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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Jul/11 6:53 AM
Went to my HS reunion this weekend. Was talking to one guy for about 15 minutes when he says, "Who ARE you????"
13/Jul/11 6:53 AM
for, for for! No, I did not drink any myself!
13/Jul/11 6:58 AM
Another said after examining me closely, "Well, you DO have a few wrinkles!"
(People were saying that I hadn't changed at all.)
And then he said, "I don't think I ever talked to you in high school!"
Wellll....Nice way to break the ice, don't you think???
13/Jul/11 6:59 AM
That's Grass-hopper!
13/Jul/11 7:00 AM
Shiela, you might have said, "Did we talk in school? No, and I'm very grateful. Thank you."
What a dolt.
13/Jul/11 7:02 AM
Shiela, was that a good thing or a bad thing?
13/Jul/11 7:05 AM
(He's married to my cousin!)
13/Jul/11 7:05 AM
I have just gone to one HS reunion. I realized there was a reason I didn't like some people when we were in school, and I still didn't years later.
13/Jul/11 7:06 AM
Actually we had a very nice conversation... in fact, it seemed that most of the class broke out of their cliques and really mingled. It was quite refreshing.
13/Jul/11 7:07 AM
Well, I hope he's a little more tactful with your cousin!
13/Jul/11 7:08 AM
I just mentioned those two comments because they were so funny! He most likely didn't speak to me because he was so shy.
13/Jul/11 7:09 AM
Obviously one of those males who is totally obtuse!
13/Jul/11 7:09 AM
Nothing like an insult to start the old conversational ball rolling!
13/Jul/11 7:10 AM
Well, shy, too. But a lot of times, the shy ones don't say anything, but they notice everything.
13/Jul/11 7:10 AM
Then there was the guy who reminded me of how I was in Speech class... "You had this little twitch when you were speaking in front of the class..."
I didn't know THAT!!!!
13/Jul/11 7:12 AM
The teacher had used one of my habits as an example of bad habits while speaking. Now I have another to add to the list! (I DO NOT speak in public.) I wonder why???
13/Jul/11 7:14 AM
I had a habit of smiling after each sentence no matter what the subject was. I guess I felt if I smiled they'd like my smiling face and wouldn't pay attention to what I said.
13/Jul/11 7:17 AM
But all in all, I had a great time at the reunion. Really!
13/Jul/11 7:18 AM
At the class reunion I went to some guy in the group I was standing with came out with, "Who was the girl that got pregnant at the end of the year?"
You guessed it. She was standing right there.
13/Jul/11 7:18 AM
Foot in mouth???
13/Jul/11 7:23 AM
Up to the ankle. lol
13/Jul/11 7:24 AM
Hubby has decided he is just going to go and stand over the mechanic in hopes of hurrying the repair on the truck along. I said he'd probably get a wrench up the nose, but he never listens.
Bye for now!
13/Jul/11 7:31 AM
I used to tell PIA that they probably charged him double when he did that.
13/Jul/11 7:36 AM
I now need to enter that room and do prep. Fire meeting tonight means supper needs to be done by 7. The good news is, the TV is mine tonight. That just about guarentees that there will be nothing good on!
13/Jul/11 7:37 AM
BTW, good to see you back, Shiela. How's kitty?
13/Jul/11 7:38 AM
Thunder storm has finally blown through. It was 102 before the storm and is 75 now, that is a big drop in temperature.
13/Jul/11 8:03 AM
Finally made it to Flagstaff, Arizona. Two hours of my grandson singing has given me a headache. Trying to nap but can't. So it's off to the observatory.
13/Jul/11 8:14 AM
At least, it's cooler here . Not by much but it's below 100 's
13/Jul/11 8:20 AM
I love it when you guys mention places I've been to!
13/Jul/11 8:21 AM
Been to Flagstaff.
13/Jul/11 8:21 AM
Saw our first skunk - from inside, it was outside.
13/Jul/11 8:22 AM
Didn't know about SeaWorld in WA, CG - thought it might have been SeaWorld at the Gold Coast.
13/Jul/11 8:22 AM
Funny how we all thought the same thing about Keith and the walrus.
13/Jul/11 8:23 AM
Doesn't everybody think about Keith when they see an interesting or unusual statue?
13/Jul/11 8:47 AM
2:29 How do you work out the BMI and what should be your waist measurement?
13/Jul/11 9:12 AM
I'm thinking that someday statues will be coming to Keith, begging him to pose with them.
13/Jul/11 9:14 AM
Jack - Goto http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/
13/Jul/11 9:19 AM
Well CP, you are correct. I misinterpreted the Google link I found, as it was posted from Mandurah. This walrus is in Seaworld on the Gold Coast. My apologies.
13/Jul/11 9:27 AM
Jack, I google it online if I cant find my handy dandy chart, and not over 35!
13/Jul/11 9:27 AM
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