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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/May/08 2:54 AM
Who should we nominate as swimming coach? Do you think RayRay would be good?
13/May/08 2:56 AM
Maybe it should be an Australian as they are good swimmers. Perhaps Billy?
13/May/08 2:57 AM
Two coaches. One for the males & one for the females. They can choose.
13/May/08 2:58 AM
Hadn't thought about the bathtub filling up. If a whole lot of beer bottles are put in there, every time someone takes one out, the water level would go down. What a help that would be! It would be handy to water down the moose if he get thirsty, too. I've got to leave him there for a spell as its time to head out to the golf course.
13/May/08 2:58 AM
I've always floated quite well. But I think a gold fish floating on top of the water is NOT a good sign.
13/May/08 2:59 AM
I'll check back later to see if everything is okay with the fridge. Could 'a gone on the blink while she's gone. Probably'll have to cook up everything in the freezer so as not to waste it!
13/May/08 3:02 AM
Floating? Maybe he's just resting!...from all that exercise.
13/May/08 3:03 AM
(I DO have to check back later or I'll be late for an appointment!) Can you guys take care of the situation til' I return?
13/May/08 3:05 AM
I thought it was doing the backstroke.
13/May/08 3:05 AM
Jeb - CG will be reminding you that vacation parties are by permission only. She may have the auto-email link on.
13/May/08 3:06 AM
Good thing I left!

(I'm going! I'm going!)
13/May/08 3:11 AM
Party? What party?
I only mentioned the possibility that André's digs might need checked for any possible anomolies that could spell desaster prior to her return. Its the only neighborly thing to do. One never knows how long that could take and some provisions might be called for.
13/May/08 3:15 AM
It is always good for property to look occupied at all times and I think a sudoku party would fit the bill quite nicely and keep the place aired for her return.
13/May/08 3:24 AM
It's not as if we would play loud music drink too much wine, dance or fall about! We would be puzzling over the fish and watching the trainer put it through it's strokes. Do we need a small trainer? Is the fish in a bowl or a bath?
13/May/08 3:27 AM
I'm not a great swimmer but will volunteer to beat out the rhythm on a drum like the slave-drivers for the oarsmen in ancient galleys.
13/May/08 3:30 AM
In fact I'll just beat myself in the rhythm as it seems I am all alone here. Virtual reality fish sitting for a fish swimming(hopefully) in a receptical in another country.
Maybe I'll go get myself a glass of something and return here later.
13/May/08 3:33 AM
After a beautiful afternoon, black storm clouds are gathering spurred on by the wind. The rain cannot be far behind. I need to put a light on it has got so dark.
13/May/08 3:36 AM
I have posted some new pictures of our baby Robins.
13/May/08 3:44 AM
Lovely pics, Debby.
Where do you live in Michigan? My husband Steve lived there for about 5 years in a previous life '(in the early 70's). He was in Bloomfield Hills and Lancing I believe
13/May/08 3:56 AM
Just back from my class and treating myself before I do at least 1 room in my house, clean it and fix it up, 1 room I have as my goal today, 1 room --- mary go do your 1 room !!!
13/May/08 4:14 AM
Good Afternoon All....hmmmmm,reads like there may be a hankering for Sudoku mischief in the air......hmmmmmmm?
Keith...picky, picky...you know I meant 'SHE did it all'! My comments often have typos....lol?
Shosho.....Make the most of your special day and enjoy your birthday serenade! May the More...
13/May/08 4:32 AM
Aurevoir to you my friends, I shall see you in September.
I have been getting ready for the past 2 days and we plan to leave on wednesday morning for our camping ground in Obaska near Val D'Or, Québec.
We have a 30 foot trailer parked right in front of the boat More...
13/May/08 4:35 AM
A guy goes to the local council to apply for a job.
The interviewer asks him,"Have you ever been in the armed services?"
"Yes,"he says,"I was in Iraq and Afghanistan for three years."
"That will increase your chances of gaining More...
13/May/08 4:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! I wonder who won the soccer game being played in the background.
13/May/08 4:40 AM
Enjoy Manfred Mann and the Earth Band performing "Blinded By The Light."
13/May/08 4:41 AM
Jeb, how thoughtful of you! What a noice guy you are (chuckle, chuckle). I stopped by to help but I scared your moose away when I opened a Moosehead beer. Last time I saw it, it was headed towards the Chunnel. Maybe Mo or Fiona can coral it on the other side. Sorry!
13/May/08 4:47 AM
Billy, enjoyed your thought for the day. I get uncomfortable and greasy thinking of the consequences.
13/May/08 4:51 AM
13/May/08 4:51 AM
Orianne, just got out my Atlas... Wow! You'll be WAY "up North"!
& have a great summer!
We'll miss you!
13/May/08 5:03 AM
CG - enjoyed your tune today. Thanks! Brings back memories - a drivin' tune!
13/May/08 5:10 AM
It's your BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

13/May/08 5:15 AM
"So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!
You leave, we heave
a sigh and say goodbye! Goodbye...."
Orianne! Safe travels!
13/May/08 6:13 AM
Happy and Safe travels Orianne, we will miss you too.
13/May/08 6:20 AM
♪♫ to you ♪♫
♪♫ to you ♪♫
♪♫ Dear Shosho♪♫
♪♫ to you ♪♫
Hope you get lots of pressies and and
13/May/08 6:23 AM
Let the good times roll, Orianne! :)
Look forward to getting to know you more in the fall.
Safe travels
13/May/08 6:45 AM
Orianne - I will miss camping this summer...Dick and I did it every summer all over New England, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I think I will move the trailer to a farm in Vermont where the outdoors will be available, but not too far out in the wilderness. Enjoy your vacation and try to log in from a local library occasionally and let us know what you are doing.
13/May/08 6:47 AM
Broni - feeling better, I hope. Glad to see you posting. Hope the doc treats you well on your check up.
13/May/08 6:51 AM

Postage went up 1¢ today to 42¢.

However in Oregon you can still MAIL your ballot for 41¢, which must be mailed by Saturday.
13/May/08 6:56 AM
BTW folks, not only has my son joined this wacky group (SLW/fort worth), but my DIL (Jo) was the one who got me started on my Sudokuland obsession.
She's 'encourager' She hasn't been around for quite awhile. Perhaps SHE needs a little encouraging!
13/May/08 7:08 AM
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