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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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14/Oct/12 12:00 AM
For all of the quilters, two pix of quilts in my gallery.
14/Oct/12 12:01 AM
Good morning HalT, where is everyone this morning?
14/Oct/12 12:19 AM
Hi June. Beats me?
14/Oct/12 12:23 AM
Good Maen!
Howdy Hal and June...wonder where Kayo is?
14/Oct/12 12:24 AM
Thanks for bumping me into Hal.
14/Oct/12 12:24 AM
I hope these little fellas are just ready for the wool market.
14/Oct/12 12:28 AM
Anyone for lamb chops?
14/Oct/12 12:34 AM
HalT, - mint sauce or rosemary and garlic?
14/Oct/12 12:48 AM
Rosemary and garlic when cooking but the mint sauce on the side when served, Thanks Neil.
I have now done the puzzles so back to bed.
14/Oct/12 12:51 AM
Happy Saturday!
Yum, June! What time is dinner?
14/Oct/12 1:16 AM
Sorry, should that be, 'What time is tea?'
14/Oct/12 1:16 AM
14/Oct/12 1:29 AM
Everyone was partying this morning, so I decided to join up so The site didn't look so unloved, and you've all arrived while I figured out how to. Hi, pleased to meet you all, Been watching for a long time.
14/Oct/12 1:33 AM
Welcome to the site Nana Cathy.
14/Oct/12 1:36 AM
Who ever is cooking I will take my lamb chops anyway you want to fix them. Yes, when is tea time?
14/Oct/12 1:56 AM
Nana Cathy, welcome to the wonderful world of Sudoku.
14/Oct/12 1:57 AM
Another rainy day here in Oklahoma. A little achy for the old bones but we really need the rain.
14/Oct/12 2:01 AM
I need to get off my duff and eat, I really need to clean some more at the other house.
14/Oct/12 2:02 AM
One more since I can,
14/Oct/12 2:03 AM
Those sheep look a little old for market lamb, but here in the US, the age for market lamb is younger than in Oz.
14/Oct/12 2:12 AM
I'll take it 'cause I can.
14/Oct/12 2:12 AM
and to Nana Cathy.
14/Oct/12 2:15 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Oct/12 3:26 AM
National Family Day of Bowling
14/Oct/12 3:27 AM
Slept in this morning, which was not beneficial, my body hurts now.
14/Oct/12 3:28 AM
Happy advancing in age, Mardi D.
14/Oct/12 3:30 AM
Welcome Nana Cathy, happy to learn you figured it. Join the fun, we are harmless....well, some of us.
14/Oct/12 3:31 AM
14/Oct/12 3:37 AM
Nana Cathy. Welcome to the site
14/Oct/12 3:38 AM
Mardi D!
14/Oct/12 3:38 AM
Still infanticipating. B was 4 days late.
14/Oct/12 3:40 AM
Jerry's 33!
14/Oct/12 3:40 AM
OK Karen.... I'll bite. Is there a meaning behind the turtle skipping rope?
14/Oct/12 4:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wool blankets and mutton soon to be available at your local market.
14/Oct/12 4:37 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle is 7 Up Cans. Well done to Hal (thought the clue was cute), Serena (prefers Pepsi), Mr. Cee (solved his pooter issues) and Mads (who didn't know what a Rebus was and drank all but one can before she sent it). A certificate for a free case of 7 Up cans (note Serena, not Pepsi) is in the mail.
14/Oct/12 4:40 AM
No meaning, Heidi, I have just never used my turtle.

Is he too busy?
14/Oct/12 4:44 AM
Hello everyone!
Won't need today!
We drove 100 miles to see an American college football game this morning and it was raining so hard we turned around and drove home to watch it on the telly! Oh... it was easy to make the decision because it was only 38 degrees F as well.
14/Oct/12 4:48 AM
I thought my husband was taking my eldest child, and going to pick up my youngest child, who has been gone, way too long, and bringing both my girls home today. I thought wrong, he packed a bag and will not return till tomorrow. 24 hours, of unexpected peace, sounds good and I will miss it Monday.
14/Oct/12 4:48 AM
Bye bye page one.
14/Oct/12 4:49 AM
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