom a music box when she was well up in years ... and reclaimed it when she died. Upon its return, it had a little scrap of paper in it with a handwritten poignant and appropriate message ... ''A person is alive for as long as you think about them and remember them in your heart.'' Thanks, Mom.
12/May/14 3:36 AM
Woohoo! Broke the 2 minute barrier! 1:45!
12/May/14 3:37 AM
They must be alive when you can remember them. I can still see my cousin laugh and joke in his own voice! He was a few years older than me and he died of a heart attack way too young. So as long as we're talking of our hearts, get them checked out and live so that they'll stay strong!
12/May/14 3:44 AM
Mine's gone, too, but lives on in my heart.
12/May/14 3:51 AM
Gath! Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. Can't thank you enough for the pleasure and friends you have brought so many people! I'm sure you never realised what a wonderful thing you were doing when you created this site! I'm sure Karma will bring wonderful things into your life.
12/May/14 4:52 AM
Gath!!! Thanks for the site! I managed to get many, many friends who were online for a few years but I got to meet in person! Now I have more reasons to travel!!!
12/May/14 5:10 AM
12/May/14 5:11 AM
Hey you got to love the friend who tells you that they'll throw the dog off the bed so I could have it!!!
12/May/14 5:12 AM
Well, we're getting close to the bottom!
12/May/14 5:15 AM
And no one's around to stop me!!!
12/May/14 5:16 AM
I have another hospital appointment tomorrow - to do with this recurring infection, which is a B nuisance (B means BIG of course).
I wish they could get rid of it.
It is eroding my efficiency and well-being.
12/May/14 5:17 AM
Okay going forward to . . .
12/May/14 5:17 AM
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