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Easy Sudoku for 13/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all! Cloudy and chilly this morning! Hopefully the sun will come out today! Have a great one!
13/Sep/07 12:07 AM
Is it time to change over yet?
13/Sep/07 12:08 AM
Good morning all! Cloudy and chilly this morning! Hopefully the sun will come out today! Have a great one!
13/Sep/07 12:27 AM

I wonder if the jetty is still there after today's earthquake.
13/Sep/07 12:47 AM
1:58 Maen Yes, Nicki, I'm wondering that too... hope everyone got out safely before the big waves!
13/Sep/07 1:11 AM
That was weird! It took over 30 minutes for the post to go through but then it indicates it was posted at 12:07! I know that it was still on my computer at 12:07 because I gave up checking at 12:30 to see if it had gone through. Maybe it is the "glitter text" that is messing everything up!?!

That's a precarious looking dock!
13/Sep/07 1:17 AM

A middle-aged woman seemed sheepish as she visited her gynaecologist.
"Come now," coaxed the doctor, "you've been seeing me for years! There's nothing you can't tell me."
"This one's kind of strange..."

"Let me be the More...
13/Sep/07 1:18 AM
Did anyone else find it slow going getting on? I had no problem with other sites.

13/Sep/07 1:26 AM
Took me quite awhile to get on the site too, Eric
13/Sep/07 1:50 AM
Good morning, Everyone! It took quite a while for the site to even come up this morning. We'll see how long this comment takes to post. Hope everyone has a great day!
13/Sep/07 1:50 AM
2:25 Good evening all. Yes, the site is very slow tonight. I'm off to bed now with the wind howling outside and pouring rain and thunder on and off, so it's not going to be a very quiet night.
13/Sep/07 1:53 AM
Took about five minutes for the post to go through.
Smileys: too long to wait for...

13/Sep/07 1:56 AM
3:06 - Very sluggish site today. Took forever to access, then when I tried to access yesterday's "easy", I couldn't get through. Where's Gath when we need him??????
13/Sep/07 2:46 AM
3:06 - Very sluggish site today. Took forever to access, then when I tried to access yesterday's "easy", I couldn't get through. Where's Gath when we need him?????? (BTW, I hit "submit comment" several minutes ago - about 2:25 am Sudokuland time. Let's see how long it takes to post.
13/Sep/07 2:52 AM
Good Morning all - have trying to get through and move about pages for ever - we will find out who the real sudokuholics are today.

It is a beautiful day here. Understand that the Earthquake in Sumatra was an 8.2 - no wonder it was felt 400 miles away.

That pier doesn't look very More...
13/Sep/07 4:10 AM
maybe there are gremlins on this site today, could be why there are only 15 or so comments. have a good day anyway everyone!
13/Sep/07 7:36 AM
I'm waaaay too impatient for this! I'll go fix dinner and check back later.
13/Sep/07 8:06 AM
Finally got through. Guess there are a lot of frustrated people about.
13/Sep/07 8:24 AM
Here is my dog Nikki on my avatar. She has crossed Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace Nik, 9-12-07.
13/Sep/07 9:16 AM
Shoot, the avatar didn't update. Maybe this time the right one will show up.
13/Sep/07 9:17 AM
It took over 20 minutes for the site to load.... have we been invaded by gremlins? Or is everyone starting to party for the weekend?
13/Sep/07 9:17 AM
There she is.
13/Sep/07 9:17 AM
Hello everybody! Not many posts today, probably because of the problems.
13/Sep/07 9:19 AM
I had no problem posting, perhaps its fixed.
13/Sep/07 9:20 AM
I'm so sorry about Nikki, LINDA! Was this a surprise, or have you been expecting it? What a beautiful girl ... I grieve with you ... XO
13/Sep/07 9:21 AM
Commiserations - it took me literally hours to access the site today. It must be an effect from your birthday celebration - it caused a cyber-quake.
Talking of quakes, there was a huge (M=8.4) earthquake off West Sumatra on 12th. I have still heard no news about its effects on Benkulu City, about 130 kms from the epicentre.
13/Sep/07 9:36 AM
I checked in about 8:30AM this morning, no problems, five or ten minutes later every thing just locked up. I checked in within the last hour and still nothing. Right now it is 6:42PM and I hope everything continues to work.

Really wierd day.
13/Sep/07 9:43 AM
Morning all. Linda, so sorry to hear about Nikki. The sun is trying to shine here after wind and rain yesterday and during the night.
13/Sep/07 9:49 AM
Couldn't get into the site earlier, but I guess super-Gath has solved the problem(s)because it seems OK now. Morning all Aussies. Plenty of seagulls on the beach... a gorgeous day here.
Linda, I hope Nikki meets up with Bessi who went there some time ago. I'm sure they would have fun together.
13/Sep/07 10:05 AM
An/Ann/Anne/Anna: Please forgive my typo. But you do realize I had just returned from my birthday party. I think it was amazing I didn't misspell everyone's name!!! I'm actually somewhat flattered that you caught the error. That means that you actually read my post!!! Got to get my dinner More...
13/Sep/07 10:26 AM
Yes the site has been down most of the day here,I was beginning to wonder
13/Sep/07 10:30 AM
What a nice thought, dino. All our beloved pets romping together across a rainbow bridge.
13/Sep/07 10:31 AM
I've just caught up on several days in the archives. Rayray, I just read your delectable menu. If I wasn't already married (to someone who can only cook one thing - bbq), I'd be telling you that I'm independently wealthy, often mistaken for Elle McPherson, witty, intelligent, charming, easy going and modest - did I forget anything? - and proposing to you!!
13/Sep/07 10:33 AM
Good Evening to all who have stuck it out on the site today. It seems to be working fine right now; hope it stays that way.
Linda, I am so sorry for your loss. Nikki was a beautiful girl, and it is so hard to lose a much loved pet.
Have a great night/day everyone.
13/Sep/07 10:41 AM
Well, Susan ... you brazen hussy! LOL
13/Sep/07 10:43 AM
13/Sep/07 10:48 AM
Timer 00:01:31
13/Sep/07 10:50 AM
Judy, just wanted to get in before you!
13/Sep/07 10:51 AM
Good to all.

It looks like you must step carefully!

I tried several times early this afternoon and I could not get on this site. (I have dial-up.) So I thought I would try one more time. Things seem to be better now.
13/Sep/07 10:51 AM
Linda - I am sorry to hear about Nikki.
13/Sep/07 10:53 AM
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