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Easy Sudoku for 13/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
13/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Ahhh - as Shiela would say: Here's Hal, all's right with the world! And speaking of Shiela....?
13/Sep/16 12:05 AM
Shiela, where are you???
13/Sep/16 12:06 AM
Morning all...
13/Sep/16 12:09 AM
beautiful day here in OK
13/Sep/16 12:09 AM
Another overly busy day ahead,
13/Sep/16 12:10 AM
Good morning & have a g'day - maybe it's time to say 'morning' to Denny now too!
13/Sep/16 12:11 AM
Harry has a doctors appointment this morning
13/Sep/16 12:11 AM
Then I get to go to the dreaded Wal......
Only go there when I absolutely have to
13/Sep/16 12:12 AM
Very informative caption.
13/Sep/16 1:09 AM

If Cow Boy is 6 and Cow Man is 4 times older than Cow Boy, how old will Cow Man be when Cow Boy is 3 times older than he is now?

Answers to my 'Moo'' inbox please.
13/Sep/16 1:33 AM
Happy Monday!
13/Sep/16 2:10 AM
Hello, everyone. Finally, a slight break from the relentless humidity. Cats are happy, I'm happy ...
13/Sep/16 2:35 AM
Boat!? No kidding??? I thought it was a choo-choo train.
13/Sep/16 2:48 AM
Good morning.
13/Sep/16 2:50 AM
Party time here - Mr P is up too.
13/Sep/16 2:51 AM
Seems i woke him up by poking him - literally, not virtually.
13/Sep/16 2:52 AM
Don't know what i was dreaming, I can usually link things I do to what I am dreaming dreaming.
13/Sep/16 2:56 AM
Poor Mr P, he puts up with a lot.

Leaving the path clear for Keith to gallump.
13/Sep/16 2:58 AM
Thank you, CP.
13/Sep/16 4:15 AM
Long wait, but I finally got here.
13/Sep/16 4:15 AM
13/Sep/16 4:16 AM
Very colourful boat, carrying a tractor.
13/Sep/16 4:19 AM
Sitting relaxing with my cold packs after being able to return to the pool this morning. Felt good to be moving but still slow and cautious, I'm a work in progress. Have a good day
13/Sep/16 5:15 AM
Off to start my afternoon chores, or maybe play the medium game
13/Sep/16 5:16 AM
Morning all, we know it's a boat but what is it used for, fishing, dredging.
I won't be seeing any sunrise this morning ,we are covered in thick fog.
13/Sep/16 5:30 AM
13/Sep/16 7:55 AM
G'day all, or should I say ahoy given today's nautical theme. My guess is that it is a fishing boat and the 'tractor' is the bridge and crew quarters. There seem to be floats on the rigging too. That would suggest a not, or lobster pots.
13/Sep/16 9:31 AM
Of course that should have been net not not.
13/Sep/16 9:46 AM
Exactly why I thought 'boat' was a rather weak caption.
13/Sep/16 11:41 AM
Better than 'train'.
13/Sep/16 12:52 PM
I would suggest a prawn trawler.

Appears to have two booms which swing outboard to carry the nets.

Wombat's floats, everyone else call them buoys, are probably lights.

Jacalmi's 'tractor' is the bridge structure, from where the vessel is controlled.
13/Sep/16 12:59 PM
Bed time for me. Night all.
13/Sep/16 1:07 PM
13/Sep/16 2:08 PM
1:26. Good evening everyone.
13/Sep/16 10:19 PM
Good morning all.

Still on page one???
13/Sep/16 11:54 PM
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