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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Nov/13 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye opener.
13/Nov/13 12:02 AM
Will need today!
But... a bit c-c-chilly!!!
There's a dusting of that white stuff on the ground!
13/Nov/13 12:13 AM
13/Nov/13 12:48 AM
It's all of 27 degrees here but will be in the 40's later
13/Nov/13 12:51 AM
Off to Tulsa for the day , I hope not all of it. Harry has a VA appointment.
13/Nov/13 12:51 AM
Anyone want to try an take that toy away?
13/Nov/13 1:28 AM

Diophantus lived 84 years.

In the we have Jamie, Halt, Judy, Doug W and Dottie R.

Having no related prizes I'm breaking out the ice cream.

13/Nov/13 1:30 AM
Hi shosho.

For Today:

Unscramble each item to come up with a country and its capital.

1. aaaadgllnnou
2. aaabcegiorrtz
3. aacdeiimnoorsu
4. aaabfgiilorsu
5. aaabbiiillrrsz
6. aacdeeeghkmnnnopr
7. More...
13/Nov/13 1:41 AM
Bad hair day.
13/Nov/13 1:52 AM
Can I start thinking about turkey dinner now?
13/Nov/13 1:56 AM
We have that same dusting of white stuff, Shiela. Brrrrrr
13/Nov/13 2:03 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Nov/13 2:06 AM
National Young Reader's Day
13/Nov/13 2:07 AM
Happy advancing in age, Jim.

You too, ritparham.
13/Nov/13 2:09 AM
Dottie, I have nothing.
13/Nov/13 2:09 AM
13/Nov/13 2:18 AM
Aw, thanks, Serena! I'm sharing my luck with you! So here's some flying your way!
13/Nov/13 2:19 AM
Ah, Keith? I'm going to delay posting until you get your number!!!
13/Nov/13 2:20 AM
Good morning to all! We're going to the dogs again today.
13/Nov/13 2:38 AM
I was busy yesterday without the Remembrance Day services, then helping serve a veterans luncheon and a big clean-up afterwards. It was a somber, but good day.
13/Nov/13 2:44 AM
Oh, please Shosho, one should never wait. Seize the opportunity, when it knocks.
13/Nov/13 2:44 AM
Well.... for Keith....
13/Nov/13 2:44 AM
C'est la vie, but Keith still gets the beavertail!
13/Nov/13 2:45 AM
Hope you enjoyed yourself, Canuk Greg.
13/Nov/13 2:45 AM
I hope in a good way, Doug!

I was waiting for Keith, but......
13/Nov/13 2:51 AM
I have solved Serena's puzzle but I am not going to try and type all those names in at this time of night. Hope I have time and remember in the daylight hours.
13/Nov/13 2:53 AM
Today's forecast is requiring me to seek longer pants.
I still have not found my long pants. The last time, I remember wearing long pants is when HalT, Jamie, Sue and I had our meet. I am sure, I wore them home, but you never know.
13/Nov/13 2:58 AM
I was a bit casual after yesterday's pace, and let the whole thing slide right on by.
13/Nov/13 3:24 AM
Jim & ritparham
13/Nov/13 3:34 AM
I think I've solved it, too, June. But I know for sure if I don't send it right to her, it won't get done!
OOPS! I'll hope for the best, I have to go fix lunch!
13/Nov/13 3:57 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
13/Nov/13 4:01 AM
In ''the states'' it is 11/12/13.
13/Nov/13 4:38 AM
Hello everyone!
In Australia today it's 13/11/13!!
13/Nov/13 6:36 AM
Good morning all.
13/Nov/13 6:42 AM
1:42, good morning everyone. It is indeed Kate and, in four weeks, it'll be 11/12/13.
13/Nov/13 6:56 AM
Did our annual apple thing today. Converted a bushel of apples into apple butter and apple sauce. Kept a few out for just munching on.
13/Nov/13 7:35 AM
Sounds delicious, Hal!!
13/Nov/13 7:38 AM
'Tis indeed, Kate.
13/Nov/13 7:51 AM
13/Nov/13 7:51 AM
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